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Shopping for Metal Buildings in Jacksonville Florida?

Unpretentious metropolitan style meets stunning natural beauty…Jacksonville captures the essence of a lifestyle and landscape reflecting the real Florida. Discover the heart of the city and endless stretches of pristine beaches, while exploring the region’s unique shopping, numerous dining options and warm Southern hospitality. With a moderate temperature year round, Jacksonville is home to numerous festivals, national and international sporting events, exceptional golf courses and world-class art and culture. Get to know Jacksonville. Where Florida Begins.

Jacksonville is the largest city in the U.S. state of Florida and the county seat of Duval County. Since 1968, as a result of the consolidation of the city and county government (and a corresponding expansion of the city limits to include almost the entire county), Jacksonville has been the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States. It ranks as the most populous city proper in Florida, with 794,555 residents in 2006.

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Metal Building articles in Jacksonville Florida
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Recent Projects near Jacksonville Florida:

BK - CHATTAHOOCHEE, FLORIDA - Commercial - sqft

BK - CHATTAHOOCHEE , FLORIDA - Residential - 3000 sqft

STEEL BUILDING - HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA - Residential - 1200 sqft

STEEL GARAGE - HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA - Residential - 1200 sqft


KELLER RESIDENCE - LABELLE, FLORIDA - Commercial - 3200 sqft

MDC REROOF - SEBASTIAN, FLORIDA - Commercial - 20000 sqft




CAR ONE - ARCADIA, FLORIDA - Residential - 3000 sqft

CAR TWO - ARCADIA, FLORIDA - Commercial - 3000 sqft

METAL BUILDING - BRADENTON, FLORIDA - Commercial - 2000 sqft


STINGER - TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA - Commercial - 1000 sqft


FREIGHTLINER - FT MYERS, FLORIDA - Commercial - 18000 sqft

RON'S WORKSHOP - TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA - Commercial - 1600 sqft


TROPICAIRE - NORTH PORT, FLORIDA - Residential - 4000 sqft

BIG CYPRESS - BIG CYPRESS, FLORIDA - Commercial - 4800 sqft


4TH STREET & EAST HILLSBOROUGH - TAMPA, FLORIDA - Commercial - 150000 sqft

VISTA PROJECT - CHRISTMAS , FLORIDA - Commercial - 14000 sqft



BRIAN - FT.WHITE, FLORIDA - Residential - 2800 sqft


NASCAR CAR WASH - ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA - Commercial - 4550 sqft

NONE - ST AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA - Commercial - 1000 sqft

RUSSELL RESIDENT - GENEVA, FLORIDA - Residential - 4600 sqft


LOVES TRAVEL STOP #363 - OCALA, FLORIDA - Commercial - 2600 sqft

PATTERSON - HOMOSASSA, FLORIDA - Residential - 1200 sqft

CALDWELL - NAPLES, FLORIDA - Residential - 2000 sqft

MCFADDEN WORKSHOP - DELTONA, FLORIDA - Residential - 2400 sqft

RIDING ARENA - BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA - Residential - 12000 sqft

MARN STEEL GARAGE - PALM BAY, FLORIDA - Residential - 1440 sqft


HOUSE/WORKSHOP - TAMPA, FLORIDA - Residential - 1250 sqft

Find more Projects near Jacksonville Florida

Classified Ads in 'FLORIDA'
Commercial Overhead Doors
We furnish & install many types of commercial overhead doors, both coiling and sectional within the state of Florida, and Florida Product Approved. Call for pricing. Some include Janus International, Mahon Door, Wayne Dalton and Amarr.
Foreman, crew leaders, apprentice wanted...
Our company is in search of experienced metal building Erectors. We are a Florida based company, but our work requires extensive travel. Foreman $25- $ 35 per hour Crew leaders $ 19 - $ 24 per hour Experienced apprentice $ 14- $ 18 per hour
Metal Buildings - Garages - Carports - Sheds
Manufacturers of Metal Buildings, Garages, Mini-Storage, Carports, Barns, and Sheds. Serving all of Florida. We distribute metal roofing, tubular steel, red iron components, metal building fasteners and components, roll-up doors, sectional doors, metal building skylights, all over the United States. Visit for more information.
Metal/Steel or Modular Buildings
We are full service Metal Building Sales and Erectors service serving the Southeast and Florida. We are also involved in Commercial Modular Construction and Sales anywhere in the U.S. and oversees. If you are a contractor or individual owner wanting a Metal/Steel or Modular Building we would apprecialte the opportunity to bid on your next project. Our estimates are FREE- "Compare our Price, Quality and Service"
Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
MBMI Steel Buildings manufacturer of DelRay Beach, Florida ships pre-fabricated modular steel buildings for use as commercial or residential buildings, garages, churches, homes, and more. Call 800-293-2097
Pre-fab Steel Building Erector
Pre-fab steel building erector florida to the islands..... Have passport will travel call for quote
Serving Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina
Our highly skilled erection crews are professional and efficient. Our specialty is metal buildings. If you have a building that needs to be put up by highly skilled professionals please call for a free estimate. 912-657-7811. Already have an existing metal building? Let our experienced erection crews upgrade your exiting building. We can re-sheet your out of date building to make it look like new. We can add insulation packages, doors, windows, or any metal building component.
VANSON: Central Florida General Contractor
Articles in 'FLORIDA'
18th Annual METALCON International Draws Qualified Buyers
Newton, MA, Oct. 8, 2008 -- METALCON International, held October 1 through 3, drew nearly 7,000 high-level metal construction professionals from more than 50 different countries to the Baltimore Convention Center.
2015 Education Program Combines the Best of 25 Years with the Newest Trends for Business
METALCON’s 2015 Education Program Combines the Best of 25 Years with the Newest Trends for Business Success
Cool Metal Roofing
It's A Wise Choice Amidst Strong Winds of Change
Distribution Agreement Teams Dawn Solar's Thermal Systems with Englert's Standing Seam and PV
Distribution Agreement Teams Dawn Solar's Thermal Systems with Englert's Standing Seam and PV
Extreme Makeover Project Features Roofing Generosity
Skyline Construction Services, N.B. Handy and Fabral Join Forces to Donate a Metal Roof
Metal Roof Systems Can Weather The Storm
FIELD TECHNIQUE: Second Line of Defense
Synthetic Roof Underlayments Stand Out As Secondary Water Barriers
FIELD TECHNIQUES - Why Didn't I Think Of That?
Retrofit framing structures over new flat roofs.
Keeping HVAC Systems and Buildings Healthy with UVC Technology
FIELD TIP - Providing Suitable Attic Ventilation
Proper ventilation ensures a cooler attic in warm climates and a dryer attic in cold, wet climates.
FIELD TIP - The Temperature of Color - The Rest Of The Story
Reflectance plays a key role in determining an object’s heat build up under the sun in both the visible region of the solar spectrum and in the invisible infrared.
FIELD TIP - Things Are HEATING UP with COOL Roofs
A presentation from the NCCA (National Coil Coating Association) Conference in Chicago, October 2001
Five New Companies Join the MCA
Five New Companies Join The Metal Construction Association
Florida Ice Center with Superior Insulation Values and Stable Interior Temperatures
Creating a Florida Ice Center with Superior Insulation Values and Stable Interior Temperatures
Have you tried the 'new roofing market'?
Some 18 months ago we were called upon for a quote on Roof Huggers for a retro-fit application designed and spec'd. by Law Engineering Co. of Tampa, Florida on an 80,000 square foot structure.
How I passed the Jack Miller Seminar on Marketing for the Construction Industry
My mostly true story of the Jack Miller Seminar on Marketing for the Construction Industry. Those of you who have attended one of these seminars can follow along in your manual (page numbers will appear in parentheses).
Hurricane Hunters
RICOWI reports about prefab roof performance during Charley and Ivan
Kingspan Changing Name to Kingspan Insulated Panels

Unified Name Provides Streamlined Brand Identity

Kingspan Insulated Panels Makes Strategic New Appointments
Dave Lohsen Joins Company’s Deland Facility as Drafting Manager, While John Boccuzzi Begins as Inside Sales Manager for Morin
Kingspan North America generated or purchased over 9 Gigawatts of renewable energy last year.
Kingspan Celebrates Beating Net Zero Energy Targets
License Your Contracting Company Anywhere in the U.S.
HVAC Company has introduced a unique database service that gives HVAC/R, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, and General Contractors a low-cost means of competing for business from major accounts throughout the country
MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games
MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games
MCA Announces Triumph Awards Winners for 2016, honoring metal construction industry champions.
MCA ANNOUNCES TRIUMPH AWARDS WINNERS The Best of The Metal Construction Industry
MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
MCA Expands Offerings at METALCON to include education, awards and games
MCA Honors Eight Outstanding Building Projects
MCA Honors Eight Outstanding Building Projects
2016 Chairman’s Award Winners Announced
MCA Leads Study with the U.S. Dept. of Defense on Integrated Energy Efficient Roof Technology
MCA Leads Study with the U.S. Dept. of Defense on Integrated Energy Efficient Roof Technology
MCA Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
Metal Construction Association (MCA) Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects
MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects with its 2011 Chairman's Awards at METALCON
MCA to Sponsor Metal Roof, Wall & Tool Demos
Metal Construction Association to Sponsor Metal Roof, Wall & Tool Demos at METALCON International
MCA to Sponsor Regional Retrofit Seminar
MCA to Sponsor Regional Retrofit Seminar -- December 1st in Milwaukee
Meeting the Needs of the General Contractor
One of the main challenges for erectors is building strong relationships with general contractors. The general’s job is to make sure that the project is successful and the owner is satisfied. Thus when it comes to the core structure or exterior of the building, the general contractor needs an erector who is up to the task.
Metal Construction Association Embarks on Three New Research Projects
MCA Embarks on Three New Research Projects
METALCON Highlights, Registration
Office hub renovation with a Tapered Installation
Classy City Renovation with a Tapered Installation
Park Square at Doral Uses Products from GKD-USA
Park Square at Doral uses products from GKD-USA in a creative design for new parking garage. Company’s Metal Fabric Contributes to Garage’s Aesthetic Quality and Ability to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds
Posted 3/31/03: Dominion Building Products Introduces Windstorm Approved Doors
Dominion Building Products, the the leading steel door and aluminum window supplier to the Metal Building Industry for two decades, has successfully tested and passed 4 door lines with various windstorm and impact resistance requirements for metal buildings.
Quarterly Sales of TUBOS Hit a New Record
Quarterly Sales of TUBOS Hit a New Record
Rigid Building Systems Unveils Plans for Alabama Operation
(Houston, December 14, 2005) -- Rigid Building Systems, an industry leader in engineered building systems, recently announced plans to build a $9.5 million facility in Gadsden, AL.
SEEING RED - Red MC-1 that is…
A new column for by an invited guest to tell the tales and the foibles of 42 years in the dynamic growth industry of Pre-Engineered Steel Construction!
Somero Introduces the Mini Screed C Laser Screed
Somero's technology and innovation produces a tougher Laser Screed for residential and small commercial markets.
Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Receives ICC ESR-3064P Report coupled with SSMA certifcation
Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Receives ICC ESR-3064P Report
Surfs Up: The Historic Renovation of Surf Mall
Surfs Up: The Historic Renovation of Surf Mall
The inventor of the Roof Hugger and a leader in the Steel Building Industry, D.V. Red McConnohie
It is with great sadness we announce the passing of D.V. “Red” McConnohie, the inventor of the Roof Hugger and a leader in the Steel Building Industry.
The new buzzword being bandied about in our trade like low carb menus in fast food emporiums.
"GREEN BUILDINGS" The new "buzzword" being bandied about in our trade like "low carb" menus in fast food emporiums.
Three Outstanding Achievers in the Metal Construction Industry
MCA Honors Three Outstanding Achievers in the Metal Construction Industry
Tin Men: An American Building Tale
D.V. 'Red' McConnohie relates a tale of the birth of American Buildings.
To Answer Your Questions
Sept. 5, 2000 to John Wyatt, BNP.
TUBOS: The Faster, Less-Expensive Method
TUBOS: The faster, less-expensive method for extending plumbing vent pipes
Visit TAMKO Building Products at METALCON 2009
You are invited to see the latest product offerings from TAMKO Building Products at METALCON 2009 in Tampa, Florida, October 6 through 8.
Ask the Expert Questions in 'FLORIDA'
Q: We have an open sided, large 7600 sq ft metal building built in two phases beginning in 2002 which is insulated with white vinyl coated fiberglass material. The building is used year round for campground activiites. We enclose the building in our sub tropical Florida winter months with vinyl zippered side curtains/windows. We love this building but are having some real aesthetic issues with the insulation. The vinyl in the original phase is badly mildewed & covered with spider webs and is tearing along the seams & just generally disintegrating. It looks like the dickens & is not sturdy enough to be cleaned. Could you suggest a retro fit or remedy for this? Thanks so much.
A: Bonnie, I would be surprised if the vinyl could not be cleaned. Unfortunately you may have to get a man lift and do it by hand. Pressure washing would probably be to much but a soft wet dust mop should do the job, rinse it often. A mild solution of chlorine or some other mildew killing agent should be fine but again rinse well chlorine will attack the steel. The other thing I would look at is ridge ventilation. usually that type of mildew comes from a lack of ventilation. If no vents exist add some or put in some gable vents. Good luck, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
Q: I am leading the marketing efforts for a small start-up metal building and steel fabricator in south Alabama/NW Florida. I would appreciate your insight into the best markets for this industry, best marketing tools/approaches, etc. Thank you, Charles Alley
A: Charles, I am very biased in this area but in my opinion the retro-fit market is one of the few bright spots in the metal building business right now. New construction has slowed tremendously and there is a lot of inventory. I would consider the retrofit market and if that fits into your master plan give us a call we would love to talk to you about it. Other areas in new construction are probably Medical, Educational, Military. Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc. 800-771-1711
Q: I have a metal pole barn 30'x50' with metal roof. I insulated the metal roof from inside with 2" foam board. The building has sofits on both sides and a roof vent. I sealed all foam board and entry to room from sofit. So I underdstand air will enter into sofit go up roof ridge and out roof vent. I live in central Florida, I have read many conflicting stories on internet. Should I put 6 mil plastic over insulation thus ceiling off roof to relieve condensation issue? Should I spray radiant paint over it to help relieve condensation? Should I leave it as it is?
A: Steve, Thanks for your question, as always it depends in part as to what is going on inside the building. If there is something creating a large amount of moisture then things change dramatically an a moisture control expert should be consulted. A typical pre-engineered building application would have a vinyl faced moisture barrier on the interior of the building to minimize the transfer of moisture into the insulation where it could be held against the metal panels. Depending on the foam board you used a vapor barrier would be a good idea. If the board however has a foil facing I would think taping the joints and edges to the rafters should be fine. A radiant barrier is normally applied under the roof panel, silver surface faci...
Q: I have already ordered a steel building and have the stamped drawings of the building in hand. I have had trouble finding a concrete guy and I went to the Miami dade planning Dept. They were not a lot of help. So my questions are what are the next steps? And should a reputable concrete contractor know the specific thickness and strength required by Florida? And will they be the ones to draw up the foundation plans? Thank you in advance.
A: Patrick, As with most things today "Nothing is Easy". Having stamped metal building drawings is only a small piece of the construction battle. I would hope the people that sold you the steel building had explained that to you. You will need to get a building permit at some point. To receive a Building Permit you will need a full set of "Construction Drawings" with a FL Engineers' seal on them. The drawings typically include a site plan, elevations, foundation drawings, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. in addition to the metal building drawings. The calculations used to produce the metal building drawings are also important to have because they will provide your engineer with the live, dead, uplift and thrust loads the meta...

Most Popular Steel & Metal Buildings in Jacksonville Florida:
Airplane hangars, auto body shops, cattle & livestock buildings, commercial storage warehouses, commodities & grain storage, equipment storage buildings, horse barns & facilities, industrial buildings, metal buildings, metal building kits, metal homes, metal garages, metal office buildings, mini-storage & self storage buildings, pole barns, portable buildings, pre-engineered steel & metal buildings, prefabricated metal buildings, repair shops, steel buildings, steel building kits, surplus steel buildings, tractor/trailer garages.

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None, it only punishes law abiding citizens.
18 and up.
21 and up.
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21 and up, ban some more guns.
Keep people safe, take all the guns away.

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