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Try the Metworker Pro service!

 The Metworker Pro™

The Metworker Pro™

The Metworker Pro™ enables professionals to receive leads generated by The Metworker® using your web browser.

Use this service to sell steel & metal buildings, metal roofing, pre-engineered building design services and steel building erection services.

Total cost to sell buildings & services is only $25-150/year per state (based on activity) or $500/year for access to all leads.


Manage Metal Building Leads - Monitor and respond to leads from any PC with a web browser - just login to your account using Thawte SSL Web Server Certification.

Retrieve Buyer Information - Buyers are given the option to remain anonymous, in which case you can only initiate contact using The Metworker. When permitted by the buyer, you will receive their Name, Address and Telephone number.

Building Leads Archive - View your last 25 project leads along with your responses and follow-ups.

Metal Building Project Details - Buyers are encouraged to provide to Metworker Pro users the following additional information: County, Building Code, Tax Rate, Roof Type, Gutters, Windows, Doors and Insulation.

Confirm Receipt of Responses - The Leads Archives will indicate whether or not the buyer has viewed your response; send follow-ups.

Save and Manage Responses - Create and save a variety of reponses for future use. Edit text, add your company logo and web links, and preview your responses.

Edit Your Company Settings - Change your contact information, adjust your coverage area, filter out unwanted leads and more.

Upload Your Company Logo - Upload your company logo to be used in your response to the buyer. Change and preview your logo.

Professional Responses to the Buyer - A Metworker Pro response to the buyer is displayed up front, in bold, with web and e-mail links, and your companies logo.

Classifieds Pro - Search, browse and sort the Classified Ads database with ease. Results are returned to you in an easy to view, spreadsheet style format.


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