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Vanson Enterprises, Inc.
Vanson Enterprises, Inc. has been a Florida state-licensed contractor for 10 years. Vanson maintains a highly qualified and motivated staff with experience in all facets of commercial construction and renovation. Our company also is an award-winning Star Building Systems Dealer and carries SBA 2000 certification. Please contact us for all of your construction needs in the State of Florida.

Building Outlet Corp.
Used Metal Buildings over 50 buildings through out the USA. These buildings pre-owned, never put up, or taken down. Go to web site then click on classified ads.

The unique ROOF HUGGER was conceived and patented in the early '90s when it was necessary to re-roof one of our own buildings and we became aware of the various "make-do" materials and methods being utilized in retro-fitting new metal panels over old and degraded ribbed metal roofs. We were dismayed at the inadequacy and non-code conforming method most commonly used. That method being to "lay" an 18 gauge "hat" channel across (and resting on) the existing 26 gauge sheet ribs. The system would not stand up to the most elementary engineering scrutiny for approval and/or certification. The system also raised the new roof plane to 2 1/2" to 3 inches above the structural system, an unacceptable solution. Our experience dictated a need for a miniature "Z" section purlin that would "nest" into the existing profile and fasten directly through the pan into the structural system.

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