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SteelMaster - Buildings that Reflect your True Nature

   Author: Steel Master

Editor's Note: When I first was contacted by Steelmaster®, I of course had to check out their website where I was greeted by the coolest little Flash intro that I've found on any metal building site (if you know of one that you think is cooler, then by all means let me know with a comment below). Usually, I just click past these things, but this one had the right look and sound to hold my attention. I don't know if it helps them sell their buildings, but I certainly remembered them for it. You can check it out at (don't forget to turn your speakers on), where I also found out a lot more about the company.

SteelMaster® was founded by a group of Virginia Beach businesspeople, including Rhae Adams, Sr., in February 1979. Originating in the southeastern United States, SteelMaster spent its early years developing designs and specifications that would satisfy the agricultural and residential markets such as hay and animal shelters as well as small shops and garages.

In November of 1985, the company received the trademark registration from the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office for the name "SteelMaster®". The company established its own manufacturing facility in 1989 in an effort to control the quality of their product and develop one-of-a-kind specifications and designs. The equipment was designed in-house, producing the precision-engineered arches that have become SteelMaster's trademark.

In 1992, the factory invented the "A" model, which has redefined the public's thinking of steel buildings. With a unique pitch-style roof and straight walls, the "A" model offers a more traditional look with the same legendary quality of a SteelMaster building, and has become a huge success as a backyard garage or shop.

The company has passed from father to son and is now owned and operated by Rhae Adams, Jr. It has become the industry leader for economical, high quality, precision-engineered arch steel buildings throughout the world. With headquarters located in Virginia Beach, VA, SteelMaster has regional offices across the United States and representatives throughout the world, including Korea, Japan, Israel, Italy, England, New Zealand and South America.

No matter what the application, Garage, Woodshop, Shed and even Commercial, SteelMaster® provides the highest quality steel arch buildings to suite any need. Leading the industry in customer service and value, we are committed to satisfying the challenging demand of the market. Customer satisfaction and excellence is the cornerstone of our continued market leadership.

For Home & Hobby, we provide maximum economy, superior quality products and world-class customer service. These are the core features of every SteelMaster product, and what other option can promise a fair price and an instant increase in your home's equity? Efficient, strong, long-life, no-maintenance; SteelMaster buildings set the standard that all other steel buildings must follow!

We are also known throughout the world for our Commercial Applications. SteelMaster buildings are providing solutions and designs for world leaders in just about every industry - from commodity bulk storage warehouses to long-term dehumidified storage for the world's leading fighter jets. The buildings have earned the favor of a large number of Fortune 500 companies, the military from around the world, the largest shipyards and mining companies in North America as well as special projects and applications throughout South America, Asia and Europe.

With over 40 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, SteelMaster takes great pride in its reputation as the producer of the strongest quality arch steel buildings in the world. Only by employing leading architects and engineers to develop newer and tougher specifications are our standards met. Thousands of satisfied customers have made SteelMaster the largest manufacturer and distributor of arch steel structures in North America.

Every SteelMaster building comes with a 30-Year Warranty, the best warranty in the industry!

You always save BIG on your SteelMaster building because every SteelMaster building is sold DIRECT from OUR FACTORY to you. No middleman and no unnecessary expenses. To learn how we can help you, visit us at

Comments: SteelMaster - Buildings that Reflect your True Nature

I have a Steelmaster A-Style building that I recieved from a friend. When I went to put it up the local building code would not allow it as the snow load was 45 on the blue print and in New York state it has to be 50. Called the factory about this and since I was not the original owner they wouldn't do anything about it. I think they would at least say if it would hold the snow load or not. all I need is a statement whether it can handle a snow load of 50. Sounds to me like they won't stand by there buildings if you are not the original owner. Good warranty!
By William Becker
I have purchased 4 SteelMaster buildings thoughout the years. I use them to store Hay, Machinary and my horses. 3 of these buildings were purchased in 1986. They Still look fantastic. I bought my 4th one in early 2004 and the consultant still calls me from time to time to make sure I'm doing well. I even had a rep come to my house while passing through the area. Total surprise!!! Thank you Steelmaster
By Ben Abbott
I ordered a Steelmaster carport in March (2008) and was told it would ship by the first week in April. It finally arrived on May 26. The shipment was short a curve angle piece and did not include the specified bolts and nuts. Additionally, the base clips (post supports) were not to gauge and would not accept a 1/2" bolt without being ground out. The pre-punched holes in the posts were not properly placed and these also required additional grinding and/or drilling to make them fit. In all, the quality of the fabrication work was very poor and there did not seem to be any quality control checks before materials were shipped from the factory in Canada. When notified of the problem, the factory required me to send them photographs of the defective parts before responding to my complaint and then, after two weeks delay, sent me the wrong parts. Needless to say, I am less than impressed with Steelmaster and would not recommend their products.
By Dave Williams
I just finished erecting an A-style building purchased third-hand. The parts had been sitting outside just stacked up for eight years. I was pleasantly surprised to find the following: 1. All the parts were there. 2. No apparent corrosion. The worst problem was black staining on a few of the panels. 3. I didn't need to drill out any mismatched holes. All 1500 or so bolts fit. 4. The factory rep gladly worked with me, returning my calls promptly and providing the missing assembly manual and advice. I find no fault in the quality or service at SteelMaster. My only negative comment is the price of the accessories: $775 to $1,375 for each fiberglas skylight, that would cost perhaps $30 to make? $2,434 for a 30" X 84" endwall door? Ouch!
By Dave Norton
I purchased two A model buildings in 2004. Both were 30' wide and 16'high; one 30' long and the other 40'. We are in real estate management and maintain a small maintenance crew and equipment. We first erected the 30' x 40' and were happy with the overall quality of the building but shocked at the man hours required for erection. Even with the advantage of having a fork lift and man lift, it took three weeks with a 3-4 man crew. The disadvantages of the erected building are first that it is impossible to insulate effectively at a reasonable cost and finishing out the inside is about the equivalent of builing new walls. The ceiling; have not figured that out yet. In short, the buildings have their place, but the sales pitch that they are easy or cheap to erect and that it can be done with an inexperienced crew and almost no tools is pure fantasy. John Green
By John G. Green
I agree with the above statement from John Green,these buildings need a crew of people ,scaffling,lots of time and large forklift to assemble,the arches will sag and none of the holes will line up,this ordeal has been a disaster,do yourself a favor and build a flat panel building,it will be much easier to assemble.
By David Wehunt
We purchased a steel blgd. 30x40. We've changed our minds about using it here. It's been hard to sell it. It is still on pallet, never been unbanned. Like to know why it's been so hard to sell this name brand bldg!
By Elizabeth Martin
SteelMaster is all smoke and mirrors. What they tell you is nothing like you will receive. They never handle the product, so there is no quality control, or simple check to see if all the parts are there. You will likely have dozens of missing items, some of which will halt setup. The "Weekend Warrior" idea should be completely thrown out the window unless you just bought a 10 x10. It will take weeks to complete, and much will depend on how fast they send out replacements. They make a ton of money from the end-caps, doors, skylights, and "accessories." So they try hard to sell those. They are even trying to sell C Channel you can pick up at any metal distributor for 50 cents a foot for $1500 for 100 feet. Thats quite a markup. Worst case, you get the wrong size, or they never send the parts the factory didn't include, and you are stuck with what you signed for. There is actually NO WARRANTY unless one of their non-existent contractors does the installation - so there is that too.
By John Anderson
I purchased a 40 by 60 building around 6-7 years ago and was pleased with it until about 2 years ago when the bolts starting rusting severly, when I contacted steelmaster the salesman told me (It is what it is). They acted as if they could care less and have never contacted me since,anyone who is interested in pictures of the rust can contact me at 859-339-8481.Steelmaster seems to only print what they want you to see. Sincerely Joe Leavell Lancaster.Ky
By Joe Leavell
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