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MCA NEWS RELEASE - Re-Roofing the Rectory

   Author: Marge O'Connor
Location: Glenview, IL

MCA Volunteers Tackle Reroof and Repair Work at St. Maurice Church in New Orleans.

More than forty volunteers from the Metal Construction Association (MCA) recently donated their time and talent to reroof the rectory and complete other repair tasks at St. Maurice Church in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.

MCA is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. MCA members were in New Orleans to attend their 2007 mid-year meeting.

This excited group of CEOs, marketing staff, technical experts, engineers, sales leaders, managers, consultants and spouses hopped a bus from the Loews New Orleans Hotel at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, July 30, to see what they could do to help restore part of the local church complex.

When the group arrived at St. Maurice, the first chore was to group volunteers by those who wanted to work on the roof and those who would tackle other projects. The roofers lined up and eagerly waited their turn to put on hardhats, strap on harnesses and get to work on the roof. They joined a team from Houston-based Commercial Siding and Maintenance (CSM) led by Mark Wendelburg to put a new standing seam metal roof on the rectory. First they helped move material that had been fabricated by Hy-Tech Roofing Services of St. Rose, La. led by Lester Haydel. Then the fun began as a few at a time joined the CSM team to get as many panels as possible installed on the large, steep roof.

While the roofers installed panels, a half dozen other teams of volunteers put their talents to use inside and outside the building. Some replaced exterior and interior doors that had been damaged by the storm and by looters afterward while others painted nearby interior stairwells. Inside the rectory's main hallway, a team moved donated clothing and household items from one room with a damaged ceiling to another where they organized and stored all of the items. When the new roof is completed, church volunteers will repair the damaged ceiling.

Another ambitious team repaired two lawn mowers and mowed, trimmed and cleaned lawns, and trimmed trees at the rectory and a nearby building that had been a home for seniors before Hurricane Katrina hit.

The storm also had toppled the steeple from St. Maurice Church, which is adjacent to the rectory. As it landed, the steeple hit the rectory's wrought iron fence and put portions of it out of alignment. So a team of volunteers put their muscle power and some concrete mix together to shift parts of the fence to a more upright position.

A somber moment for volunteers came when a viewing and funeral were about to begin in the church. It turned into an opportunity to help and to learn from the family of the deceased. As the first family members arrived they asked if some MCA volunteers could help them bring the casket into the church. As more family and friends arrived and the service began, MCA volunteers were careful to go about chores as quietly as possible. Afterward, several family members and volunteers spent time talking about the area and their experiences with Hurricane Katrina, which gave everyone new insight into how people from the area coped with the situation.

Unlike the days during and after Hurricane Katrina, this day of volunteering was filled with sun and soft breezes, many smiles and the feeling of doing something good as an organization. As these MCA members went about their work at meetings in the following three days, many expressed a desire to again do something similar, describing it as a very rewarding experience and a time to bond as members of an organization.

The MCA appreciates the donation of materials and time to the project from:

Commercial Siding and Maintenance, Houston, TX, coordinating the reroof project, supplying the equipment, the crew and oversight of the project;

Architectural Metal Specialties, Douglasville, GA, roof clips,

Force Engineering and Testing, Humble, TX, engineering to verify the clip requirements;

Hy-Tech Roofing Services, St. Rose, LA, fabricating the roof panels and flashing;

ITW Buildex, Itasca, IL, construction aprons, and box lunches for all volunteers;

Metal Building Supply, Houston, TX, providing the hard hats, Kevlar gloves and safety glasses;

NES Rentals, New Orleans, supplying the manlift;

Samco Machinery,, Toronto, Ontario, providing hats to shade volunteers;

Sheffield Metals, Sheffield Village, Ohio, roof coils and flashings; and

Triangle Fastener Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, fasteners and decktite boots.

Special recognition goes to all of the following volunteers for their time, talent, strength and dedication to completing the assigned tasks and to having the initiative to start and complete even more than they were asked to do:

Robert Anderson, Firestone Building Products
Matt Burnett, MCA
Dick Bus, ATAS International Inc
Patrick Bush, US Steel Corp.
Bill Croucher, Fabral
Bernie Doyle, Samco Machinery Ltd
Mark Engle, MCA
Kate Gawlik, Metal Construction News
Lester Haydel, Hy-Tech Roofing
Barrett Hahn, metalmag
Jerry Hatley, Roll Coater Inc
Laurent Heindryckx, Umicore Building Products USA Inc
Toy Henson, MCA
Bill Hippard, Precoat Metals
Brad Jones, Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc
Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON International
Karen Kish, Flexospan Inc.
Steve Kish, Flexospan Inc.
Christina Koch, metalmag
Scott Kriner, MCA
John Paul Lawrence, Modern Trade Communications, Inc.
Andrew Lee, ITW Buildex
Alyssa Leenstra, BASF Corp.
Lisa Marrero, Solvay Solexis Inc.
Joseph Masters, Alcan Composites USA, Inc.
Chance Maxwell, Flexospan Inc.
David Mielcusny, Sheffield Metals Intl.
Carrie Miller, Whirlwind Steel Buildings Inc.
Ted Miller, The Miller-Clapperton Partnership Inc
Dale Nelson, Roof Hugger Inc
Marge O'Connor, MCA
Charles Parks, Roll Coater Inc.
Stephen Pawlyshyn, GE Technologies
Yolanda Pawlyshyn, GE Technologies
Eugene Pasiecznik, Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute
Dean Peterson, Arkema Inc.
Lisa Repovs, Samco Machinery Ltd
Becky Riester, metalmag
John Riester, metalmag
Danielle Robinson, BASF Corporation
Norbert Schneider, Umicore Building Products USA Inc.
Jay Smith, Metl-Span I Ltd.
Stephen Swaney, BASF Corp.
James Tuschall, Tuschall Engineering Company, Inc.
Julie Weldon, MCA
Mark Wendelburg, Commercial Siding and Maintenance
Andy Williams, Alcan Composites USA Inc.
Katie Williams, Alcan Composites USA Inc.

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