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Project Name Location Submit Date Type Size
Metal Construction Orlando, Florida usa 1/11/2019 Commercial 80000
Building Project Orangeburg, New York USA 1/10/2019 Commercial 8000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Henderson, Nevada United States 1/10/2019 Commercial 30000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Wendell, Nebraska USA 12/27/2018 Commercial 2400 sq.ft.
Building System Morrilton, Arkansas conway 12/10/2018 2400
Metal Construction Perry, Georgia USA 12/4/2018 Commercial 2000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Memphis, Tennessee United States 12/1/2018 Commercial 19000
Metal Construction Vero Beach, Florida USA 11/29/2018 Commercial 9475 sq.ft.
Building Project Statham, Georgia USA 11/29/2018 Commercial 12000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Colorado Springs, Colorado United States 11/27/2018 Commercial 1080
New Metal Buildings Chicago, Illinois United States 11/19/2018 Commercial 60000
Steel Building Bellaire, Ohio United States 11/15/2018 Commercial 2500
New Metal Buildings Arvada, Colorado USA 11/9/2018 Commercial 30x40 feet sq.ft.
Building Project Bellaire, Ohio United States of America 11/9/2018 2500
Steel Building Pittsburg, California USA 11/5/2018 Commercial 4000 sq.ft.
Metal Building Portland, Oregon United States 11/2/2018 Residential 3000
Building Project Tokyo, Tokyo Japan 11/1/2018 Commercial 120050
Metal Construction Pueblo County, Colorado USA 11/1/2018 Residential 864 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Olympia, Washington United States 11/1/2018 1062
Metal Building Irvington , New Jersey USA 10/30/2018 Commercial 35000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Baltimore, Maryland USA 10/27/2018 Commercial 3 builds 3500 total sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Airmont, New York USA 10/23/2018 Commercial 68,000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Raymond, Ohio Us 10/23/2018
Metal Building Abilene, Texas US 10/19/2018 Commercial 3200
Metal Construction High Hill, Missouri USA 10/11/2018 Commercial 15000 sq.ft.
Building System Monroe, Washington United States 10/5/2018 Residential 825 sq.ft.
Metal Building Davenport, Iowa USA 10/2/2018 Commercial 17800
Steel Building Perry, Georgia United States 10/2/2018 Residential 1500 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Lasalle, Illinois USA 10/1/2018 Commercial 7920, 912 Mezzanine sq.ft.
Metal Building Elizabeth , Colorado USA 9/30/2018 Residential 18000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Conyers, Georgia USA 9/25/2018 Commercial 2500 sq.ft.
Building System Brea, California USA 9/25/2018 Commercial 3,000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Princeton, New Jersey USA 9/25/2018 Commercial 1000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Eagle, Colorado USA 9/24/2018 Commercial 3500 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Port Clinton, Ohio US 9/24/2018 Commercial
New Metal Buildings Williamsfield, Ohio US 9/24/2018 Commercial 9242
Prefab Building Madisonville, Texas United States 9/20/2018 2800
Metal Construction Steubenville, Ohio United States 9/18/2018 9147
Metal Construction EL Paso, Texas Usa 9/15/2018 2000
New Metal Buildings Colorado Springs, Colorado USA 9/14/2018 Commercial 3000 sq.ft.
Metal Building Weeki Wachee, Florida 9/12/2018 2800
Building Project Damon, Texas BRAZORIA 9/11/2018 Commercial 5000
Metal Building Davenport, Iowa USA 9/10/2018 Commercial 18000 sq.ft.
Building Project Queen Creek , Arizona USA 9/7/2018 Residential 2400 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA 9/7/2018 9656
Prefab Building Austin, Texas USA 9/5/2018 Commercial 11800
New Metal Buildings Montgomery, Texas USA 9/4/2018 Residential 4800 sq.ft.
Building Project Conroe, Texas USA 9/4/2018 Commercial 5000 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Jacksonville , Florida USA 9/3/2018 Commercial 10,000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Lebanon, Tennessee USA 9/1/2018 Commercial 25,200 sq.ft.
Metal Building Santa Fe, Texas Use 8/31/2018
Steel Building Elko, Nevada USA 8/31/2018 Residential 8400 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Union Hall, Virginia USA 8/26/2018 Commercial 6000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Owensboro, Kentucky United States 8/23/2018 Commercial
Steel Building Riverhead, New York USA 8/19/2018 Commercial 57000 sq.ft.
Building Project Riverhead, New York USA 8/19/2018 Commercial 57000 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Thomasville, Indiana United States 8/17/2018 3000
Metal Construction Minooka, Illinois USA 8/16/2018 Commercial 12000 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Bronx, New York USA 8/16/2018 Commercial 2800 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Eatonton, Georgia United States 8/16/2018 Residential 2000 sq.ft.
Building Project Littlestown, Penn. United States 8/14/2018 Commercial 10000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Port Angeles, Washington United States 8/12/2018 Commercial 2000
Metal Building Paciica, California United States 8/9/2018 Residential 1200 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Bemidji, Minnesota usa 8/6/2018 Commercial
Metal Construction Placerville, California USA 8/3/2018 Commercial 14,400 sq.ft.
Building Project Marshall, N. Carolina USA 8/3/2018 Commercial 1450 sq.ft.
Steel Building Baytown, Texas USA 8/2/2018 Commercial 22,500 sq.ft.
Building System Moscow, Ohio USA 7/31/2018 Commercial 3000 sq.ft.
Building Project Bellaire, Ohio United States 7/26/2018 Residential 5000 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Los Angeles, California USA 7/25/2018 Residential 3000 sq.ft.
Metal Building Medina, Ohio USA 7/19/2018 Commercial 4000 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Phoenix, Arizona 7/17/2018 1400
Metal Building Columbus, Indiana 7/14/2018 4000
Metal Construction Chicago, Illinois usa 7/11/2018 Industrial 1050
Metal Building West Haven, Utah United States 7/10/2018 Residential 2400
Metal Construction Montgomeryville, Penn. USA 7/9/2018 Residential 2700 sq.ft.
Building Project St. Petersburg, Florida United States 7/8/2018 Commercial 9269 sq.ft.
Metal Construction St. Charles, Missourii USA 7/5/2018 Commercial 4,800 sq.ft.
Steel Building Elberta , Alabama USA 7/5/2018 Commercial 3000 sq.ft.
Building Project New Orleans, Louisiana USA 7/5/2018 Commercial 705 sq.ft.

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