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Articles containing 'WAREHOUSE'
18th Annual METALCON International Draws Qualified Buyers
Newton, MA, Oct. 8, 2008 -- METALCON International, held October 1 through 3, drew nearly 7,000 high-level metal construction professionals from more than 50 different countries to the Baltimore Convention Center.
1-story exterior of the refurbished Mercy Medical Hope Crisis Center in Freeport, New York
Metal Wall and Roof Panels Transform A Crisis Center Into a Community of Hope
Award-winning Working Model System Changes Landscape for Architects
Award-winning Working Model System Changes Landscape for Architects
Combilift - The Right Platform for the Metal Industry
Combilift the global leader in multi-directional forklift trucks exhibits its C10000XL model and the new COMBI-CB at Metalcon 2009.
Cost Segregation Studies
Creating rapid prefab depreciation results
Dri-Design Creating a Corporate Presence for restaurant supply company KaTom
Dri-Design Creating a Corporate Presence
Dri-Design's Shadow Series Brings Sustainable Style to Longwater Place
Dri-Design's Shadow Series Brings Sustainable Style to Longwater Place
FIELD TECHNIQUES: Creating Savings With Solar
Examining the Benefits of Transpired Solar Collectors
Harrismith Galvanizing & Steel Products
We are opening a Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Lip Channel and Purlin manufacturing plant in Harrismith, South Africa in April, 2005. This will be the first Galvanizing and Purlin and Lip Channel factory in the Free State Province.
Kingspan Envelope First Approach to Net-Zero Energy Buildings
An integrated design approach to net-zero energy buildings begins with Kingspan’s energy efficient insulated wall and roof systems, enhanced through Energy Conservation Methods and accelerated by renewables such as Kingspan’s newly launched KingZip™ powerpanel.
Kingspan Insulated Panels Showcases Net-Zero Energy Modeling
Modeling Programs Used to Illustrate Envelope First Energy Efficiency Strategies
Metal and the Military
A look at pre-engineered, prefabricated metal construction in Southwest Asia
New Study Verifies Coated Steel Roofs typically last 60 years or more
New Study Verifies Coated Steel Roofs Can Last As Long As The Buildings They Cover: Typically 60 Years or More
PRESS RELEASE: MCA's Warehouse Case Studies Are Building a Strong Case for Insulated Metal Panels
MCA's Warehouse Case Studies Are Building a Strong Case for Insulated Metal Panels
Refurbishing Self Storage to Maintain Leadership
When Thomas I. Shields, Sr. observed the existing self-storage situation in the Waynesboro, Virginia area back in 1975, he liked what he saw. Why? There were no serious competitors. In fact, he would be the first developer of this new concept not only in his local area but also in the surrounding region.
Somero Introduces the Mini Screed C Laser Screed
Somero's technology and innovation produces a tougher Laser Screed for residential and small commercial markets.
SteelMaster - Buildings that Reflect your True Nature
SteelMaster was founded by a group of Virginia Beach businesspeople, including Rhae Adams, Sr., in February 1979. Originating in the southeastern United States, SteelMaster spent its early years developing designs and specifications that would satisfy the agricultural and residential markets such as hay and animal shelters as well as small shops and garages.
Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary
Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary as a pioneer in roof restorations for industrial & commercial markets.
To Answer Your Questions
Sept. 5, 2000 to John Wyatt, BNP.
United Steel Supply Acquires Paramount Coils, Inc. and Alpine Building Materials, LLC
United Steel Supply Acquires Paramount Coils, Inc. and Alpine Building Materials, LLC
Wall Panels to the Rescue
American, Blue, Cheddar, Feta, Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta, and Swiss—the alphabet of cheeses can make your mouth water! While the average American has been known to consume 29 pounds of cheese in a year, few of them consider the process that delivers cheese to their doors.
Ask the Expert Questions containing 'WAREHOUSE'
A: JOE--IN OXFORD : Location, Location, Location--is the name of the game in attaining maximum value for the lot and investment. If it is surrounded by apartments,small businesses etc. Mini,s can be profitable if U are up to the task of collecting monthly mini--rents--plus deadbeats and mini-beats. It takes hands on mgmnt. to keep current. Is there better demand for that location for a strip Office--showroom--warehouse--combo where you lease by the year or five or 10 years?? or could it be a mini retail store center for specialty retailers. Explore those factors with yourtop local Real Estate people--get their opinions as well as others in-the-know before investing capital on the "GUESS" . Then decide--do it--and build your retirement income...
Q: I am a general contractor, and I have a 200' by 500' steel warehouse to disassemble. It is massive, with 20' eaves, and a 40' peak. It is my property to do with what I will. Is there any market for such a structure, or would I be better off turning it into scrap? Thank you for your time
A: Don, As always beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perhaps someone just has to have your old building but that has not been my experience. Generally speaking by the time you unscrew the panels, painfully pull them apart, disassemble the structure, tag, load, transport, off load, re-erect buy new roof panels because you can't figure a way to install the old ones without the building leaking like a colander, buy new gutter and trim, buy new screws, mastic, etc. you would be ahead of the game to scrap the old and buy a new building. There can be exceptions however. If the building had a crane system designed into it or some other unusual structural attribute that would be expensive to duplicate it may be worth looking at moving it....
Q: I recently lost my home in Katrina. I am interested in building a steel frame home with standard siding(not steel). Is there a one stop shopping on the internet I can go to to find companies that manufacture these homes without them looking like mini steel warehouses?
A: Try this site for starters then there is a publication "Metal Home Digest" may be worth checking out.
Q: It their and up dated software package that I acn look into that will give me the coast preformias forr building Mini-warehouses from the price I should pay for the dirt to the size of the project to the very best way to finance? Looking for a full-meal softwrae package! Thanks, T.J.HALFORD,III HALFORD DEVELOPMENT CORP. BRANDON,MS
A: TJ, I don't know of any off hand but I would check with the mini storage publications. Inside self-storage magazine or the Mini-Storage Messenger. Send them an email and I'm sure one of their advertisers will have or know of what you are looking for. Good Luck, Dale
Q: I want to build a warehouse in Houston Tx., and would like to know the desing load and codes for that area. Thank you.
A: I believe the wind load in Houston is only 90 mph. It is possible that near the port however the loads may be higher. I would recommend you consult with a local engineering firm such as Force Engineering 281-540-6603 in Humble TX (a Houston suburb) to comfirm my best guess and get your design done correctly. Good Luck with your new project, Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
Q: Dear Sir, The spacing between the anchor bolts is 8 times the diameter of bolt for buildings in pterochemical industries. My question is; spacing between the banchor bolts for normal warehouses, maintenace shop etc. Thanks in advance Husnu Altuntas
A: Husnu, This is really a question that should be addressed by an metal building engineering firm. My guess however is that it is a function of the column or frame (bent) design and achieving an adaquate and evenly distributed load on the base plate. Consulting an engineer would be the best place to get this answered however. Dale Nelson Roof Hugger,Inc.
Q: I have a 30'h x 40'w x 50'l warehouse on my land that I would like to have removed. I'm sure that someone would find the i-beams, roof tressels, and siding valuable. Do you know who I might contact to see if they are interested?
A: I would place a free ad in our classifieds section here on Our website gets thousands of visitors per month to the used / surplus buildings area:
Q: Which is a better option for repair/replacing a steel roof on our warehouse? Cover with insulation and rubber or laying down new steel over the top of the old steel roof?
A: Bill, Thanks for your question, please understand I do have a bit of a bias toward re-roofing with metal because that is the business I am in but that said here is why. Coatings in my opinion are the worst. They are very sensitve to surface preparation and it is impossible to get it perfect. This means you will sooner or later (usually sooner) get some seperation between the coating and the metal or pinholes in the coating. Moisture gets trapped between the coating and the panel and in a very short period of time the metal roof is rusted completely through and cannot be fixed. The layered systems are interesting to me because they attach rigid insulation to the old metal panels then pull a rubber sheet across the panel and insul...
Classified Ads containing 'WAREHOUSE'
Erection Company
Hello I run a metal building erection crew. We mainly cover the greater Colorado area,but are willing to travel for certain projects. Over 18years of steel building erection experience. We build everything from small sheds to full size warehouses.Please contact us to fulfill your needs.
We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
We design, provide permit drawings, fabricate and ERECT your building including sitework, foundation and parking lot. Metal and steel building components, pre-engineered and fabricated roof panels, girts, purlins, metal doors, vents, insulation for warehouses, hangars, churches, horse arenas, farming, shopping centers, storage facilities and more. Give us a call or drop an email we are a full service contractor.
looking for 40'x60 to 40x100 metal building
iam lookin for a metal building i great conditions to put on my land and to use as a small warehouse please contact me if you have one 30 TO 50 W BY 40 TO 80 L BY 12 TO 20 H
Metal Building Manufacturer
Call South Texas Steel Buildings and let us quote your next project. From small storage buildings to large commercial warehouses, we can take care of you. 866-811-5906
Metal Buildings offered.
Dear Building company / construction company and associates. we offer metal buildings made from steel. Warehouses, industrial units mot garages etc villas and houses and container homes also we manufacture in China single units purchases welcome. Reply to Super Co. e-mail:
Metal/Steel Buildings
Agriculture, Aviation, Hangars, Horse Barns, Hay Storage, Barndominiums, Barns, Areanas, Commercial, Office/Warehouse, Warehouse, Industrial, Educational, Governmental, Etc.
Mini storage erector & crew
!7 years exp, will travel. Have done mini warehouses, climate control, hallway systems and retro roofs. Insurance is current and we are currently looking for work.
Mini warehouses
We sell and deliver nationwide pre engineered buildings, mini storage, carports and any type of steel building you're looking for. Contact us about becoming an erector for us.
Nationwide Erection and Sales....
Our company is reliable and will travel at competitive rates. We specialize in Hangars, Churches, Warehouses, and Horse Riding Arenas. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Overhead Doors
Manufracture of steel roll up doors for commercial steel buildings and min stroage warehouses
Steel and Pre-Engineered Metal Building Supplier
Turn key metal building supplier and services for all types of buildings, commercial, farming, hangars, barns, warehouses, churches, storage facilities, etc. Call or email. Provide plans for permitting, we deliver.
Steel Building Erectors
Double Diamond has been erecting buildings nationwide since 1969. Manufacturing, office, warehouse, farm and ranch, industrial and self storage. We have built using most of the major building suppliers. Please call 1(701) 651-7494
Steel building special multiple sizes
We offer several different size buildings on special. These are limited quantities on a first come basis. We manufacture the strongest buildingings in the industry for everything from a garage to a warehouse or hangar. Call us toll free at 800 825 0316
Sub- Contractor
We erect pre-engineered steel buildings. We work nation wide. We do horse arenas, warehouses, mini- storages, and anything else that is a steel building.Don't hesitate to send us plans, we will provide a quote right away.

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Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas, Denver Colorado, Detroit Michigan, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis Indiana, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Memphis Tennessee, Miami, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Teneesee, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, San Antonio, San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Seattle Washington, Tampa, Washington D.C.

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