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Matt Stevens

Stevens Construction Institute Inc. is a multi-discipline consulting firm whose staff has long experience in the construction industry. SCI was founded for the purpose of providing construction estimating, financial management, and project management consulting and training for the construction industry. Matt Stevens is well-known in the industry, with a weekly newsletter, website, online digest, regular column for Contractor magazine, and 70-plus seminar bookings annually.

Stories from the Construction Contractor's Digest:

The Best Industry in the United States

My child is in college. She is starting to ask about industries and careers. Olivia has made me think further about what construction contracting has to offer her. I have concluded it is the best career a young person could choose. You may not believe it, but the facts will show our business is unmatched. It offers participants long term tangible benefits. However, many people will argue that point. Let me show you the many virtues our industry has. You be the judge... Read More

Independent Contractor vs. Employee In Construction

Do you have independent contractors working for you who are actually employees? As most construction firms know, this is a huge danger. If determined, you are liable for state and federal employment labor burden or taxes. Additionally, you will be required to pay the worker's compensation of that employee(s) for the period of time in the determination... Read More

Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day

This detailed overview of the construction contracting business delivers an invaluable collection of best practices, forms, templates, and checklists designed to reduce risks and increase profits. Contractors will learn everything they need to know about the make-or-break areas of estimating, pricing, bidding, project management, and financial management.


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