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Shopping for Airplane Hangars?

       Research & price metal buildings, contractors, erectors

Metal aircraft hangar buildings are designed to provide large, column free interior space. Your hangar will not be obstructed, and it will be easy to move your aircraft around inside the hangar. A metal aircraft hangar building will also allow for larger door openings than other buildings.

Aircraft are costly and many times are the largest investment the owner of the aircraft has made. Why use anything other than high-quality metal aircraft hangar buildings, which will offer superior protection from the elements, for the storage of your aircraft?

Read below to research more about Airplane Hangars.


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Articles about Airplane Hangars
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Let our experts tackle your questions about Airplane Hangars. Everyone needs a little expert advice once in a while.

Airplane Hangars - More Info:

  • Today's metal buildings resist corrosion and wear much better than buildings constructed with any other available building material.
  • Metal aircraft hangar buildings will also hold up to harsh weather and will not warp.
  • The materials used in the construction of metal aircraft hangar buildings can be recycled if the building is scrapped.
  • Metal aircraft hangar buildings can be erected much quicker than other types of buildings. This will save you money in construction costs.
  • Metal aircraft hangar buildings can be made to look like they are not even metal buildings, while retaining the benefits of metal buildings.
  • The design and strength of metal aircraft hangar buildings allow you to have large interior spaces with no load bearing walls or columns inside.
  • Metal aircraft hangar buildings are built to last and will provide more strength and longevity than most other building types.

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    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'HANGAR'
    Q: What is the cost for a 70x70 hangar
    A: Use the Metworker to get pricing on buildings. Start in the right-hand sidebar at A few easy steps will get you the contacts you need to price the building (from many different sources) in your area. Thanks for visiting
    Classified Ads containing 'HANGAR'
    We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
    We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
    Hangar Doors & Hydraulic Doors
    Aircraft Hangar door, hydraulic door and bottom rolling door solutions, manufactured by AeroDoor Hangar Doors.
    Metal/Steel Buildings
    Agriculture, Aviation, Hangars, Horse Barns, Hay Storage, Barndominiums, Barns, Areanas, Commercial, Office/Warehouse, Warehouse, Industrial, Educational, Governmental, Etc.
    Nationwide Erection and Sales....
    Our company is reliable and will travel at competitive rates. We specialize in Hangars, Churches, Warehouses, and Horse Riding Arenas. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
    One stop, Ground Up Steel Building Construction
    I'll keep it simple, call us and we will get our local builder to meet with you. We do it all in metal building construction. Mini storage units, hangars, arena's, workshops, commercial and residential projects. You name it. Our GC's can handle the entire project from the ground up. Call 720.475.1354 ext 225 for your free start to finish quote
    Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Erection & Concrete
    In business since 1999, Champion Buildings offers many types of pre-engineered metal buildings. Whether you are looking for a backyard garage/shop, commercial, industrial, retail, hangar, church, fire department or agricultural building – We are your #1 Building Source!!!We offer concrete and erection services. This makes Champion Buildings your “Turn Key” metal building supplier. We will see you through the entire building process from permit drawings, concrete slab to the erection of your building. Call(800)942-6812
    Steel and Pre-Engineered Metal Building Supplier
    Turn key metal building supplier and services for all types of buildings, commercial, farming, hangars, barns, warehouses, churches, storage facilities, etc. Call or email. Provide plans for permitting, we deliver.
    Steel building special multiple sizes
    We offer several different size buildings on special. These are limited quantities on a first come basis. We manufacture the strongest buildingings in the industry for everything from a garage to a warehouse or hangar. Call us toll free at 800 825 0316
    Western design build advantage
    We are a development services, design/build, Construction Management and General Contracting firm based near Denver, Colorado but providing superior service across the United States.  In the past 26 years we have helped hundreds of clients successfully complete over 4,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial buildings and thousands of acres of site development achieving the most value for the lest cost including over half a million square feet of aircraft hangars, airport office space and ancillary facilities.    You can choose any of our specialized services- excavation, site utilities, concrete, steel building supply and erect, or let us take you from concept to completed project under budget and ahead of schedule through our one stop design build services.  We will impress you with our attention to detail and constant management of costs and schedule from conception to completion.  Our crews frequently act as subcontractors working under other General Contractors and Construction Managers, but we bring the most value and cost savings to the table when we provide all designs, entitlements and construction to design and build your project within your target budget, timeline and expectations.  We can, and will, assure you receive the greatest value for every dollar spent, no matter where you place us on your team.  You can learn more by visiting us at  

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    Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas, Denver Colorado, Detroit Michigan, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis Indiana, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Memphis Tennessee, Miami, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Teneesee, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle Washington, Tampa, Washington D.C.

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    Metal Construction Association Summer Meeting
    June 25-26, 2019

    FRSA's 97th Annual Convention and the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo
    July 17-19, 2019

    NAWIC's Annual Meeting and Educational Conference
    August 21-24, 2019

    METALCON 2019
    October 16-18, 2019

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