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Shopping for Metal Office Buildings?

If you take a look at the office buildings you drive past on a daily basis, you will notice that many of these are actually Metal Buildings! That brick office building with a well-groomed lawn is so easy to admire. Most of these are metal office buildings, each enhanced to individual specification. Highly used by many Fortune 500 companies, metal office buildings are known as a cost-effective and easily adaptable building solution. With such a wide range of uses, metal office buildings cannot be ignored. Metal office buildings are the best choice for businesses today.

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Metal Office Buildings - More Info:

  • Metal office buildings resist corrosion and wear much better than buildings constructed with any other available building material.
  • Metal office buildings hold up to harsh weather conditions and will not warp.
  • Materials used in the construction of metal office buildings can be recycled if the building is scrapped.
  • Metal office buildings can be erected much more quickly than other types of buildings.
  • Metal office buildings can be made to look like they are not even metal buildings
  • The design and strength of metal office buildings allow large interior spaces with no load bearing walls or columns inside.
  • Metal office buildings are built to last and will provide more strength and longevity than any other type of building.

  • Articles containing 'OFFICE'
    1-story exterior of the refurbished Mercy Medical Hope Crisis Center in Freeport, New York
    Metal Wall and Roof Panels Transform A Crisis Center Into a Community of Hope
    2015 Education Program Combines the Best of 25 Years with the Newest Trends for Business
    METALCON’s 2015 Education Program Combines the Best of 25 Years with the Newest Trends for Business Success
    A Powerful Winner: Nebraska Public Power District Norfolk Operations Center, Norfolk, Nebraska
    A Powerful Winner: Nebraska Public Power District Norfolk Operations Center, Norfolk, NE
    A Spectacular Streetscape for a Hotel and Office Building
    Agreement Made to Manufacture ViperStud Drywall Framing System
    Marino\WARE and California Expanded Metals Company (CEMCO) announce today that Telling® Industries, LLC has signed an agreement to manufacture the ViperStud® Drywall Framing System under license.
    Alberto Gonzales to Deliver Keynote at METALCON 2010
    Alberto Gonzales, Former U.S. Attorney General, to Deliver Keynote at METALCON International 2010.
    An Office Renovation with a Dimensional Flutter Wall using Dri-Design Tapered Series Panels
    An Office Renovation with a Dimensional Flutter Wall
    ATAS Celebrates Customers and Projects at Customer Appreciation Day
    ATAS Celebrates its Customers and Their Projects at Customer Appreciation Day
    ATAS Historic Project Wins Two AIA Awards
    ATAS International, Inc. was honored that one of its historic renovation projects received two awards from the American Institute of Architects Greater Columbia Section.
    ATAS Joins as Member of The Climate Registry
    ATAS joins government and industry leaders as member of The Climate Registry. ATAS to measure and manage carbon emissions.
    Bob Berkebile Selected as Keynote Speaker
    Bob Berkebile Selected as Keynote Speaker for 19th Annual METALCON International Conference and Exhibition
    Capitalizing on the Green Economy
    Incentives Abound for Sustainable Construction and Retrofit
    Celebrating 50 Years of Building Envelope Technology
    Celebrating 50 Years of Building Envelope Technology
    CEMCO & MarinoWARER Form Eastern-States Sales Agreement
    California Expanded Metal Products Co. has entered into a formal agreement with Marino\WARE for Marino\WARE to manufacture and sell SureBoard in the eastern United States.
    Cost Segregation Studies
    Creating rapid prefab depreciation results
    Curved Screen Enhances The View
    The artistic shade screen on the new Science and Humanities Building at the Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, CA, offers a pleasing break from the ordinary for students looking through it and for passers-by looking at it.
    Dawn Solar Systems is Bringing Its Products to the Solar Bay at METALCON
    DECRA® Roofing Sponsors Historical Restoration Project
    DECRA® Roofing Sponsors Historical Restoration Project, Red Antiquities Building
    Distinctive, awesome and bold was design goal for the new corporate campus of Adobe in Lehi, Utah.
    Bold Design for LEED Gold Headquarters
    Distribution Agreement Teams Dawn Solar's Thermal Systems with Englert's Standing Seam and PV
    Distribution Agreement Teams Dawn Solar's Thermal Systems with Englert's Standing Seam and PV
    Dri-Design Creating a Corporate Presence for restaurant supply company KaTom
    Dri-Design Creating a Corporate Presence
    Dri-Design's Shadow Series Brings Sustainable Style to Longwater Place
    Dri-Design's Shadow Series Brings Sustainable Style to Longwater Place
    Eight Building Projects Honored with MCA's 2015 Chairman's Awards
    Eight Building Projects Honored with MCA's 2015 Chairman's Awards
    Fall Protection In The Steel Erection Industry
    This is the story of Brian Snipes, an ironworker from Colorado who I met at a major project for Intel this year.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Reroofing Decisions
    Options homeowners need to consider.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Roof In The Wind
    Metal Roof Systems Can Weather The Storm
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Why Didn't I Think Of That?
    Retrofit framing structures over new flat roofs.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES: Creating Savings With Solar
    Examining the Benefits of Transpired Solar Collectors
    FIELD TIP - Are You Sure Your Onsite Roll Forming Equipment Is Certified?
    Typically, an onsite roll former purchased by a contractor comes with a UL Certificate obtained by the manufacturer.
    FIELD TIP - How To Survive and Prosper In The Erection Business
    When asked by the publisher to write this column, I decided to deal with the legal aspects of the business in order to benefit experienced and newer erection companies, as well as general contractors. In the process I will refer to some techniques as they relate to liabilities.
    Five New Companies Join the MCA
    Five New Companies Join The Metal Construction Association
    Flex-Ability Distributor Locator Added to Website
    Distributor Locator Added to Website
    Florida Ice Center with Superior Insulation Values and Stable Interior Temperatures
    Creating a Florida Ice Center with Superior Insulation Values and Stable Interior Temperatures
    GBI Announces New Building Certifications
    Green Building Initiative Announces New Building Certifications
    GKD Metal Fabrics Featured in Major Tokyo Art Exhibition
    Show Honors International Leader In Design, Dominique Perrault, Using Metal Fabric
    Green Building - Detroit Lions
    New facility for Detroit Lions is LEED certified and metal savvy
    Green Courses Approved by GBCI
    Green Courses Approved by GBCI
    Harrismith Galvanizing & Steel Products
    We are opening a Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Lip Channel and Purlin manufacturing plant in Harrismith, South Africa in April, 2005. This will be the first Galvanizing and Purlin and Lip Channel factory in the Free State Province.
    Innovative Kalzip System Highlights Cal Poly Recreation Center
    Innovative Kalzip System Highlights Cal Poly Recreation Center
    Innovative new Kalzip FC facade system
    Innovative new Kalzip FC façade system features bi-directional installation and single panel replacement
    International Event Partners on Job Training
    International Event Partners with State and Atlanta-area Initiatives on Job Training/Opportunities and Health Support
    Introducing Kalzip Inc.
    Effective February 2, 2009, the Kalzip business unit of Corus Building Systems will become Kalzip Inc. and no longer operate under the Corus Building Systems Inc. name.
    Is Design-Build Good for Metal Contractors?
    The last two decades have seen a dramatic shift in how the construction industry approaches project delivery. Design-bid-build was once the norm, now owners in both public and private sectors are evaluating alternative project delivery systems like design-build.
    Kalzip adds warmth and style to bank renovation
    Kalzip forms a welcoming wave at Oklahoma University Children's Hospital
    Kalzip forms a welcoming wave at Oklahoma University Children's Hospital
    Kalzip Forms Unique Curved Metal Roof
    Kalzip forms unique curved metal roof on new University of Quebec á Chicoutimi arena
    Kalzip helps turn massive parking structure into attractive building element
    2000 McKinney is a 21-story office complex in the Uptown District of Dallas, a busy, developing area of commercial, residential, and retail establishments.
    Kalzip Highlights Steven Spielberg Building
    Kalzip highlights Steven Spielberg Building on Cedars Sinai Health System's Los Angeles campus
    Kalzip Inc. Provides Enhanced North American Manufacturing
    Kalzip Inc, has had a presence in the North American market for several years. In May 2006 it opened its Michigan City facility to provide faster delivery of its unique custom products to the North American market while continuing to offer the same high quality design and engineering capability it is known for worldwide.
    Kalzip Meets ASI Limited's Design and Business Needs
    When ASI Limited President Ken Smith learned about Kalzip’s perforated aluminium facade, he realized it was something that would work well on the new headquarters building his company was planning.
    Kalzip offers architects more options for designing with metal
    Through sessions offered by Kalzip Inc., design professionals throughout North American have been learning more about the capabilities of metal and ways in which it can help fill design needs and boost business opportunities.
    Kalzip Systems Can Help Contribute Points to Green Standards
    Architects, building owners and specifiers looking for ways to create more eco-friendly structures are turning to Kalzip roof and cladding systems.
    Kingspan Envelope First Approach to Net-Zero Energy Buildings
    An integrated design approach to net-zero energy buildings begins with Kingspan’s energy efficient insulated wall and roof systems, enhanced through Energy Conservation Methods and accelerated by renewables such as Kingspan’s newly launched KingZip™ powerpanel.
    Kingspan Insulated Panels Showcases Net-Zero Energy Modeling
    Modeling Programs Used to Illustrate Envelope First Energy Efficiency Strategies
    Legal Insurance: A New Way To Hire An Attorney
    Sometimes you know you need an attorney. If you're party to a lawsuit, forming a business, or charged with a criminal offense, chances are you'll seek out a legal professional to represent you.
    Look for ME at Industry Events, Social Media & METALCON
    Look for ME at Industry Events, on Social Media and at the 23rd METALCON International
    LSS Metal Buildings
    We wanted to inform you of the new addition to our company (Livingston and Son Services, LLC), which is LSS METAL BUILDINGS. We would like to have the chance to provide your company the buildings you need.
    Marino\Ware & StructSoft
    Marino\Ware and StructSoft to Deliver BIM-Compliant Framed Walls and Ceilings in Revit
    Marino\Ware Announces Partnership with Pliteq
    Marino\WARE announces a partnership with Pliteq to carry the GenieClip Impact and Airborne Sound Control Clip
    Marino\WARE First Company to Announce Third Party Code Compliance
    Marino\WARE® is the first company to announce Third Party Code Compliance Certification from either of the two major industry associations for STRUCTURAL & NON STRUCTURAL Stud & Track.
    MarinoWARE and CEMCO
    Marino\WARE® and CEMCO receive ATI Evaluation Service Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR-0154) verifying that ViperStud meets the IBC & IRC building codes.
    MarinoWARE's ViperStud receives ICC-ES Report
    ICC-ES ESR # 2620 Verifies the ViperStud Drywall Framing System; Viper25, Viper20S (Select), Viper20D (Deluxe) meet the IBC 2006 Code.
    MCA Announces Triumph Awards Winners for 2016, honoring metal construction industry champions.
    MCA ANNOUNCES TRIUMPH AWARDS WINNERS The Best of The Metal Construction Industry
    MCA Elects 2011 Board of Directors & Officers at Annual Meeting
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) elected its 2011 Board of Directors and Officers at its recent annual meeting in San Diego, CA.
    MCA Elects 2013 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects 2013 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects 2016 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    Metal Construction Association Elects 2016 Officers and Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
    MCA Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
    Metal Construction Association (MCA) Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
    MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects 2012
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) recognized its 2012 Chairman's Award recipients today at METALCON International, the only annual conference and exhibition dedicated to metal construction products, technologies and solutions. The Chairman's Awards are an annual designation given to outstanding building projects involving MCA member companies.
    MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects with its 2010 Presidents Awards
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) recognized its 2010 President's Award winners at its Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA in late January.
    MCA Welcomes Four New Member Companies, adding to its existing 75 member roster
    The Metal Construction Association Welcomes Four New Member Companies
    MCA Welcomes Honeywell & Rigid
    Metal Construction Association Welcomes Honeywell Flourine Products and Rigid Global Buildings as Members
    MEDIA ALERT: METALCON International
    METALCON International, the annual Conference and Exhibition for the Construction Industry
    Meeting the Needs of the General Contractor
    One of the main challenges for erectors is building strong relationships with general contractors. The general’s job is to make sure that the project is successful and the owner is satisfied. Thus when it comes to the core structure or exterior of the building, the general contractor needs an erector who is up to the task.
    Metal Construction Association Elects 2012 Board of Directors and Officers at Annual Meeting
    Metal Construction Association Elects 2012 Board of Directors and Officers at Annual Meeting
    METALCON Education Program Highlights Busy Areas for Metal
    METALCON Education Program Highlights Busy Areas for Metal
    METALCON Introduces New Conference Format
    METALCON International Introduces New Conference Format of Education, Empowerment, Excellence
    METALCON Marks its 25th Anniversary with a Huge Success
    METALCON Marks its 25th Anniversary with a Huge Success
    METALCON Programs Highlight Opportunities in Green and Government Markets
    METALCON International is known as an innovative event that always brings something new to the market – products, technology, ideas, and programs.
    More Qualified Buyers Attended the 21st Annual METALCON
    More Qualified Buyers Attended the 21st Annual METALCON International – the Whole Building Show
    New Features and Highlights at the 2014 METALCON
    New Features and Highlights at the 2014 METALCON
    Office hub renovation with a Tapered Installation
    Classy City Renovation with a Tapered Installation
    Park Square at Doral Uses Products from GKD-USA
    Park Square at Doral uses products from GKD-USA in a creative design for new parking garage. Company’s Metal Fabric Contributes to Garage’s Aesthetic Quality and Ability to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds
    Perforated aluminum from Kalzip adds dramatic element to award-winning green building
    The Ben White Branch of the University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) in Austin, TX uses curved panels from Kalzip to create a unique but highly functional element of this dynamic green building.
    PRESS RELEASE: New Reps Join the Flex-Ability Concepts Team, Bringing Construction Expertise
    New Reps Join the Flex-Ability Concepts Team, Bringing Construction Expertise
    PRESS RELEASE: Office Renovation Makes an Outdated Space More Marketable
    Office Renovation Makes an Outdated Space More Marketable
    PRESS RELEASE: Zinc Enhances the Learning Environment at an Urban Library
    Zinc Enhances the Learning Environment at an Urban Library
    Providing a Single-source Solution for a Milwaukee Airport's stunning new baggage claim area
    Providing a Single-source Solution for a Milwaukee Airport
    Qualified Buyers, Optimistic Exhibitors, and New Features - a Successful 2009 METALCON International
    Qualified Buyers, Optimistic Exhibitors, and New Features Create a Successful 2009 METALCON International
    Refurbishing Self Storage to Maintain Leadership
    When Thomas I. Shields, Sr. observed the existing self-storage situation in the Waynesboro, Virginia area back in 1975, he liked what he saw. Why? There were no serious competitors. In fact, he would be the first developer of this new concept not only in his local area but also in the surrounding region.
    Renovating, Expanding & Streamlining: All with a New Look
    Renovating, Expanding and Streamlining: All with a New Look
    Renovation Addresses Design and Safety
    Renovation Addresses Design and Safety
    RETAIL: The Whole Picture
    Metal Shines on an Organic Grocery Store
    Rigid Building Systems Expands its Western Regional Office in Denver, CO
    February 14, 2005 - Rigid Building Systems expands its Western Regional Office in Denver, CO. Announces Staff Additions
    Somero Introduces the Mini Screed C Laser Screed
    Somero's technology and innovation produces a tougher Laser Screed for residential and small commercial markets.
    SSMA Annouces Officers Re-election
    Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Announces Officers Re-election
    Stainless Steel Building for Fairfield, CT
    New Compost Building by BEHLEN Industries LP is made from stainless steel.
    Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Announces New Officers for 2012-2014
    Steel Stud Manufacturers Association Announces New Officers
    SteelMaster - Buildings that Reflect your True Nature
    SteelMaster was founded by a group of Virginia Beach businesspeople, including Rhae Adams, Sr., in February 1979. Originating in the southeastern United States, SteelMaster spent its early years developing designs and specifications that would satisfy the agricultural and residential markets such as hay and animal shelters as well as small shops and garages.
    Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary
    Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary as a pioneer in roof restorations for industrial & commercial markets.
    Sustainability drove many design decisions to serve as an example of a thoughtful public space
    Landmark Design for Edmonton Library
    Technology and Construction - Year End Review - 2002
    Every company doing business in this world can benefit from technology. Manufacturers can use computers during the design, build, service and support phases for thier products. Contractors and Erectors can use computers, digital cameras and wireless products to help with bidding, job costing, accounting, quality control, jobsite communication, etc.
    The Importance of As-Installed Insulation R-Values
    The technical advances and product innovations in many areas of the construction industry during the past decade are truly incredible. But as a result of this remarkable progress, some segments of the industry are falling behind and need to catch up. One of those lagging areas in metal building construction is the complex, technical process of specifying the thermal envelope for metal building systems.
    To Answer Your Questions
    Sept. 5, 2000 to John Wyatt, BNP.
    Transitioning an Expanded LEED Gold Community College Space with Metal Panels
    Transitioning an Expanded LEED Gold Community College Space with Metal Panels
    Transitioning an Expanded Space with Metal
    Transitioning an Expanded Space with Metal
    Trident Technical College - Dri-Design Wall Panel System
    A Sustainable Teaching Tool: Trident Technical College
    W.P. Hickman Co. & Umicore Bldg Products Partner to Manufacture VM Zinc Perimeter Edge Metal...
    W.P. Hickman Company and Umicore Building Products Partner to Manufacture VM Zinc Perimeter Edge Metal Products.
    Wall Panels to the Rescue
    American, Blue, Cheddar, Feta, Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta, and Swiss—the alphabet of cheeses can make your mouth water! While the average American has been known to consume 29 pounds of cheese in a year, few of them consider the process that delivers cheese to their doors.
    West Coast Customer Service Rep Named
    West Coast Customer Service Rep Named
    Why you need Employee Drug Testing
    According to the Drug-Free Workplace Act, 47% of workplace accidents are drug or alcohol related. If you don't have a substance abuse policy and drug testing/screening program in place, consult your attorney immediately and get one in place as soon as possible. Your business, and your conscience, will be much better off.
    Wolverine Building Receives 25th Million Dollar Builder Designation
    Grand Rapids – (September 14, 2004) Wolverine Building, Inc. has been named Million Dollar Builder by the Buildings Division of Butler Manufacturing Company, the world leader in the development and manufacture of metal building systems.
    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'OFFICE'
    Q: My husband and I are preparing to build our very first home. Due to the fact that we raise animals for a living, we have planned to erect a medium sized metal building before beginning construction of the house. Rather than continue paying rent, we have toyed with the idea of closing off a portion of the "shed" into a living area while the house is being built. Regardless, the shed will have to be insulated and heated/air conditioned and plumbing run for the animals and our office (a small kitchen would just end up being a bonus!) Do you believe this is a feasible alternative, and if so, what are some of the considerations when undertaking a project like this? By the way, we live in San Antonio, so the climate is very temperate. Than...
    A: Mrs. Royer : In a word ? Absolutely ! BUT, be sure you clear everything with local building code compliance PRIOR spending much money--also any deed or neighborhood restrictions. Can Temp living quarters be allowed ? Looking to the future, can such remain in place to serve your business needs AND perhaps, down the road become the "maids quarters" or even for elderly parents detached housing? Get every approval you can so that value is maintained--then, build it. My own home is steel purlins and deck--on Cols. and masonry walls---with hung acoustical ceilings that give me immediate access to running new wiring, plbg. pipes etc. anywhere without damage or problems. Insulate that area, drywall or wood panel the walls, hang the ceiling and ...
    Q: What is the best method to do an office buildout inside of a metal building? Would it be metal studs attached to the inside of the building with a gyp board finish? Do you happen to know of where I can find a wall section showing this this detail, the connection to the building in particular. Thanks for the help.
    A: Grant, Assuming non-structural walls (no mezzanine) typically we use a 1” metal furring channel against the outside girts and 3.5” steel stud framing, 16” o.c. for the interior walls with 5/8” gyp over. Any local engineer should be able to provide you with those details and they would typically be part of your permit submittal anyway. If the walls are structural and designed to support a second floor deck our framing would depend on the loads used on the second floor, the span needed for the largest rooms and which crews we might have available for framing. We might use steel framing or wood depending on the cost of the framing package. Steel is a bit noisier in general and if you use TJI’s for joist often it is just easier to do i...
    Q: i built a 6000sf metal building i divided it to 4 1500sf units i did a 7' high store front and 3x5 fixed glass around the other 3 sides i also built out 2 of the units as offices all the windows get condensation on them on the inside and mold has started to grow on the dry wall does the building need roof vents for air flow? any advice?
    A: Frank, You have a fairly complicated question. The first thing I would do is confirm the windows are not leaking or the sill track is not holding water. Next if condensation is the issue then, is the unit occupied? If not run the a/c even though the unit is empty. This will lower the realitive humidity inside the space. Condensation normally will occur on the warm moist side of the building. In a southern cliamate that is typically the outside not the inside. If this is occuring in the area where there are no offices then you may need to add ridge ventilation. Recently constructed buildings have not been installing ridge vents in Florida because there have been none with Florida Product approval. So despite the fact they...
    Q: I have a 100x150' metal building which was built as a health club in 2000. Can we retrofit the building to add additional height to the building? We would like to bring in bounce-house type play equipment and need at least 16 foot ceilings. Our peak is 16 ft but many areas are offices, etc., with lower ceilings. We are zoned 2 story commercial so the question is simply if the walls and ceiling can be added to. Thanks. Sue
    A: Sue, This is probably the single most difficult thing you can do to a pre-engineered metal building. It is typically easier and less expensive to add to the existing building with a taller portion. That said anything can be done if you are willing to spend enough money. I would get with a local "design build" metal building contractor and discuss you needs and let them provide some options to you. Everyone is pretty hungry these days so this would be the time to get a great deal. Good Luck, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: We are renting an office building with a metal roof / metal trusses with brick veneer siding. The area above our ceiling and the metal roof is not insulated. Our heat and air bills are crazy. The owner says insulation is not necessary - what do your experts say??? Will be waiting for your answer. Thanks!
    A: Sharon, I say "balogna" it is however to late to insulate the metal roof without a lot of gymnastics and $$$. The easiest thing for you at this point is to get a minimum of 6"-10" of batt insulation above your acoustical ceiling tile. The batts can be ordered precut to the size of your tile, 2x2 or 2x4. If the building does not have ridge vents, add them, you can also add fans in the walls. I actually perfer adding intake fans that blow air into the building in leiu of the traditional exhaust fans. Exhaust fans if not balanced correctly will create countless roof leaks by reducing the pressure within the building. Intake fans with ridgevents and fixed louvers at the worst will add a positive pressure and not affect the roofs perf...
    Q: Have metal building that we built offices in. Have no ventilation and have no way to put soffit vents on building. How should we properly vent building. Can put ridge vent on but with no soffit how do we get air inside to move hot air out ridge vents?
    A: Rodney, Yes you can put a ridge vent on without soffit vents. It won't be as efficient but metal buildings are typically not completely air tight. So the ridge vents will help, additionally if you have access to the gables you can add fixed louvers near the peaks of the gables. This will create an air intake for the ridge vent(s) and should induce a nice chimney effect for the hot air. Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I have a 60's Armco steel building with a standing seam type roof-- j-panel prhaps? The building has office type rooms framed up inside of it. The roof panels have a 4" standing seam that are structural. These panels rest directly on the outside verticle walls, with no space for insulation between the wall and roof panel. Over time the roof panels have rusted away just above the walls where the heat escapes to the roof and melts the snow, causing an ice dam of sorts. I have patched these areas and then had the whole roof coated with elastomeric Sherwin Williams paint (it was dry ice blasted first). Can you recommend a way to insulate and seal this "wedge area" between the roof and attic floor? All of this is accessable. There is a little...
    A: Jeff, I wish I could give you a definitive answer but without a picture or detail I am not 100% sure what you are looking at. I recall the old Armco panel ribs were facing inward and attached to the girts or horizontal beams. It seems to me if they accessible from the inside that spray on insulation could be applied or rigid insulation could be hand cut and fitted into the pan areas of the panel. It sounds to me from your description that this may not be possible. So if that is the case a photo would be good to take a look at the conditions. Send your picture to me at if you have one and I'll take a looks to see what might work. Thanks, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I have a metal building construction office building with R-19 roof insulation with vapor barrier on inside of the building. The space above the ceiling is used as a return air plenum. The local code officials said the roof had to be R-30 to meet the city energy code. The architect added 6" fiberglass batts without vapor barrier below the existing insulation. The building owner says this will cause moisture collection at the existing vapor barrier and mold. I say it will not due the the movement of air through the plenum and the air temperature being at about 75 degrees and 50% RH because mold is less likely not form at about 60% RH or less and the HVAC unit will remove any moisture when the air is returned to the unit by refrigeration...
    A: Ron, I don't have any first hand experience with an assembly like this. I would agree with you however there should be no moisture accumulation in the conditioned cavity even in a warm moist climate. 2 comments however: 1)I would check with a local mechanical engineer or moisture control expert in the Dallas area and discuss this assembly; again I have never seen this assembly in 30yrs of Florida construction (a similar enviornment). 2)I would also check with the engineers about "free glass fibers" in this type of system. Loose glass batts tend to shed fibers when they are not contained in some way. Is the actual intake at the air handler filtered? Do the glass fibers create a risk of any kind? Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Classified Ads containing 'OFFICE'
    Steel/Prefab Metal Building Erectors And Crewmen needed for work throughout Central FL. Must have own reliable transportation, willing to work at least every other Saturday, drug free, and work well with others. Leads must have experience and their own tools. Crewmen must have construction experience (commercial is a plus) and be willing to purchase own tools with 1st check. Competitive pay based on experience. Email to fill out an application.
    Metal Buildings and erection
    C4,LLC is a design build metal building contractor that can supply and erect your next metal building. We have a 15 man crew so size is no option and because all we do is metal buildings, we are your number 1 contractor for complex or troubled metal buildings. We have offices in North Dakota, Montana, Atlanta and Gulfport Mississippi. Give us a call we will be happy to help.
    Metal/Steel Buildings
    Agriculture, Aviation, Hangars, Horse Barns, Hay Storage, Barndominiums, Barns, Areanas, Commercial, Office/Warehouse, Warehouse, Industrial, Educational, Governmental, Etc.
    Nation Wide Steel Erectors
    KRC Steel Erectors have been in business since 1995. We have 3 crews and travel nation wide for buildings 5,000 sq ft and up. We are fully insured and all our crews are saftey certified and are very well trained, fast, clean and on time! CO Office 303-901-9823, TX office 940-637-3006. "WE DO WHAT WE SAY WERE GOING TO DO!" References upon request.
    Invitation to Bid Rural King Supply 5985 Hwy 31 West Radcliff, KY 40160 We are asking for bids Friday, March 4th, 2016 preferably by 1 PM Central Ground - up Commercial construction "103,757 Sq. Ft Rural King: Vestibule = 960 Sq. Ft. Sales Floor = 73,033 Sq. Ft. Office = 3,276 Sq. Ft. Storeroom/ Shop = 7,691 Sq. Ft. Shipping = 1,890 Sq. Ft. Retail Space: Unfinished = 16,907 Sq. Ft." There are several options to DOWNLOAD PDF PLANS: a) Marco Plan Room: job key rk4329 b) One-Drive Link: c) Drop-Box Link: Please click the link at the top of this message to respond or feel free to email me. WORK INCLUDES: ______ Excavation/ Site-Work / Site Utilities ______ Paint/Wallcovering ______ Landscaping ______ Plumbing ______ Paving (Asphalt/Concrete) ______ Sprinkler ______ Concrete ______ HVAC ______ Masonry ______ Electrical ______ Steel (Bollards, Plates, Anchor Bolts) ______ Metal Building Erector (PEMBE) ______ Drywall/Acoustical/Carpentry ______ Fence (Chain Link) ______ Roofing ______ Lighting ______ Door/Frames/Hardware ______ Automatic Entrance Door ______ Toilet Accessories ______ Overhead Doors ______ Flooring (VCT/Base) ______ Glass/Glazing (Alum-Sliding Door/Windows) -- Best, Cody Bollman Estimating Associate Marco Contractors, Inc. 100 Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA 15086 phone 724-553-3825 fax 412-291-2997 email
    Steel Building Erectors
    Double Diamond has been erecting buildings nationwide since 1969. Manufacturing, office, warehouse, farm and ranch, industrial and self storage. We have built using most of the major building suppliers. Please call 1(701) 651-7494
    Virginia GC
    Pre engineered steel buildings - equipment storage - churches - office buildings - airplane hangers - barns - self storage units - riding arenas - garages
    Western design build advantage
    We are a development services, design/build, Construction Management and General Contracting firm based near Denver, Colorado but providing superior service across the United States.  In the past 26 years we have helped hundreds of clients successfully complete over 4,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial buildings and thousands of acres of site development achieving the most value for the lest cost including over half a million square feet of aircraft hangars, airport office space and ancillary facilities.    You can choose any of our specialized services- excavation, site utilities, concrete, steel building supply and erect, or let us take you from concept to completed project under budget and ahead of schedule through our one stop design build services.  We will impress you with our attention to detail and constant management of costs and schedule from conception to completion.  Our crews frequently act as subcontractors working under other General Contractors and Construction Managers, but we bring the most value and cost savings to the table when we provide all designs, entitlements and construction to design and build your project within your target budget, timeline and expectations.  We can, and will, assure you receive the greatest value for every dollar spent, no matter where you place us on your team.  You can learn more by visiting us at  

    Most Popular Metal Building Cities:
    Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas, Denver Colorado, Detroit Michigan, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis Indiana, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Memphis Tennessee, Miami, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Teneesee, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, San Antonio, San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Seattle Washington, Tampa, Washington D.C.

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    Western Roofing Expo
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    AAMA National Summer Conference
    June 11-14, 2018

    Metal Construction Association (MCA) Summer Meeting
    June 19-20, 2018

    American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention
    June 21-23, 2018

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