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Metal Ask the Experts Archives

Ask the experts about and read detailed answers to questions about steel & metal buildings.

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- Expert Questions & Answers
Over the years, our Ask the Experts forum has received hundreds of metal building industry related questions. The Ask the Experts public archives contains the best of the questions & answers that we have received to date. You may search metal building related questions and browse recent answers using the form above.

Question from Smyrna, Tennessee, USA:
I have detailed PEMB, and Structural steel for 38 years, for several companies. I'm currently weighing the pros/cons of building a smaller PEMB home, or just getting a manufactured home instead, in which the family does not like the latter option at all. My challenge(s) with a PEMB home are... 1) it must meet 2012 Residential Codes, and 2) the foundation would need to be designed for being placed on what I perceive to be a solid rock shelf, 8" below the surface dirt. I know that most metal building companies no longer offer these services, so I'm debating on the additional costs of these individual services themselves, and the added cost of a 'special' foundation. Can you please advise some expertise?

Question from Willmar, Minnesota, UNITED STATES:
In one of your articles you discuss re-roofing of a PEMB and suggest that the building should be reviewed by an engineer familiar with PEMB design. Question - do you have any engineers that you would recommend to review an existing PEMB that we are considering for a retrofit & re-roof?

Question from Rockaway, New Jersey, USA:
92,000 sq. ft. metal roof that needs work

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
We have 5 or 6 places where the flashing of the R panel roofing at the back of the tiltwall has enough leaking to trickle down the wall. 1 place is bad enough to wet insulation. The job is now a year old and never completely fixed.The original building supplier/erector will not respond. Apparently his erector (subcontractor) no longer speak for similar reasons. IT DID TAKE THIS LAST HARD RAIN FOR THESE LEAKS TO APPEAR. Thanks for any help! CN

Question from Eagle, Idaho, USA:
What is the best way to insulate a Quonset style building, this building sweats.

Question from Norfolk, Virginia, USA:
I have the trim piece along the bottom of my metal building, rusted and rotted and need about 30 feet of the angle trim that goes along the bottom. It appears that I can just unbolt the old stuff and put some new pieces in?

Question from Homestead, Florida, USA:
I have already ordered a steel building and have the stamped drawings of the building in hand. I have had trouble finding a concrete guy and I went to the Miami dade planning Dept. They were not a lot of help. So my questions are what are the next steps?

Question from McMinnville, Oregon, UNITED STATES:
I have a 50x48 vaulted clearspan truss shop, and I wanted to put a man door on one wall but when I opened the drywall I found 2 big cables in there.... I was wondering can I add a 1/4" steel plate between the trusses at about 6'8" bolt it to the trusses and weld a loop for the cables to tie to and remove where it comes down to the ground in that area and not have the building structural integrity be harmed?

Question from Grorgetown, Texas, USA:
Can I drill a 1-3/8" hole thru the center of the eave strut for an electrical conduit?

Question from Westerville , Ohio, USA:
Existing galvalum metal roof with existing galvanized curb. no cricket behind curb we are going to add new panel and crickett behind curb. should this be done out of galvanized or galalum

Question from Alma, Georgia, USA:
I am repairing storm damage to roof on pole barn, I need to match 4 foot aluminum with 8 inch bi rib. Do you know of any roofing product that would match that?

Question from St. PETERSBURG, Florida, USA:
To whom this may concern, I have recently received a code violation for a corrugated metal fence I installed. There are no structural issues, one of my neighbors simplyndoesnt care for the look and it is not listed as a "decorative" material in the codes. I went to the building department to discuss the matter and it turns out that they like the look of the fence and would like to include corrugated metal as an option. In order to do so they need to provide the "higher ups" with compelling data. So my question to you is if there is any such data available already as far as environmental impact, wind sustainability, "life expectancy" etc. They told me to forward any info that may help in this process?

Question from Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA:
The church has a 12,000 sq.ft. CBC Steel Building in storage and has been for almost seven years. Please advise me as to the best way to sell it on the market. It is stored in Prescott, AZ and has never been built. Has been engineered to code for the area. David 928-848-3700

Question from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:
Looking to take down steel building and relocate and put back together 40 x 80 x14

Question from Cranston, Rhode Is., USA:
I have a small industrial building in Vermont with a Flat Roof - that needs replacement. Is it possible to put a Pitched metal roof over that roof. Building is concrete building Construction. Size 32 feet by 60 feet building foot print (two stories)

Question from Ragley, Louisiana, USA:
I need to do considerable dirt work, the building will require a pad and I am wondering how much larger should the pad be than the actual slab for the building. The building is to be finished off as a 2400 sq. ft. home. Should I make footings a part of the slab?

Question from Kerrville, Texas, USA:
Dale, Getting ready to erect a 40x50x14 building with a reinforced roof for 20 solar panels (6'x3') each weighing 78 lbs (2 rows of 10 each) and want to erect some type of covering to protect against EMP damage. I have been told that 20 square/inch metal screen should protect them. Ideas as to mounting and should they be put directly on top of the solar panels. Ray in Kerrville

Question from Burns, Wyoming, USA:
I have a 40 x 60 20 ft tall metal shop. Half is used for a shop and the other half is a horse barn. there is no ventilation in the building. I would like to add ventilation on the horse barn side. I have one 10 x 10 door on the east side which is a plastic strip door. Should I add exhaust fans on the west and east to pull the old air out?

Question from Golden, Colorado, USA:
We would like to add a roof over existing steel panels on an Armco Steel Building S3N 32X40 with 10 foot ceilings. The building was purchased in 1965. We would be adding 1/2 inch plywood with 3o pound felt and dimensional shingles. Will the design load of the roof take the added weight?

Question from LAFAYETTE, Indiana, USA:
We have a customer with an airplane T-Hanger and the interior partition walls were attached by a base angle to the floor and this winter the unheated hangerfloors heaved from freezing and the metal sheets are buckled and we are looking for a fix that will alleviate the problem in the future.

Question from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA:
I want to use 30 # felt then Polystick MTS under a standing seam roof. The 30# felt will allow for easier re-roofing years down the line. Youcannot get the Polystick mts off the sheathing later when you re-roof but with the 30# felt under the polystick mts the sheathing is reusable at reroof time. IS THIS PLAN WORKABLE.....WILL THE POLYSTICK MTS APPLY WELL ON TOP OF THE 30 # FELT?

Question from Winchester, Kentucky, USA:
I am looking to replace the metal roof on my gambrel shaped barn. Is it possible to avoid tearing off the existing 5V metal and cover it directly with a Hi-Rib metal?

Question from Irmo, S. Carolina, USA:
In what regions of the country is it advisable (and common) to install snow-retention systems on metal roofs to minimize damage from sliding snow/ice?

Question from Anchorage, Alaska, USA:
Am looking for a solution to adding an insulated roof system over an existing metal roof that is uninsulated with no way to spray foam the interior portion of the building./ we are in alaska and are wanting to get the highest r value possible. THX David

Question from Woodinville, Washington, USA:
My question is we have a steel building approx. 47x37 . Made by Miracle Steel structures. My question has to do with the roof, in spots the spots where it was attaached to the steel beams is rusting and is leaking in spots. Can I paint it with special roof paint to stop the rusting and leaking or do I need to replace the entire roof?

Question from Hedgesville, W. Virginia, USA:
What is the most cost effective measure to strengthen the metal roof on my metal building ?

Question from Cedar hill, Texas, USA:
I have a metal building construction office building with R-19 roof insulation with vapor barrier on inside of the building. The space above the ceiling is used as a return air plenum. The local code officials said the roof had to be R-30 to meet the city energy code. The architect added 6" fiberglass batts without vapor barrier below the existing insulation. The building owner says this will cause moisture collection at the existing vapor barrier and mold. I say it will not due the the movement of air through the plenum and the air temperature being at about 75 degrees and 50% RH because mold is less likely not form at about 60% RH or less and the HVAC unit will remove any moisture when the air is returned to the unit by refrigeration and adding fresh air at the unit. I have seen this this done at many locations in our area and have not observed any formation of mode. Can you tell me from experience who is right. The building is located in the Dallas Texas area. Thank Your For Your help.

Question from Bakersfeild, California, USA:
Can you send me something showing me how a battenloc standing seem roof is installed over perlins on a commercial steel building. very detailed if possible. thank you

Question from USA:
What is the proper method for providing thru-wall flashing for a metal building with masonry veneer?

Question from USA:
Which is a better option for repair/replacing a steel roof on our warehouse?

Question from San antonio, Texas, USA:
We need exhaust fans in the ceiling of our metal bldg. where we perform metal fabrication (welding). The work area is about 40' x 75' and has three round vents in the ceiling about 18" in diameter. We want to put in electric fans to force hot air out. Can this be done?

Question from Walsenburg, Colorado, USA:
I have a floor joist system composed of 6-inch ZEE purlins spaced at 16 inches. I'd like to remove a short section of a single purlin to allow crawlspace access. I thought I would use a section of CEE channel to carry the end of the cut purlin and frame the opening. What would be an appropriate method to attach the CEE channel to the neighboring ZEE purlins?

Question from Morgan city , Louisiana, USA:
I'm using 1x4 wooden slats with a 3 inch screw in to the rafters, my question is how far apart do the wooden slats need to be to meet code and provide the best protection agenst them flying off?

Question from Helotes, Texas, USA:
I recenty purchased a home and quite a bit of acreage here in Helotes, Tx. my dilemma: there is a 16 x 60 x 12 metal garage, absolutely air tight. i would like to put it up for sale, but have no idea of the value of your buildings. i was looking to you for insight.

Question from Kapolei, Hawaii, USA:
What is the wind uplift of a 18" wide, 24 gauge zincalume coated steel panel?

Question from Minnesota, USA:
When fastening down the exterior of a steel building onto a concrete slab is there to be some type of material that needs to be put down between the slab and metal?

Question from PAPUA NEW GUINEA:
Is it necessary to weld the prefabricated steel structures even it is already bolted?

Question from Moorhead, Minnesota, USA:
I have a 60's Armco steel building with a standing seam type roof-- j-panel prhaps?

Question from Alpharetta, Georgia, USA:
Where can I go to get information about the abilities of modern pre-engineered metal buildings?

Question from Liberty Hill, Texas, USA:
I need to replace some panels on a metal building that looks to be about 30 years old. They look like an R-Panel, however they are only 32 inches wide, with the major ribs spaced 10" on center. There is a plate on the building that says "Mesco", however calls to them have as of yet gone unanswered. Any help would be great.

Question from Op, Kansas, USA:
We have a traveling concrete company that specializes in pre fab metal building concrete construction ... my question is what is the best way to get my name out in the industry ?

Question from De Pere, Wisconsin, USA:
I have a client that wants to attach a mono-sloped structural steel canopy to the side of an existing metal building. My question is can I simply provide flashing attached to the exterior of the metal wall panel and cut around the corrugations and sealed or do I need to interrupt (cut) the existing wall panels to tuck the flashing behind the wall panels?

Question from INDEPENDENCE, Missouri, USA:
I have a replacement job of a sonoco steel building built approx 30yrs ago and I am trying to find sonoco steel or a comperable product to replace and existing damaged panel. Thank You

Question from Panama, Florida, USA:
Best way to prevent rust and repair roof sheet lap joints on livestock buildings.

Question from USA:
I am looking for a stocking supplier of Cee purlins in the Seattle WA area ?

Question from Memphis, Tennessee, USA:

Question from Avon, N. Carolina, USA:
Hi, I am considering building metal building but have rust concerns. We live in Avon, NC which is on the outer banks where everything rusts, even stainless steel. I like the idea of a metal building but how would we go about fixing the eventual rusted framing etc. How expensive would it be. I guess its a question that would not be a concern for at least 20 years but you know how time flys. Thanks, Gary

Question from Dickinson, N. Dakota, USA:
We recently had a pickup come thru our steel building. Its a laundromat withwindows.The building was built in the late 60's People who work with steel say this type of pattern is no longer available. Do you do this kind of work?

Question from Port Arthur, Texas, USA:
I am trying to find some r-panels with a 30 inch coverage with major ribs 10 inches apart. Do you know where I can get them?

Question from Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA:
We are looking to put up a simple 40,000 ft2 building on pad with 20,000 suitable as a freezer space. Can you give a rough estimate/range of the cost of just the shell with applicable space that is freezer capable?

Question from Tukwila, Washington, USA:
I have a large pre-fab metal building with a metal roof which loves to leak around the metal fasteners. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Question from USA:
We had galvanised corugated sheets for roofing. Some of them started rusting from edges and some of them had white rust on them. Can you suggest any repair procedures so that I can reuse those sheets.

Question from Murray, Kentucky, USA:
Have metal building that we built offices in. Have no ventilation and have no way to put soffit vents on building. How should we properly vent building. Can put ridge vent on but with no soffit how do we get air inside to move hot air out ridge vents?

Question from Boulder City, Nevada, USA:
Where can I find a length of gutter/fascia?

Question from Clovis, California, USA:
Can the boxes for the plugs and switches be mounted directly to the inside of the metal panels using the same type of fastners with the seal used to join the panels or is there an alternative way to mount the boxes and conduit to panels when there are no studs to mount to.

Question from Morrison, Colorado, USA:
I have an old 20' X 45' foundation of 24" cement piers on 10 ft. centers 48" deep or to bed rock and I would like to frame in a new pole barn or loafing shed using 22" steel pipe wich is available to me for free. No floor, electric, or plumbing. Just shelter for horses and alpacas. Can I construct something legal in Jefferson County, Colorado at an altitude of 8,200 ft and a 60 lb snow load ?

Question from USA:
I have purchased an old gas station from the 1950s that has a metal frame and metal siding. I have completly gutted the building and am getting ready to repair the various holes in the sheet metal from screws, pipes etc. the holes range in size from screw holes to 5" diameter holes. What would be the best way to patch the holes so that you can't tell that they were there from the outside when done?

Question from Lees Summit, Missouri, USA:
Are there disadvanteges/arguments against replacing a percent of damaged panels in a metal roof system in lieu of replacing the entire roof?

Question from Clovis, California, USA:
Can you tell me what the best way is to attach the electrical boxes to the metal siding of my building and are there specific boxes that should be used?

Question from Orange, Texas, USA:
I am about to get a metal building built for storage. 24'x40'x12' on a slab. My problem is deciding on a horizontal or vertical seamed metal walls. I am getting conflicting advice about which one is better. Some contractors say vertical is stronger while some say horizontal. Could you give me advice on which one is better or are they similar. Vertical is quite a bit pricier. Thank you

Question from USA:
Can someone tell me what the differences are between Stuccoflex, Metl-Span's Tuff-Wall and Strukturoc Classic?

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
I need a steel building dismantled and relocated and erected. Is this someting that can be done?

Question from Lakeland, Florida, USA:
I have a customer looking for new skylight panels for their metal building and I cant find the profile. The building was built in the 60's the address is 6710 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tampa,Fl 33619

Question from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA:
Looking for a tool or published process for removing damaged snap -seam metal roof panels

Question from Chidester, Arkansas, USA:
I have installed a new rib style metal roof on a new home we are building. I have the ridge vent closure, for ventilation from the soffitts, but was wondering about the closures on the eave ends, I understand they prevent critters, bugs, birds from getting up inside the ribs, but what about the moisture that forms on the underside of the metal, can it get by the foam closure pieces, the moisture that is. ?

Question from Lanesville, Indiana, USA:
I am going over existing shingles with metal roofing. Which is better for underlayment AYR foil of 30# felt?

Question from Webster, Mass., USA:
I am having a hard time locating replacement parts for a steel building built around 2002ish. Most important are the outside corners. They have an embossed stucco appearence as do the wall panels. Trouble is either i don't get responses from manufactures, reps don't call back or companies are no longer in business, but i cannot find these online. (maybe called something in particular) Heck even trying to locate either embossed aluminum or steel seems hard to come by up here in the north east. It's my understanding this material may be galvalume or AZ and has an antique white finish. The corner/walls have exposed fasteners and size is roughly 4" x 4" with two bends on each side at 1 5/8" and 1" Please help, thanks.

Question from Hilham, Tennessee, USA:
I'm having a problem with insulation in my metal building.This past winter I learned that condensation builds up from the the ice and snow on the outside of the building and the warmth of the wood stove on the inside. The styrafoam that I was using fro insulation came crashing down on us, and all the water that had built up behind it as well. Everything got wet. I ahve racked my brain trying to find something to use. R13 would just get wet and mildewy also. Think maybe you could help with this problem?

Question from Lakeland, Florida, USA:

Question from Greenville, S. Carolina, USA:
We are renting an office building with a metal roof / metal trusses with brick veneer siding. The area above our ceiling and the metal roof is not insulated. Our heat and air bills are crazy. The owner says insulation is not necessary - what do your experts say?

Question from Mississippi, USA:
Assuming a basement of a metal building with the same metal siding, how can the below grade exterior portion of it be insulated and protected compared to concrete block?

Question from N. Carolina, USA:
I have been looking at a couple of different arch type steel building companies. In a 30ft wide straight wall peaked roof type building what is the snow load rating of a 22ga arch?

Question from Kentucky, USA:
I have a metal pole barn 30'x50' with metal roof. I insulated the metal roof from inside with 2" foam board. The building has sofits on both sides and a roof vent. I sealed all foam board and entry to room from sofit. So I underdstand air will enter into sofit go up roof ridge and out roof vent. I live in central Florida, I have read many conflicting stories on internet. Should I put 6 mil plastic over insulation thus ceiling off roof to relieve condensation issue?

Question from Hagerstown, Maryland, USA:
Manufacturing complex with several types of buildings and roofs. Age of bldgs. varies from the 1960's to the 1990's. The profiles are as follows: 1st profile SSR: 3" high to top of standing seam, 24" rib spacing, approx 5" wide at bottom of rib; top rib plateau is approx 1.63" wide and 1.88" tall; height to lower plateau = 0.5"; 0.10" to 0.11" thick. 2nd profile: similar to above, but without the standing seam: 1.88" to top plateau which is 1" wide; width at the bottom of rib is 3"; height to lower plateau (2"wide) is 1/2"; 12" rib spacing; ).03" thick. 3rd profile: Ribs shaped like the number 7 with a bent down flange at the end of the horizontal section; ribs spaced @ 16"; height = 1.88"; horiz. = 3/4"; flange = 5/8"; thick.?

Question from Crestview, Florida, USA:
I am leading the marketing efforts for a small start-up metal building and steel fabricator in south Alabama/NW Florida. I would appreciate your insight into the best markets for this industry, best marketing tools/approaches, etc. Thank you, Charles Alley

Question from Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA:
I recently had a 50x100 building consructed. I never went to the roof to inspect after completion. I went up to clean my gutters and the roofing sheets are hanging so far into gutter that you cannot get your hand in the gutter to remove the leaves. I contacted my erector and he told me since my roof has a low pitch that the metal has to extend way out from the framing. He says that I will have to remove the hangers to pull gutter out far enuogh to remove the debris. Is this correct ?

Question from London, Ohio, USA:
Hi, I am trying to find what I call old style through fastened metal roofing panels. This is because they are on buildings on our familys farm which are 50 or more years old. Basically, one style looks almost identical to the current 5V CRIMP pattern but it has rounded ribs rather than the 5V's sharp ribs. I prefer the rounded ribs for many reasons but I type too slow to elaborate and also don't want to potentially bore you. Long story short, there must be enough other people like me for there to be a market for these. Therefore, I can't help but think there must be 1: some niche marketer(s) of these that I have been unable to find yet in the internet netherworld. 2: someone who could make these for me (my research has discovered that there seem to be a lot of individuals doing small scale rollforming operations). Or 3: perhaps I could do it myself with rollforming equipment or even finance someone to get started doing it if they, like me felt there could be a potential market for it. Thanks for any suggestions, Steve

Question from USA:

Question from Centerville, Washington, USA:
I am researching building pole buildings using steel pipe for the upright poles and need a good method of attaching wood rafters and trusses to the pipe. My pipe sizes I am looking at using are: 2 7/8in., 4in., 6 5/8in., and 8 5/8in. All sizes are O.D. Ideally I would see a clamp system that would clamp onto the pipe and the wood truss/ rafter would bolt to the clamp. Once installed, possible drill through the pipe and bolts go through the truss/ rafter, the clamp, and the pipe. Any ideas are apprciated.

Question from Newport News, Virginia, USA:
Good day, My companies’ building is of multiple structures, pieced together over the last 80 years. The last roofing rework has been over 20 years ago and is in need of repair/replacement. I was interested in having a steel roof structure built over top of the 4300 sq ft. building. That way in the future the existing structure could be removed and steel structure be completed under existing steel roof structure. My question is …is this possible or are there unforeseen complications?

Question from Burleson, Texas, USA:
I have a metal building (25' x 40') erected in 2000. I have noticed rust spots showing in the lowest 6 to 8 inches along the bottom of the ouside wall. In a few places, the metal has rusted through. I don't store any chemicals in the buiding (it's at my home) other than some paint I use to restore old pinball machines. There is no vegatation growing along the walls where the spots are and there is at least two inches of slab exposed along the outside so no metal is covered. Do you have any idea as to what the problem could be. I can send pictures of the spots if necessary. Last summer, I fixed (or thought I did) one smaller area by spraying the rusted/corroded spot with "JASCO", then followed that with an automotive primer and paint. It seems to be showing again in that spot along with quite a few more newer rusted areas along the entire perimeter of the building. Any help would be appreciated.

Question from Corona, California, USA:
We are working with a skid equipment box that has a flat steel roof. Water infiltration is noticed at the roofing seems. We have tried using a roof patch to seal the seems which only reduced the problem. The roof does not have any pitch and tends pool water up to 1 inch deep. Our thoughts are to use some sort of an overlayment. Another thought is to use the polyurethane foam to build a pitch for the roof. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Question from Menomonee falls, Wisconsin, USA:
At the base of a metal building wall where the fiberglass blanket insulation with vapor barrier, metal wall panel, and drip flashing all come together, is an interior rubber closure recommended between the back leg of the drip flashing and metal wall panel?

Question from Norman, Oklahoma, USA:
Where can I buy hard board insulation in Okla City for my pole barn

Question from PHILIPPINES:
Which is better for the installation of Metal tile roofing, particularly, metal shakes, C-purlins or square tubing?

Question from Bremen, Ohio, USA:
Looking for metal to matck older pole barm the metal looks like it is 24 in with a 6in rib pattern

Question from Georgetown, Florida, USA:
I am building a metal building at a marina used for boat maintenance in the Cayman Islands. I have manufacture quotes that some include stainless steel fasteners while others quote a painted screw. The painted screw option includes anti-rust warranty, but we are 50' from the ocean. The cost for stainless steel is expensive and if it is safe to go with the painted screw that would be my preference. What are the industry thoughts?

Question from Richmond, Virginia, USA:
I am considering purchase of a 20 year old steel on concrete slab residence. During preliminary inspection I noticed what looked to be drywood termite or carpenter ant detritus piling up (a mound approx two inches long, 1/3 to 1/2 inch high, and an inch or so wide) on the carpet under a window. Also I noticed some water damage from ingress from a window. I believe snow may have piled up against the (unoccupied, estate) dwelling from two uncharacteristically heavy snows. Is it possible this is a stick built metal clad building?

Question from Whitehall, Penn., USA:
We would like a ballpark price for aluminum siding to cover a 24x28 foot barn.

Question from USA:
Dear sir/madam, I am writing on behalf of IKAR-S agricultural company of Azerbaijan. We are newly organized agricultural company and we are interested in buying of could storage building in my country for fruit storage mostly for apple, pears etc. And we are intended to purchase storage building with approximate size 4000.00m3 (four thousands) and 10000.00m3 (ten thousands cube meter) storage area. Please let us know which company can sell and build this type of building in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is located in Eastern Europe. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing anybodies positive reaction and responding for our request. Sincerely, Karim Gasimov IKAR-S company, Azerbaijan

Question from Rome, Georgia, USA:
Is my metal roofing contractor legally required to put flashing on the pipes on my roof. I had a metal roof put on and got a leak. I realized the pipes on the roof have no flashing on them, only caulk, and what looks like plumbers putty. The contractor is giving me a hard time about putting on the flashing.

Question from Grand rapids, Michigan, USA:
I have a metal roof that needs painting. I livbe in a lestron home which has a metal roof with a procelain coated. I was given your web site by a fellow lestron home ower that painted his home with a arcylic coating design for commerical metal roofs. Can you help me in finding out where I can get this product. Thanks for you time Keith Praay

Question from USA:
I have a 100x150' metal building which was built as a health club in 2000. Can we retrofit the building to add additional height to the building?

Question from Dothan, Alabama, USA:
Have you ever seen thermal blocks used in the wall under the metal siding?

Question from Moriarty, New Mexico, USA:
Is there a good way to figuire the cost of erecting a steel building?

Question from Columbus, Ohio, USA:
We have two 3000 sq ft metal self storage buildings we are looking to tear down for a future real estate development. Is there a group or someone who buys these buildings?

Question from Happy, Texas, USA:
We built a 40' X 60' metal building with 12' eaves and wish to make it into our home. We put 5 windows in and condensation is forming on the windows. We put the hard foam insulation on the roof and the soft foam insulation on the walls. We put 8' ceilings in part and 10' in the rest. What can we do about the condensation?

Question from Cypress, Texas, USA:
My question is, we are having moisture form inside the building on the roof after a cold night (below 40 degrees), the moisture comes the next day when the temp. starts rising. We have ventilation and insulation, what other steps might we take to resolve. Thanks

Question from Simpsonville, S. Carolina, USA:
I would like to build a new complex for an indoor soccer soccer fields with measurements of 25 ft by 45ft and i would like to have up to 3 fields with room for consessions. what type (and size)of building is going to be best for my particular project keep in mind i would like quality but also bang for my buck Thanks, Kevin (keep in mind i need about 25 feet of clearance vertically)

Question from Yukon, Oklahoma, USA:
I inspected a home with an aluminum roof that had trusses spaced 8ft apart with 2x8 top cords and 2x4 purlins between the trusses. It was a corrugated aluminum roof and was installed on a residential property in central OK. I have pics. The home had inspection stickers on the mechanicals, but I do not know if the framing was nspected or not. I am not too familiar with these types of roofs and wondered if you think this is a problem.

Question from Miramar Beach, Florida, USA:
Have metal stroage facility metal colums and peers are rusting. I need 50-100 colums made.

Question from Auburn, Nebraska, USA:
We have a metal building, brand name Sunstorm. We need new skylights and cannot locate anything that will work. The building was built Oct. 1981.

Question from Austin, Texas, USA:
Hi. I had a 40x80 metal building installed in 2007. There are 4 doors, 15 double hung windows and a 14x14 garage door. They all leak. Unfortunately, it hasn't rained very often here and it wasn't until the interior had been fully insulated with spray foam, as well as sheetrock and other finish out that the leaks became apparent. The contractor that installed the building is gone. I'm trying to figure out how to repair and seal these leaks, but I'm used to stick frame construction, so I'm just guessing at solutions. So I've got at least 3 possibilities - 1. find a new metal building contractor and see what he suggests 2. contact a company that installs windows and doors and see what they come up with or 3. find a source of components and start engineering something myself. Any advice?

Question from Minnesota, USA:
I have a 32x24x12 foot pole shed that I store hay in and it tends to mold. I need to know how many 10 foot ridgevents I should install.

Question from Byhalia, Mississippi, USA:
How hard is it to take down and move a metal building?

Question from URUGUAY:
What you recomend for roofs that have 10 years and needs maintenance. Are another solutions besides changing all the roof paneles?

Question from Yorba Linda , California, USA:
Hi - I'm building a home from scratch (lost my home in one of the California wild fires last Nov). My re-designed home has a metal roof, I've always like the look. Now I'm having second thoughts because I see metal roof on a lot of fast food resturants and I worry that it will look cheap, I'm spending over $1M to build my home. Here's the style I planned to use a Mini Batten, here's the web site. Do you think this will look 'premium' and will suit a high end house?

Question from Woodstock, Illinois, USA:
We are trying to find replacement skylights for a pole building that was built in 1978. The manufacturer's tag is gone from the building.The roof tin is 32" wide with 4 ribs per section. Any help on where to find replacement panels would be greatly appreciated.

Question from Bloomington, Indiana, USA:
Hello, I am an architect and have a client with an existing 200,000 sf metal building. The facilities manager wants to coat the roof and wall panels with a elastometal coating as he states: to control humidity. Is this something that is commonly done?

Question from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:
What kind of footers are necessary to meet code for a pole barn 16 X 30 in Indiana

Question from Midland, Texas, USA:
We are looking at a metal roof, I am still confused at what the number are telling me. burnished slate 26% reflectivity / 80% emitivity Lt stone 47% reflectivity / 86% emitivity. The problem is we like the burnished slate color best but want to lower our heat in the attic and cooling bill. What is this really telling me?

I live in the Caribbean near the sea. My existing galvanized steel standing seam roof only lasted 9 years. I need a new standing seam roof. Is aluminum the way to go, stainless steel?

Question from Arlington, Washington, USA:
I have a 30'h x 40'w x 50'l warehouse on my land that I would like to have removed. I'm sure that someone would find the i-beams, roof tressels, and siding valuable. Do you know who I might contact to see if they are interested?

Question from Girard, Kansas, USA:
Can you have a basement under a metal building?

Question from Rochester, New York, USA:
I am bidding on a project for a client who occupies a pre- engineered building. He is buying a process tank that is 40ft. tall and wants to install it inside his building that has a 20ft. high roof. My client wants the tank enclosed above the roof. To do this, i plan on design an independent steel frame to support the tank and access platforms and attaching insulated wall panels to the frame. The existing roof will be cut open and the new frame will pass through the opening. My question is how do I seal the joint between the existing metal roof and new tank enclosure?

Question from RICHMOND, Kentucky, USA:

Question from Tonasket, Washington, USA:
Looking for a stylish metle fascia for pole building home.

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
In follow up to a recent question which you tried to answer, I have some additional questions: I understand how the sleeves work in the concrete - my question is in reference to the actual nuts & washers that go over the anchor bolts and connecting steel members in general. What keeps these nuts from loosening over time from wind/vibration, etc?

Question from Hawaii, USA:
Are there pre-engineered, prefabricated steel observation towers?

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
When anchoring steel columns with anchor bolts to a concrete slab on a pre-engineered steel building, what keeps the bolts from loosening over time (wind loads, etc.) since these are not lock washers/nuts?

Question from Santa Clara, California, USA:
I have a client that is interested in a 20 gage corragated raw steel roof. The underlayment will be a Hi Temp Bituthane over solid sheathing. Does this application make sense?

Question from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:
I am buying a house with a 25' x 50' metal storage building on the property that was never permitted. I am trying to find the manufacturer in order to obtain a set of plans and specs to turn into the building dept. Any help would be appreciated. My number is 702-523-1599 Or email

Question from Putnam, Texas, USA:
My family is considering building a small home on our ranch here in Putnam. I have heard mixed reviews regarding building an all metal home. Can you help me make my decision and/or direct me to a website or individual that might help me make an informed decision?

Question from Duncan, Oklahoma, USA:
I bought a home which the previous owners had used a metal building to enlarge the living space. The walls and ceiling were doubled insulated but I am having trouble cooling the area. It is a large area around 3000 square feet. I purchased a large new unit just for the area but it still getting very hot in the summer. I run the unit around the clock at 70 degrees and the temperature never gets lower than 90 degrees in the day time. My electric bill is very large around $800 each month. Please I need help. My husband thinks we need to build a roof over the building and this will solve the problem. I hope you can direct me in a cost effecient way to correct this problem.

Question from Eutaw, Alabama, USA:
I am paying $16,500 to get a used metal building erected( slant roof 30-60 ft).This building is actually 30-100ft which I've already paid $3500 used.So I'll have 40ft left.The 16500 will include 2 12-12 rollup doors 1 10-10 rollup door 1 3-7 walk-in door ceiling insulated,concete with ruff-in plumbing,electrical work for auto shop,and prep site. I'm I getting a good deal are not?

Question from Independence, Missouri, USA:
I am writing a paper for school about the Boeing Everett Plant. I can't find much information about the dimensions. However, I was wondering if I could somehow get a ballpark figure for how much a building like that would cost to build today. I know it was not all built at once but here are some basic measurements as a starting point. w-2000ft, L- 2000ft, Ht- 150ft (interior clearance: 125ft). I know it is impossible to "give a bid" on this type of project but just looking for some basic ballpark figures. Assume it will remain empty just the shell. Also, it will need to be clear all the way in the middle, like the Everett plant. Thanks!

Question from Cp, Tennessee, USA:
The name of companies with re-roof systems like roof hugger

Question from Archbold, Ohio, USA:
Is it neccesary to remove the existing insulation when putting new metal panels on the roof and the walls of an existing rigid framed metal building?

Question from Elk Grove, California, USA:
We need help please. We are a nonprofit in California trying to renovate a metal building for our animal sanctuary. We want to add doors, windows, and insulation. Our question is do the doors and windows need to be a special kind or will standard windows and doors (doors made of metal) used in homes be acceptable?

Question from TURKEY:
Dear Sir, The spacing between the anchor bolts is 8 times the diameter of bolt for buildings in pterochemical industries. My question is; spacing between the banchor bolts for normal warehouses, maintenace shop etc. Thanks in advance Husnu Altuntas

Question from USA:
I have a building and the man door is installed to what i believe is backwards... the man door hinges are on the outside of the building and the door opens to the outside of the building also..

Question from Saint Albans, W. Virginia, USA:
Are there case studies or other citable materials that depict the life of a properly maintained metal building system, i.e. how long can an owner expect a building to last?

Question from Iola, Texas, USA:
I have a metal building with R-panel roofing material. I had a metal ridge placed on the roof with a bird-guard installed below, to allow for air circulation. The roof panels do not meet at the ridge, leaving ~ a 12 inch gap between them. The ridge cap is ~30 inches wide. My problem is that we have water running into the building at the ridge during rain events. What can I do to prevent/correct this?

Question from Madison, Wisconsin, USA:
I am working on a project that I believe is a Armco insulated panel building (1968 vintage). Is Armco still in business?

Question from Kerrville, Texas, USA:
Hi.... thinking about buying a metal building to use as a shop.... 30x50. The site it will go on will be temporary. How difficult will it be to move this building at a later date and then possibly add on to it?

Question from Alfred, Maine, USA:
I had 24 gauge standing seam steel installed on my roofs in 2000. I am starting to get rust thru in a number of places. The company that made the panels, Tuff-Clad has gone out of business (or was sold). Is there some painting procedure that can adequately repair these rust spots?

Question from Greenwood, Mississippi, USA:
What is the code or standard typically used for braceing a metal building the size of a wal mart super center. how many feet between large floor to ceiling standing poles or metal braces

Question from Lafayette, California, USA:
Can an existing building be modified by cutting off about 20% of the building along a line that is not parallel to the long axis of the building?

Question from Palm coast, Florida, USA:
Iam buying a building built 1952 you think Ineed any thing to be done to it . And if I want to change just the shell how much it will coast me. building size is 8420. The building is used for auto repair. Thanks. magdy.

Question from UAE:
I wish to know in Metal Buildings with Profiles Roof Panels, if Screwing on Valley is better or Trough. Regards Zahid

Question from Mississippi, USA:
I'm wanting to erect a metal building in a flood zone, so it will have to be built on stilts, or on top of columns that are a minimum of 10 feet above my current slab height. Should I be looking for a building that is whatever height I want it to be, with columns underneath it, or a building that is the total height (height of columns plus eave height)with a mezzanine deck inside?

Question from Orlando, Florida, USA:
What is the typical roof warranty offered for a metal building roof?

Question from Modesto, California, USA:
We erected a building and customer wants a written guarantee of workmanship. To cover for example roof leaks. What is the industry standard time frame if any?

Question from Boise, Idaho, USA:
I have a pre-engineered metal building with several different occupancies side by side. The code requires that these occupancies be separated. The partition is easy to determine. However, when the partition abuts, and attaches to, the roof purlins above, the code requires that the supporting construction (IE the purlins) provide the same level of fire resistance. Does this require that GWB be applied to the bottom side of the purlins?

Question from Farmington, New Mexico, USA:
Do they make a seamless gutter that can be installed on a metal building from Alliance. The problem that we are experincing is that the building is located in Durango, Co and the winters are wet snow and then freezing temperatures and the gutters fill up with ice and as the ice expands the gutter seams start leaking as the ice thaws out. We installed heat trace in the gutters and downspouts on installation of the gutters but that does not seem to help. Please let me know if they make a seamless gutter for a comerical metal building. Thanks, Dennis

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
I want to build a warehouse in Houston Tx., and would like to know the desing load and codes for that area. Thank you.

Question from Fort worth, Texas, USA:
Im intalling metal u-panel siding on a work shop. What is the easiest way to cut the panels. (long cuts)

Question from USA:
I am looking for a source for steel and aluminum bar joists something like 10-12K1 to 3, to build water dock sections, 16 to 20 foot long. I located in St.Paul, MN. Can you advise?

Question from Alvarado, Texas, USA:
After a steel building is erected, is it OK to remove the metal cables crossing between the vertical steel beams. I would like to leave the steel cables up on the ceiling/roof, but remove the cables along the walls. My builder said they were only there to keep the beams plumb during construction.

Question from Beaumont, Texas, USA:
I have a 40 x 50 free span metal building. No windows, Insulation on roof with plastic membrane on side open to space, no other insulation. 14' eave height, 2-14' roll doors on front, 1 8' roll door on side and 1-3' walk through door on side. Building is situated east to West. The prevailing winds are from the North & South. The humidity here is almost always above 60%. Only ventilation is from 2 house type spinning ventilator and what ever leaks around the doors. The building was constructed to house my equipment. The problem that I am experiencing is the accumulation of moisture on the concrete floor and any metal equipment housed inside the building and sometime son the side walls. Opening the doors causes the accumulated moisture to rain from my equipment covering the floor with about 1/8" of water. The metal parts of the building hat re in contact with the concrete are starting to rust. A moisture barrier was installed prior to the slab being poured. I have not noticed any moisture accumulation on the underside of the roof insulation. What do you think my problem could be caused from and what solution do you suggest.

Question from Shubuta, Mississippi, USA:
Can you help me find a website or reference material for detailed blueprints or ideas for a 50x100 industrial workshop?

Question from Abilene, Texas, USA:
I am considering purchasing a used equestrian metal building, 120' x 250' in Lucas, Texas and relocating it to Abilene, Texas. I have been told that only the frame can be used because the existing screw holes in the siding and roof will never align with the holes in the frame.. therefore I will have to purchase new siding and roofing. Is this true?

Question from USA:
I am looking to build a driving range in the charlotte area. i have plans for a building and i am thinking that a metal building is a way to go. the construction is very simple except for the clubhouse which is going to have a nice finished inside. my question is everything. who do i buy the steel building from?

Question from Arcadia, Florida, USA:
Just wanted to say Thank You to Dale Nelson for your advice on how to clean and repair the ceiling in our metal covered pavillion. We have finished doing what you recommended and it looks fabulous! Thank you so much! Bonnie Elliot Park Administrator

Question from St. Ignace, Michigan, USA:
Is there any standard clear zone around a metal roofed building where snow will slide off the roof?

Question from Richmond, Illinois, USA:
We have a customer who wants to paint over their Varco-Pruden steel wall panels. Is there a special technique that you need to use in order to do this?

Question from Arcadia, Florida, USA:
We have an open sided, large 7600 sq ft metal building built in two phases beginning in 2002 which is insulated with white vinyl coated fiberglass material. The building is used year round for campground activiites. We enclose the building in our sub tropical Florida winter months with vinyl zippered side curtains/windows. We love this building but are having some real aesthetic issues with the insulation. The vinyl in the original phase is badly mildewed & covered with spider webs and is tearing along the seams & just generally disintegrating. It looks like the dickens & is not sturdy enough to be cleaned. Could you suggest a retro fit or remedy for this?

Question from Ellenton, Georgia, USA:
I have purchased foam type vented closures in the past. But, can no longer remember who it was that I bought them from. They look just like the ones from MBCI except they have "holes" with "screen" in them. I thought the company was called "vented closures" But, I can't find anything about it on the web. Can you help me?

Question from Raleigh, N. Carolina, USA:
What are your options when you want to replace steel rod x bracing in the field. A moment frame was shipped for the first floor, but steel rods for the second. Are we stuck or can we do a field retrofit?

Question from Homer, Alaska, USA:
So, Im a first time land owner and am looking to purchace at least a 30x30 steel building. I was wondering who the best Alaskan (or Seattle) steel building references you have, as well as curiosity of what questions i should be asking. I understand roof pitch, but the qualities of products, vs. how much snow we get, Im clueless. Any help you can email me I would love. Thank you Allison

Question from McCook, Illinois, USA:
Hi there, I have been given a 60x100x14 pole barn for free if I can take it down in the next few months. It is in good shape and has 2-20'split doors. It all seems fairly straight forward and I have all the equipment, (lifts, trucks, etc) that I need. Most of the sheeting is nailed, not screwed. What is the best way to remove the nails. Cut the heads and drive the remainder of the nail in?

Question from Alabama, USA:
We have a 24x24 metal building that is two story and used for storage. This building is less than a year old and we have not put in a second story on the inside (just a tall building now). We are moving. Is there any problem with taking this building down and having in put back up at our new location?

Question from Houston, Texas, USA:
I want to install kitchen exhaust and supply fan roof curbs on a 'M' Panel roof. I am a manufacturer who ca build roof curbs. Do you have standard dimensional details of the M panel roof , so that I can design the curb base to get the best fit ?

Question from Oklahoma, USA:
Hi, I am building a 40x80 metal home. Once the metal kit is up I plan on framing the inside with metal studs. Will the building expand and contract enough to hurt the sheetrock if the metal framing is attached to any part of the metal building kit?

Question from Missouri, USA:
We are in process of rebuilding our church, which collapsed during an ice storm. We definitely want a good roof system and will be using a pre engineered metal building. There are several other buildings on our church campus with composition shingle roofs. Approximately how much would it increase the cost to use a composition roof instead of a standing seem roof on about a 6-12 pitch roof 78' building width?

Question from Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA:
I just bought a few acres and, since I am not finnacialy ready to build our "dream home", i wish to build a pool/guest house first which we will live in for several years. I am thinking of using a metal building for this purpose. My plan is to have minimal interior partitions (a few bedrooms, bath, and laundry), to have a large "studio" living area. For the studio space (40'X40') I was thinking of leaving it exposed to the structure. However, I am worried about my heating/cooling load with only 4" of vinyl insulation (I am in South Louisiana). Additionally, (for asthetic purposes) I want to use "black" faced vinyl and a medium color (green) metal roof and wall panels. Considering our hot I asking for it?

Question from USA:
Hello, I would like to sheetrock the interior of my building but, am unsure of the best way for attaching to the metal?

Question from Mazomanie, Wisconsin, USA:
A customer of ours has an existing pre-engineered steel building in Port Arthur, TX. The building was constructed in 1985 wherein a full height steel stud wall with (2) layers of 5/8" thick type "X" gypsum board was applied to both sides up to the underside of the roof deck. This type of construction carried a 3 hour fire rateing without a roof penetrating parapet in Wisconsin. We are trying to determine if Texas code allows the above construction to qualify as a 3 hour occupancy seperation without the need for a parapet. Thanks in advance for your help with this matter. Respectfully Requested by, Ludwig G. Habada President, Habada Corp

Question from Delta, Utah, USA:
How far should i space my 8" cee perlins on a almost flat roof it is 30x25 thanks

Question from USA:
My fahter has a large quonset about 50-60 years old. with a product called ceco rolled steel. I would like to find some of this for repair or something simmilar. The metal sheeets are about 35 feet long and 30 inches high with a vertical rib on it.

Question from USA:
Is there a cost comparisons study for Life Cycle cost for Erie Pa. for asphalt shingles 50 year versus Metal roof 50 Year Warranty. If that is not available what would be any anaylsis of asphalt shingles versus metal roofing

Question from Crosby, Texas, USA:
How big should the concrete slab be for a 20 x 20 metal building?

Question from La Crescent, Minnesota, USA:
This is follow-up information from the previous question I asked.......I should have told you that it was a simple saver system (vapor barrier fabric is pulled tight under the purlines). So my 6 inch insulation is sitting in between a 8 1/2 in tall purline. There is 2 1/2 inches of purline that is not covered by the insulation. I have 3 1/2 inch insulation over the top of the purline. I have a one inch gap between the top of the purline and the bottom of the sheet. With this information do you think condensation will be a problem?

Question from La Crescent, Minnesota, USA:
I am building a steel building. I am putting the standing seam roof on now. The insulation they sent is 6" between the purins 3.5" over top. The problem is the purlins are 8 1/2" tall. when I put the 6" insulation in there is a 2 1/2"gap from my 6" and the 3 1/2" insulation. I think there is going to be a condensation problem.

Question from Cobb, California, USA:
Are there any long lasting benefits to using a roofing product made with galvalume plus over ordinary galvalume Thanks for you advice

Question from Brandon, Mississippi, USA:
It their and up dated software package that I acn look into that will give me the coast preformias forr building Mini-warehouses from the price I should pay for the dirt to the size of the project to the very best way to finance?

Question from Seadrift, Texas, USA:
What is the best tool or shear to cut R panel roofing material with?

Question from Stella, Nebraska, USA:
What is the best way to insulate/coat a quonset type building. this building has nothing that you could nail to and it is not straight sided, so you could not use glue. Is it best to do it from the inside or the outside. Is there a spray coating that you could use?

Question from Peachtree City, Georgia, USA:
Can you provide any market statistics regarding pre-fab metal buildings?

Question from Southfiled, Michigan, USA:
Can you tell me the diffrence in cost between metal roofing on a pre-engineered bldg and Resolite roofing. Also is the life expectancy of the Resolite greater and is how much. This will be a roof replacement on an existing building with no insullation.

Question from Montana, USA:
Have a 100' clearspan by 80' used butler building, disassembled, no tin just red iron beams and perlins approx 30 yrs old... want to sell but have no idea what its worth thanks

Question from Palm springs, California, USA:
Could you tell me the approx. value of an existing metal bldg?

Question from Petaluma, California, USA:
Hello, I am working with a metal building and am going to retrofit a solar electric system on the roof. Traditionally I have mounted the array on the roof with through bolts that go through the metal roof and rafter beams. This process takes a long time to do and in some cases is virtually imposible because the customer has equipment in the way. So, I am considering using a self-tapping screw. What are the best screws that you have heard of or would recommend for this type of application. I welcome comments and suggestions.

Question from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA:
Hi, my husband and I have had a metal building, 40x60. We hired a contractor who we trusted. He did the job and left town. We can no longer find him. But we are planning on living in this building and making it like a ' new York' loft apartment. Open plan with 12 foot ceilings and duck work running along the celining. I hope you get the ideal?

Question from Wynne, Arkansas, USA:
We're trying to install doors and windows ourselves in a metal building that has r-panel's. Is there a website that would demo that for us?

Question from Jacksonville, Florida, USA:
I built a 6000sf metal building i divided it to 4 1500sf units i did a 7' high store front and 3x5 fixed glass around the other 3 sides i also built out 2 of the units as offices all the windows get condensation on them on the inside and mold has started to grow on the dry wall does the building need roof vents for air flow?

Question from UAE:
Hi, I wish to know what are the applicable ASTM standards for Determination of Structural Strengths of Sandwich Panels made of PU core with Metal profiled sheets. If not is there an alternative...

Question from Fairview Hgts., Illinois, USA:
Need choices for a 2 hour fire seperation wall. Dont have the space for standard 4 layer 5/8 dry wall as one side is against existing wall installed under clear span beam. is there sprays or insulation foams etc that can increase the fire rating?

Question from Austin, Texas, USA:
Im in the process of building a garage aparatment over a three car garage. My measurmentts are 30x40. I want to use metal purlins for the floor joist. what gauge or thickness should I use to stran across the 30 foot section. I plan on putting them every 12 inches on center, or can I go the regular 16 inch center. Thanks in advance for your help

Question from Glendale, Wisconsin, USA:
We are looking at installing the roof panels on a metal building, and are looking for options. The eave of the roof is 60' and the ridge is 115', the slope is 5:12,the purlins are 5'-6' oc, and the rake is about 150'.We can only reach to the eave with a crane to set the bundles of roof panels [2500 ibs]. Is there equptment available to move the panels around the roof?

Question from Willow springs, N. Carolina, USA:
I have a 20 x 24 metal building and need insulation. I am using a kerosene heater and all the heat is going right out the roof cap in the center of the roof. Is there a solution for this and what are my choices. i am also restoring an old truck and would like the material to be fireproof. Thanks, Keith

Question from USA:
I am doing a study for school. Impact of new companies entering the market in metal buidling components. Thank You

Question from Gulfport, Mississippi, USA:
I recently lost my home in Katrina. I am interested in building a steel frame home with standard siding(not steel). Is there a one stop shopping on the internet I can go to to find companies that manufacture these homes without them looking like mini steel warehouses?

Question from Smyrna, Georgia, USA:
I want to put a metal roof on an old log cabin that i am remodeling. what guage would one use to get the best sound of rain?

Question from Eckerty, Indiana, USA:
I am installing standing rib metal to the inside walls of my building and I was wondering what is the best treatment to address installation at the inside corners of the building walls.

Question from Palmetto, Florida, USA:
I have a contract to provide a preengineered metal building with a brick veener exterior. The building sidewalls are approximately 20ft in height. the windloading for the area is 130 mph. Are there any system that allow the brick to be attached directly to the metal exterior skin of the building, I have seen this done on some existing buildings. The dimension is 101ft long x 40ft wide x 20ft height at side wall.

Question from Lindale, Texas, USA:
Which has the best reflective quality, Galvalume or the color white?

Question from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA:
We are re-roofing an existing standing seam metal roof in our local area. The existing metal roof is insulated. Will be using the "Roof Hugger" - Z spacer for support of the new standing seam metal roof. Between the spacer and new metal roof will place "Ayr-Foil" bubble foil faced insulation, (foil face up). A concern has a been noted about possible condensation and some thought has been given to use a "Cor-A-Vent, Purlin Vent" to ventilate above the "Ayr-Foil". What do you think. Thanks.

Question from Denton, Texas, USA:
Looking for advice on how best to put composition shingle roof on metal building. Also concerned about sound transmission thru exterior walls for use as a church. Would like to view standard construction details for adding brick exteriors, church windows and doors, fire seperation walls and fireproofing in general.

Question from Orange, Texas, USA:
Which is better in the construction of metal bulding frames screws or weilding them together?

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