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Shopping for Metal Buildings in Boise City Idaho?

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Boise is a city located in the Northwestern United States in the state of Idaho. Boise is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Idaho as well as the county seat of Ada County.

Boise is the headquarters for several major companies, such as URS Corp. Washington Division (formerly Washington Group International, formerly Morrison-Knudsen), Boise Cascade LLC, New Albertsons Inc., Albertsons LLC, J.R. Simplot Company, Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, Idaho Timber, and WinCo Foods. Other major industries are headquartered in Boise or have large manufacturing facilities present. The state government is also one of the city's largest employers.

Technology investment and the high-tech industry have become increasingly important to the city, with businesses including,, MobileDataForce, MarkMonitor, Sybase, Kayako, and Microsoft.

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Let our experts tackle your questions about steel & metal buildings in Boise City Idaho. Everyone needs a little expert advice once in a while. Our experts can answer the tough questions on retro-fit roofing, metal building components, manufacturers, erectors, contractors, suppliers, construction equipment and more!

Recent Projects near Boise City Idaho:

GARAGE - BOISE, IDAHO - - 900 sqft

WORKSHOP - HARRISON, IDAHO - Commercial - 4800 sqft

SHOP - BOISE, IDAHO - Commercial - 1040 sqft

LOHR BUILDING - EMMETT, IDAHO - Commercial - 2400 sqft

BEE STORAGE - CAMBRIDGE , IDAHO - Commercial - 2496 sqft

WEAVER - SANDPONT, IDAHO - Commercial - 16000 sqft

BURLEY - BURLEY, IDAHO - Farming - 700 sqft

HISKELS - GOODING , IDAHO - Commercial - 57200 sqft

COMMERCIAL DOG KENNEL - ST MARIES , IDAHO - Commercial - 3000 sqft

LINDERMAN SHED - MCCAMMON , IDAHO - Residential - 1000 sqft

GARAGE - OROFINO, IDAHO - Residential - 768 sqft

AIRCRAFT HANGER - HOMDALE, IDAHO - Commercial - 3750 sqft


O'REILLY AUTO PARTS - HAILEY , IDAHO - Commercial - 7100 sqft


SAINT CLAIR FARMS - MARSING, IDAHO - Commercial - 20000 sqft


MVM - DRIGGS, IDAHO - Commercial - 1500 sqft

HOME SHOP - GOODING, IDAHO - Residential - 1500 sqft

HERITAGE MOUNTAIN - COUNCIL, IDAHO - Commercial - 3500 sqft

SILVER VALLEY RENTALS - MULLAN, IDAHO - Commercial - 5000 sqft

Q STYLE QUONSET HUT - BOISE, IDAHO - Commercial - 816 sqft

SHOP - BLACKFOOT, IDAHO - Commercial - 936 sqft

SHOP - TWIN FALLS, IDAHO - Commercial - 1000 sqft

HANGAR - ST. ANTHONY, IDAHO - Commercial - 3000 sqft

GARAGE - MT HOME, IDAHO - Residential - 1400 sqft

US BUILDING - TWIN FALLS, IDAHO - Residential - 400 sqft

CABINET SHOP - ST.ANTHONY, IDAHO - Commercial - 6000 sqft

MINI STORAGE UNITS - FRANKLIN, IDAHO - Commercial - 5600 sqft

SHOP - BUHL, IDAHO - Farming - 1400 sqft

Find more Projects near Boise City Idaho Search Results.


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Most Popular Steel & Metal Buildings in Boise City Idaho:
Airplane hangars, auto body shops, cattle & livestock buildings, commercial storage warehouses, commodities & grain storage, equipment storage buildings, horse barns & facilities, industrial buildings, metal buildings, metal building kits, metal homes, metal garages, metal office buildings, mini-storage & self storage buildings, pole barns, portable buildings, pre-engineered steel & metal buildings, prefabricated metal buildings, repair shops, steel buildings, steel building kits, surplus steel buildings, tractor/trailer garages.

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