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Shopping for Commodities & Grain Storage?

       Research & price metal buildings, contractors, erectors

When a company is looking to increase their storage capabilities for grain and other commodities, their first choice should be to look into the benefits of steel & metal commodities and grain storage buildings. Metal commodity storage buildings provide the strength of steel and are resistant to fire and other elements.

Metal Buildings are perfect for storing commodities and grain with an interior column-free design and flexible floor plans to accommodate almost any layout. A metal building that has been designed to provide ample space for commodities and grain storage will accommodate your needs for many years to come. Steel commodity storage facilities have efficient erection times at a fraction of the cost of building conventional structures.

Metal commodities and grain storage buildings give you the ability to use any liner you choose, so you will be cutting your grain loss with a new metal building.

Read below to research more about Commodities & Grain Storage.


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Articles about Commodities & Grain Storage
Includes archive stories, articles, reader submissions, press releases and your comments.

Ask The Experts
Let our experts tackle your questions about Commodities & Grain Storage. Everyone needs a little expert advice once in a while.

Commodities & Grain Storage - More Info:

  • Today's metal commodities and grain storage buildings resist corrosion and wear much better than buildings constructed with any other available building material.
  • Metal commodities and grain storage buildings will also hold up to harsh weather and will not warp.
  • The materials used in the construction of a metal commodities and grain storage building can be recycled if the building is scrapped.
  • Metal commodities and grain storage buildings can be erected much quicker than other types of buildings.
  • Metal commodities and grain storage buildings can be made to look like they are not even metal buildings, while retaining the benefits of metal buildings.
  • The design and strength of metal commodities and grain storage buildings allow large interior spaces with no load bearing walls or columns inside.
  • Metal commodities and grain storage buildings are built to last and will provide more strength and longevity than any other type of building.
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    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'FARM'
    Q: Hi - I am trying to sell a farm which has a large metal bldg on it. It seems extra heavy duty/quality construction, is approx 60 X 120, has 4 lg. bays with overhead doors, nice! Is there a market for selling the bldg to be removed? It is truly first class, but its value may be keeping us from selling the house and land. I can get more info...manufacturers name, exact size, etc. Help me if you can....Thanks, Jim in GA
    A: Jim, This is always a tough one because metal buildings are not easily moved. I'm not sure about Georgia erection pricing but in Florida I would expect it to cost about $3.00 /s.f. to tear down, tag, and transport the building to a new site. It will cost about the same to re-erect the building. So now you will have a least $6.00 /s.f. in the building. The purchaser will now have to pour a new slab, run the plumbing, electrical, etc. as you would for any new building. The re-erected building may very will have roof problems because removal and reinstallation of the roof panels is always a problem. The sheets will stick together because the tape mastic at the side and end laps typically does not want to let go. The fastener h...
    Q: I am having a new 30x60 building constructed with a lean-too along the side. The lean-too is attached about 2 feet below the plate of the building. The problem is the way the builder is attempting to seal the space between the top end of the lean-too roof and the wall of the building. He installed a 4"x4" flashing then filled the void between the corrugations with the little rubber insulating strips ment to insulate the building roof panels. He than just caulked along the top and said that was the way it was done!! I am no building expert, but being an old farm boy, I would thing the flashing should either run up higher below the roof over-hang or be cut into the wall sheeting. HELP!!
    A: Kyle, I agree with you. I would call the metal building manufacturer of your new building and ask for their standard “Lean-to tie in flashing detail”. Most of the details I am familiar with have 2 extra wall girts at the tie in elevation of the main or higher building. The wall panels are cut a flashing is placed behind the upper wall panel and out onto the top of the lean-to roof. Foam closure strips and then placed on top of the lean-to roof and under this tie in or “step” flashing with mastic on both top and bottom of the closures. The second lower girt is then used to attach the wall panels of the taller building beneath the lean-to unless that area is to be open with no walls. The easiest way to approach this with your builder...
    Q: Hi, I am trying to find what I call old style through fastened metal roofing panels. This is because they are on buildings on our familys farm which are 50 or more years old. Basically, one style looks almost identical to the current 5V CRIMP pattern but it has rounded ribs rather than the 5V's sharp ribs. I prefer the rounded ribs for many reasons but I type too slow to elaborate and also don't want to potentially bore you. Long story short, there must be enough other people like me for there to be a market for these. Therefore, I can't help but think there must be 1: some niche marketer(s) of these that I have been unable to find yet in the internet netherworld. 2: someone who could make these for me (my research has discovered...
    A: Steve, Metal Sales has a large varity of panels. Check this out and let us know if it is what you are looking for. Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Classified Ads containing 'FARM'
    60 x 80 or similar size
    Searching for a metal building (50-60)w x (70-100)l. Need to be in good shape and need plans.
    We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
    We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
    Steel and Pre-Engineered Metal Building Supplier
    Turn key metal building supplier and services for all types of buildings, commercial, farming, hangars, barns, warehouses, churches, storage facilities, etc. Call or email. Provide plans for permitting, we deliver.
    Steel Building Erectors
    Double Diamond has been erecting buildings nationwide since 1969. Manufacturing, office, warehouse, farm and ranch, industrial and self storage. We have built using most of the major building suppliers. Please call 1(701) 651-7494
    Wanted: metal building for covered horse arena
    Wanted a metal building to be used as a covered horse arena. 180 x 100

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