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Project Name Location Submit Date Type Size
Metal Construction Memphis, Tennessee United States 1/7/2020 5000
Steel Building Las Vegas , Nevada 1/6/2020 Commercial 10000
Steel Building Taylor, Texas usa 12/23/2019 Commercial 2175
Metal Construction Louisville, Kentucky United States 12/16/2019 Industrial 4800
Metal Construction North Wilkesboro, N. Carolina 12/3/2019 Commercial 11934
Building Project Fort Worth, Texas United States 12/3/2019 Commercial 8000
Metal Building Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA 11/27/2019 620
Steel Building Vacaville, California US 11/23/2019 Farming 3600
Metal Construction Aledo, Texas United States 11/19/2019 Residential 1500
Steel Building Orlando, Florida USA 11/13/2019 Commercial 90000
Prefab Building Todos Santos, Baja California Sur Mexico 11/11/2019 Commercial 4200
Building Project Deland , Florida USA 11/10/2019 2400
Metal Construction Carlsbad , California US 11/4/2019 Commercial 3600
Metal Construction San Antonio, Texas USA 10/29/2019 Industrial 20000
New Metal Buildings Winesburg, Ohio United States 10/10/2019 Commercial 9100
New Metal Buildings Columbus, Ohio 10/9/2019 Commercial 9100
New Metal Buildings Atlanta, Georgia USA 10/8/2019 Commercial 4000
Building System Waipahu, Hawaii usa 10/3/2019 Commercial 3000
Prefab Building Tampa, Florida usa 9/24/2019 1400
Metal Construction Kissimmee, Florida United States 9/23/2019 9000
New Metal Buildings West Chester Pa, Penn. 9/16/2019 Residential
New Metal Buildings Coventry, United States 9/16/2019 3500
Building System Bardstown, Kentucky 8/8/2019 2000
Metal Construction Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA 7/22/2019 Commercial 3600
Metal Construction Bellevue, Washington USA 7/9/2019 Residential 3500 sq.ft.
Steel Building Polar, Wisconsin USA 7/9/2019 Commercial 2400 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Wylie, Texas usa 7/2/2019 Commercial 5970
New Metal Buildings San Antonio, Texas USA 7/1/2019 Commercial 1800
New Metal Buildings Shoreham, Vermont 7/1/2019 7512
Building System Panama City, Florida USA 6/27/2019 Commercial 9000 sq.ft.
Metal Building Palm City , Florida USA 6/24/2019 Residential 2260 sq.ft.
Building Project Dublin, Georgia United States 6/24/2019 5000
Steel Building Las Vegas, Nevada USA 6/24/2019 Commercial 34 sq.ft.
Steel Building Winston, Georgia USA 6/24/2019 Commercial 30000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction ST Marys, Ohio USA 6/20/2019 Commercial 4950 sq.ft.
Building Project Linden, New Jersey United States 6/13/2019 91000
Building System Nanjemoy, Maryland USA 6/13/2019 Commercial 1600 sq.ft.
Steel Building Wyoming, Illinois United States 6/11/2019 Commercial 6,000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Winnetka, California usa 6/10/2019
Metal Construction Winetka, California USA 6/10/2019 Residential 4000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Lakeland, Florida USA 6/5/2019
Metal Construction Munds Park, Arizona USA 6/3/2019 Commercial 1600 sq.ft.
Metal Building Rhome , Texas USA 5/31/2019 1200
Prefab Building Kenedy, Texas United States 5/30/2019 Commercial 10000 sq.ft.
Building System Cave Spring, Georgia USA 5/30/2019 Commercial 5000 sq.ft.
Building Project Bear, Delaware USA 5/29/2019 Commercial 4000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Aiken, S. Carolina USA 5/26/2019 Residential 3750 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Muncy, Penn. USA 5/24/2019 Commercial 7147 sq.ft.
Building Project Forsyth, Georgia USA 5/22/2019 Farming
Metal Construction Westborough, Mass. USA 5/20/2019 Commercial 11000 sq.ft.
Metal Building Moyock, N. Carolina USA 5/20/2019 Residential 2400 sq.ft.
Building Project Henry, Tennessee USA 5/18/2019 Residential 1600 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Pierpont, Ohio USA 5/16/2019 Commercial 9100 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Las Cruces, New Mexico USA 5/15/2019 Commercial 8724 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Rio Medina, Texas United States 5/10/2019 625
Metal Construction Everett, Mass. USA 5/10/2019 Commercial 6000
Building System Buffalo Valley , Tennessee USA 5/9/2019 Commercial 1500 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Galt, California United States 5/6/2019 Industrial 111155
Steel Building South Daytona, Florida USA 5/6/2019 Commercial 1000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Orlando, Florida Usa 5/2/2019 Commercial 15000
New Metal Buildings Gilbert, Arizona United States 5/1/2019 Residential 3640 sq.ft.
Building Project Patrick, S. Carolina USA 5/1/2019 Commercial 30 x 50 sq.ft.
New Metal Buildings Warwick, New York USA 5/1/2019 Commercial 2400 sq.ft.
Building Project ST George, Utah USA 4/29/2019 Commercial 1200 sq.ft.
Steel Building Cripple Creek, Colorado USA 4/28/2019 Commercial 750 sq.ft.
Building Project Eatonton, Georgia United States 4/27/2019 Residential 2000 sq.ft.
Building System Chandler, Arizona USA 4/18/2019 Commercial 18500 sq.ft.
Building System Drumright, Oklahoma USA 4/18/2019 Residential 26,000 sq.ft.
Building Project ST Petersburg, Florida USA 4/18/2019 Commercial 3000 sq.ft.
Building System San Jose, California Usa 4/13/2019 1500
New Metal Buildings VA Beach, Virginia US 4/9/2019 Commercial 3014
Prefab Building Perry, Georgia USA 4/9/2019 Commercial 2000 sq.ft.
Steel Building Bloomfield, Missouri USA 4/8/2019 Commercial 3600 sq.ft.
Prefab Building Virginia Beach, Virginia USA 4/3/2019 741
Building Project Fairfax, Virginia United States 4/2/2019 Commercial 53,000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Wilmington, Delaware USA 4/2/2019 Commercial 1050
Metal Building Deland, Florida USA 4/1/2019 Commercial 2000 sq.ft.
Metal Construction Leadville , Colorado United States 3/31/2019 Commercial Phase 1.' 5000ft sq.ft.
Metal Construction Guilford, Connecticut USA 3/29/2019 Commercial 6500 sq.ft.
Building System Fishtail, Montana United States 3/28/2019 Commercial 8000 sq.ft.

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