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Extreme Makeover Project Features Roofing Generosity

   Author: Daisy Lilley
Location: Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA – On Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. EST, everyone gets the opportunity to learn about the Rucker family, when the family’s Madison, Ga., home is unveiled on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Viewers also can discover the home’s new metal roof, which involved the generosity of several companies. The certified installer is Skyline Construction Services Inc., Eatonton, Ga.; the distributor is N.B. Handy Co., Duluth, Ga.; and the supplier is Fabral, Lancaster, Pa. Fabral and N.B. Handy donated the material and equipment to form the metal panels, while Skyline Construction donated its time and installation services. The lead builders are Madison-based Smart Properties Inc. and Eatonton-based Pilot Builders.

“I was excited when we were asked to be involved with the show and help improve the quality of life for the Ruckers,” said Mike Landry, N.B. Handy’s vice president of sales for roofing. “The show may feature a unique, fast-paced construction process, but I think viewers can get so much more out of it. The families who receive these new homes teach people how to rise above misfortunes, and the volunteers illustrate the generosity of spirit of our society.”

The donation opportunity started with a phone call from Pilot Builders to Steven R. Johnston, vice president of Skyline Construction. “We do a lot of charitable work, and we donate roofs when the case calls for it. So when we got this call, we did not even think twice. We love to help with kids, too; it was just a great fit for our community.” From there, Skyline Construction called N.B. Handy to gain its support, and N.B. Handy brought in Fabral. All parties knew the importance of this project and agreed to make the product, equipment and time donations.

The design created by the Extreme Makeover team specified metal roofing in key locations that are highly visible from the curb, including porches, bathrooms and the family room. Requirements for the 1,400-square-foot metal area were for a profile that matched the aesthetics of the area while being eye-catching, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and durable. The selected metal roof is 24-gauge steel, 1 ˝-inch tall Snap Lock panels, which were roll formed onsite. The panels have a Kynar coating with a Mansard Brown finish. This metal roof is Energy Star and LEED compliant.

Johnston said two of the show’s designers, Paige Hemmis and Xzibit (Alvin Joiner), spent about a half hour with the roofing crew during the installation to learn about the process. He noted they were impressed by the ease of installation and metal’s green traits.

“Metal roofing offers numerous sustainable attributes because of the recycled content and recyclability of the metal, as well as the energy-efficient coatings,” said Daisy Lilley, marketing manager for Fabral. “Sustainability also means having a longer lifespan, having less maintenance and providing more energy savings. Compared to other materials, metal roofing has all these green attributes and more. Metal roofing also brings aesthetic appeal to any project with a variety of material, profile and color options.”

With one week to build an entire house, Skyline Construction was given just eight hours to install the roof. The crew, therefore, needed a quality product with installation ease. Johnston added: “Metal roofing is nice because we can come in on a busy jobsite and keep it a clean site with a minimal footprint. There also is minimal waste with metal, and that added to the sustainability of this project.”

A reliable manufacturer-distributor team rounded out the list of requirements. “Fabral and N.B. Handy are just great to work with,” Lilley noted. “It is very important to work with proven vendors to provide customers with peace-of-mind.”

The customers are the Rucker family: Andrea Taylor and her daughters, Anaiah, Camry and Amariah. In 2010, Camry and Anaiah were walking to school when a truck nearly struck 5-year-old Camry. Nine-year-old Anaiah pushed her sister out of the way and put herself in front of the truck. Anaiah’s left leg was amputated as a result of the accident, but Anaiah did not allow that, other injuries or the hours of rehabilitation to slow her down. She can be found playing sports, singing in a chorus and studying hard. Although not a complainer, getting around in a wheelchair has been a challenge, particularly at home.

“When we heard Anaiah’s story, we knew we had to be involved in this project,” Lilley added. “Home should be a place of comfort and peace, not something that causes a challenge. Fabral jumped at the chance to help this little hero and her mom and sisters.”

While the Rucker family vacationed in Walt Disney World, the builders, volunteers and television crew built an ADA-accessible home. Unique features will be unveiled during the airing on Oct. 9, and everyone at Skyline Construction, Fabral and N.B. Handy are ready to tune in.

“Skyline Construction should be commended for pulling the metal roofing donation together and completing a quality installation in eight hours,” Lilley said. “The crew’s craftsmanship, technical skills, attention to detail and customer service make every Skyline project a success. We can’t wait to watch the construction and roofing details in action.”

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” airs on Sunday nights on ABC. The new season began on Sept. 25.

About Fabral Metal Roof and Wall Systems
Fabral, based in Lancaster, Pa., is the premier supplier of metal roofing and wall panels for agricultural, post frame, residential, architectural, industrial and commercial applications. Fabral has multiple manufacturing locations across the US. Founded in 1967, Fabral is part of the Euramax family of companies. To learn more, visit

About N.B. Handy Co.
N.B. Handy has been a market leader in architectural sheet-metal products for more than 100 years. The company services commercial and residential contractors in HVAC and roofing throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. N.B. Handy is dedicated to developing relationships and creating programs that support the growth of its customers' businesses. Armed with a staff of approximately 350 employees, N.B. Handy listens to its customers, anticipates their changing product and service needs, and delivers a high level of consultative expertise to provide the best possible support in the industry. Please visit, or contact the Duluth, Ga., location at 800-716-6242.

About Skyline Construction Services Inc.
Skyline Construction is a certified professional roofing contractor providing quality service to residential clients in central Georgia and commercial clients in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. From remodeling to new construction, modern to historic preservation, its licensed contractors and expert technicians are dedicated to working with customers to achieve the look that they want and the quality that their project deserves. Information is available at

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