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Shopping for Horse Barns & Facilities?

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A metal building is perfect for horse barns and other livestock facilities with column-free designs and flexible floor plans to accommodate any of your horse housing and livestock needs. You will have ample space for commodity storage and livestock housing all in one building. Column-free designs provide flexibility for layout plans, as metal buildings do not require load- bearing walls. This gives you the ability to keep one area of your metal building dry for storing farm equipment while keeping the other areas open for your livestock needs.

Metal horse barns and livestock facilities provide the strength of steel and are resistant to fire and the elemements. Protect your horses and livestock investments from the threat of fire with a durable metal building. As you are minimizing the threat of fire, you may actually save on your insurance costs with a metal building. Check with your insurance agent about premium savings when investing in metal horse barns and livestock buildings.

Read below to research more about Horse Barns & Facilities.


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Articles about Horse Barns & Facilities
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Ask The Experts
Let our experts tackle your questions about Horse Barns & Facilities. Everyone needs a little expert advice once in a while.

Horse Barns & Facilities - More Info:

  • Today's metal horse barns and livestock facilities resist corrosion and wear much better than buildings constructed with any other available building material.
  • Metal horse barns and livestock buildings will also hold up to harsh weather and will not warp.
  • The materials used in the construction of metal horse barns and livestock buildings can be recycled if the building is scrapped.
  • Metal horse barns and livestock facilities can be erected much quicker than other types of buildings.
  • Metal horse barns and livestock buildings can be made to look like they are not even metal buildings, while retaining the benefits of metal buildings.
  • The design and strength of metal horse barns and livestock facilities allow large interior spaces with no load bearing walls or columns inside.
  • Metal buildings are built to last and will provide more strength and longevity than any other type of building.

  • Articles containing 'BARN'
    LSS Metal Buildings
    We wanted to inform you of the new addition to our company (Livingston and Son Services, LLC), which is LSS METAL BUILDINGS. We would like to have the chance to provide your company the buildings you need.
    METALCON International 2007
    METALCON International 2007 Event was Largest, Most Well-attended Ever
    METALCON International Offers Green Programs, Exhibits
    METALCON International Offers Green Programs, Exhibits
    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'BARN'
    Q: If you were going to buy (or build) a new steel building for a barn, what would be the top 10 questions that you ask each steel building dealer?
    A: GOOD MORNING MR. MIZE: I wouldn't have 10 questions to the BUILDER--but I would have a few and then have the rest for his past jobs owners. BUILDER: 1. How long have U been buiding these in this area ? ( I would like to hear at least around 5--10 yrs.) 2. Show me some similar jobs in the area ! 3. Are you licensed ? 3. Who is your banker? OWNERS OF HIS JOBS : 1. Were you happy with his job? 2. Was his pre-lim budget estimate fairly accurate to the final cost? 3. Was completion date reasonably met? Visit his banker and local licensing agency. above all Pick the contractor you like for his attitude and approach, assuming the other matters are about equal. Go with the guy who seems to "have-it-all-toget-her" and you get along we...
    Q: I am thinking of building a pole barn wrapped in metal and with a concrete floor. The only place I have to build it is over field tile, (lateral line that drains the septic tank). I know I can miss the field tile with my post, but is there any thing I would run into, building the floor up a foot or two with dirt, then pouring a concrete floor over part of these? (the tile are deep and there is no building restrictions out in the boonies where I live). I would still have plenty of room to put more tile in if these ever fail. The field tile are 15yr old (black flexible ribbed pipe), and no problems yet. THANKS for a reply. MIKE
    A: G'MORNIN" MIKE : GOOD QUESTION. By now, the perforated drain lines should be somewhat brittle so that the process of scraping off the organics, hauling in fill and compacting same to proper support density, could collapse the drain pipes. However, as you pointed out, you have room to relocate and install a new drainfield in case of collapse. If you have 4 or 5 ft. of well compacted, undisturbed soil above existing pipes, they should hold up. At least you have a way out if it does happen. The cost is no more nor less than re-alignment before building. RED MC-1, ROOF HUGGER, INC.
    Q: I have a 48'x24' Pole Barn that is about 20 years old. The roof and the siding are both metal and are in need of replacement due to chalking/discoloration and some leaking. I would prefer to improve upon the looks of this barn while renovating it. Do you know of any good resources where I could see wood/steel pole building pictures, etc? I'm concerned that the current barn may not be engineered for wood panel walls, etc. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.
    A: HI--STEVE SANDERS ! Help is ON the way . Leave the existing roof and siding materials in place and retro-fit right over them . Choose a panel color that suits to freshen -- brighten up the old girl .A "facelift" to take out the old sags. Se our website at -- on Google or microsoft "search" and U will see how it works. Buy you color panels from GARCO BUILDINGS at Airway Heights (Spokane) and they can pkg. with HUGGERS and deliver to job . Also we have experienced HUGGER guys in your vicinity who can do the whole job. Call if U need MORE. 800-771-1711 , RED MC-1 or DALE. ROOF HUGGER, INC. TAMPA, FL.
    Q: Hi there, I have been given a 60x100x14 pole barn for free if I can take it down in the next few months. It is in good shape and has 2-20'split doors. It all seems fairly straight forward and I have all the equipment, (lifts, trucks, etc) that I need. Most of the sheeting is nailed, not screwed. What is the best way to remove the nails. Cut the heads and drive the remainder of the nail in? If so can you recommend any tools ? or pull the nails ? Thanks
    A: Ben, As is always the case nothing is easy. When someone gives you a building the exercise for you is to realisticly look at your costs. Taking a building down and re-erecting it can certainly be done but the labor to take it down will usually be a fair amount more than it costs to put one up because of the care needed to disassemble, mark, stack and haul. Next although the wall panels should come off and be fairly easy to mark and stack for re-installation the roof panels typically are not. Pulling the nails may or may not go easy depending of whether it was a ring shank nail, smooth nail, leadhead, etc. Sometimes they have backed out a little and are easy to grab and sometimes not. I don't have any great advise execpt to try se...
    Q: What kind of footers are necessary to meet code for a pole barn 16 X 30 in Indiana
    A: I would contact the building department in the local city/county where the building is to be erected. Each county can have their own special requirements, so just looking for information on "Indiana" makes it difficult to determine.
    Q: We would like a ballpark price for aluminum siding to cover a 24x28 foot barn.
    A: James, Based on some quick calculations (and a guess that your barn is 12' in height and contains a couple of doors and windows) the aluminum siding itself should cost you around $3,200 (based on $400/square). Installation costs would be around $2,900 (at $2.50/sq ft).
    Q: Where can I buy hard board insulation in Okla City for my pole barn
    A: We don't know of any offhand, but check our classfieds under insulation - many companies ship countrywide:
    Q: I have a metal pole barn 30'x50' with metal roof. I insulated the metal roof from inside with 2" foam board. The building has sofits on both sides and a roof vent. I sealed all foam board and entry to room from sofit. So I underdstand air will enter into sofit go up roof ridge and out roof vent. I live in central Florida, I have read many conflicting stories on internet. Should I put 6 mil plastic over insulation thus ceiling off roof to relieve condensation issue? Should I spray radiant paint over it to help relieve condensation? Should I leave it as it is?
    A: Steve, Thanks for your question, as always it depends in part as to what is going on inside the building. If there is something creating a large amount of moisture then things change dramatically an a moisture control expert should be consulted. A typical pre-engineered building application would have a vinyl faced moisture barrier on the interior of the building to minimize the transfer of moisture into the insulation where it could be held against the metal panels. Depending on the foam board you used a vapor barrier would be a good idea. If the board however has a foil facing I would think taping the joints and edges to the rafters should be fine. A radiant barrier is normally applied under the roof panel, silver surface faci...
    Q: I have an old 20' X 45' foundation of 24" cement piers on 10 ft. centers 48" deep or to bed rock and I would like to frame in a new pole barn or loafing shed using 22" steel pipe wich is available to me for free. No floor, electric, or plumbing. Just shelter for horses and alpacas. Can I construct something legal in Jefferson County, Colorado at an altitude of 8,200 ft and a 60 lb snow load ? I can add more piers if necessary and the pipe is 21 " long 22" Dia and could be cut to length. Can you get fittings to join verticals and horizontals or would i need to hire a good welder ?
    A: Sorry Bill but times have changed to the point that you are going to have a difficult time asking for engineering or design advise based on common sense or personal experience. I think you are going to find most everyone will shy away from giving structural advice that they could be sued for at some point down the line. I will pass your question along to our other experts but I would personally recommend you find a local engineer who can give you the professional detailed advise you need to do this correctly. It won't be a lot of money and their knowledge will save you tons of grief down the road. Good luck and thanks for your question, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I am looking to replace the metal roof on my gambrel shaped barn. Is it possible to avoid tearing off the existing 5V metal and cover it directly with a Hi-Rib metal?
    A: Doug, Roof Hugger could of course make a part for you but it will probably be too expensive since most 5-V is installed over 2' o.c. framing. Good engineering practice will not allow you skip any existing structual members when you re-roof. So will end up with Huggers 2' o.c. - pretty pricy. It is possible however that MBCI's Retro-R panel might just fit over the 5-V ribs. I recall those ribs being 12" o.c. and that is what this panel is formed to. Check it out at If this doesn't work however you will have to pull the old panels off. Good Luck, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I have a 40 x 60 20 ft tall metal shop. Half is used for a shop and the other half is a horse barn. there is no ventilation in the building. I would like to add ventilation on the horse barn side. I have one 10 x 10 door on the east side which is a plastic strip door. Should I add exhaust fans on the west and east to pull the old air out? not much breeze the way the building sit. how high should the fans be placed?
    A: Susan, There are a couple of consideration here: 1) Is the door always open? 2) Are you trying to keep heat in or get it out? 3) Are odors the issue? Anytime you vent out you must have an equal amount of air coming in somehow. If you use gravity ridge vents (no electric required), an open door will work but you will want to locate the vent away from the door to help pull air across the building. If you close the door overnight then additional operable low mounted wall louvers will be needed. If you need to keep this area warm in the winter you will also need a mechanically operated damper on the gravity ridge vent to prevent warm air from escaping during the colder days. If you use power venting, my preference is to put it high o...
    Q: I am repairing storm damage to roof on pole barn, I need to match 4 foot aluminum with 8 inch bi rib. Do you know of any roofing product that would match that?
    A: There are a couple of companies that provide aluminum panels that come to mind. Have you tried Metal Sales , Petersen Aluminum, Atas Metal,, Drexel Metals ?
    Classified Ads containing 'BARN'
    Baron Buildings
    Baron Buildings have three types of steel buildings Pole Barns, Steel Buildings and a combination of steel and other components. Check out our pricing on our website 40x80x16 $15,866 With the recent steel pricing increase you always know we can fit one in to your budget and with payments as low as $200 per month. 678-771-8528
    California GC
    We erect prefab polebarns and pre engineered steel buildings. We design build garages, work shops and wine/ag buildings.
    Carport1 - Metal Carports, Metal Garages & Steel Buildings
    Carport1 is your online source for the most affordable metal carports, garages, barns, RV carports, and workshops. Free Delivery and installation. Buy Now!
    Let A Plus design and build your next steel carport,canopy,solar structure,steel building, hay barn. Fully lic#810245. Bonded insured call david at work
    Hiring Erection Crew
    Texas Building Center builds shops, garages and Barndaominiums. We build with galvanized tubing. Opportunity for erection crew to erect buildings locally. Need to live within 30 minutes of Kingsland/Marble Falls Texas 85% of buildings are within 1 hour of Kingsland. Spend the night at home most every week. We have projects booked thru the end of the year. 325-388-5752
    Horse Barn & Arena Manufacturer
    We are one of the largest horse barn and riding arena manufacturers in the United States. Purchase your new Barn or Arena Direct from the manufacturer and save thousands and get free shipping any where in the Continental United States.
    Latest Metal Building Kits Supplier in North Carolina
    At Metal Carports Direct, we supply you with the most advanced and affordable metal building kits. We offer metal garages, carports, barns, RV shelters & storage sheds that provide a storage solution to your valuable investments
    Metal Building Erection & Construction
    For your Steel Building, Pole Barns & Grain Bins Erecting and Repairs and General Construction needs. We do Framing, Sheetrock, Windows & Doors, Siding, Additions and Etc. If your building's are starting to look like a shack. And you would like to bring them back. WHO YOU GONNA CALL Tradesmen Erectors & Construction at 785-829-1948.
    Metal building Erector
    Alabama based erection company, building commercial buildings as well as Residential garages ,barns,churches also travel to sister southern states
    Metal Buildings - Garages - Carports - Sheds
    Manufacturers of Metal Buildings, Garages, Mini-Storage, Carports, Barns, and Sheds. Serving all of Florida. We distribute metal roofing, tubular steel, red iron components, metal building fasteners and components, roll-up doors, sectional doors, metal building skylights, all over the United States. Visit for more information.
    Metal Carports and Garages
    Carport Central is one of leading providers of Custom Metal Structures and Steel Buildings such as Metal Carports, Steel Garages, Barns, RV Covers and Workshops for all your needs. You can customize any structure install it at any level surface near your house, factory, or site.
    Metal/Steel Buildings
    Agriculture, Aviation, Hangars, Horse Barns, Hay Storage, Barndominiums, Barns, Areanas, Commercial, Office/Warehouse, Warehouse, Industrial, Educational, Governmental, Etc.
    Steel and Pre-Engineered Metal Building Supplier
    Turn key metal building supplier and services for all types of buildings, commercial, farming, hangars, barns, warehouses, churches, storage facilities, etc. Call or email. Provide plans for permitting, we deliver.
    Steel Building Erectors Needed
    Blue star steel buildings is looking for sub-contractor with a crew to erect steel garages,barns,R V garages, horse barns in in Flordia an other states
    Steel Buildings
    I am IAS certified and build the best buildings on the market
    Steel Buildings/Pole Barns "Metal Direct"
    Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings and Pole Barn Packages.. CALL US TODAY BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings 2. Pole Barns 3. 26/29 Ga. Metal. 4. Wood Truses Let our company save you buy purchasing direct. Call us today and Save
    Virginia GC
    Pre engineered steel buildings - equipment storage - churches - office buildings - airplane hangers - barns - self storage units - riding arenas - garages

    Most Popular Metal Building Cities:
    Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas, Denver Colorado, Detroit Michigan, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis Indiana, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Memphis Tennessee, Miami, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Teneesee, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, San Antonio, San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Seattle Washington, Tampa, Washington D.C.

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