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Question from Barnhart, Missouri, USA:
I would like to how to bid on metal buildings. I did my first one this year and I like working with steel. The building was 210' x 80' 2 story.

Expert Answer:
Josh, For being new in the business you sure started out with a bang! That's a nice project to begin your metal building carrier with. Now that said, I'm not sure how to answer that question except to say if you have any friends that are general contractors they could be of tremendous help to you. If you could get some old plans for already completed projects and their erection quotes for that project you would have a basis to work from in your local area. It is of course always a function of estimated man hours, equipment expense, overhead burden and of course.............. PROFIT (Always remember that's why we do this). When you are new in the business it can be a tough to figure out where the competition is. The important thing to keep in mind is don't get caught in the "how much per s.f. trap" every building is different, different accessories, different frame type, bay spacing, eave height, etc. Your gut feel for man-hours and production is always your best guide. There is an organization called the "Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association" which has a wealth of information and is a great bunch of folks as well. Check them out I've been a member for years. Thanks for your question and best of luck to you,

Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.

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