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Metal Roofs & Roofing - More Info:

Why use a Metal Roofing System?

  • Metal roofs are constructed to stand the test of time.
  • Roofing built of steel can withstand massive storms and hurricane winds.
  • Metal roofing materials last much longer then standard roofs.
  • Steel & metal roofing is essentially fire and termite proof.
  • Construction times and costs can be simliar or less than a traditional roof.
  • Retro-Fit roofing systems can save time & money!

  • Terms containing 'ROOFING'
    To seal and make weather tight joints, seams or voids by filling with waterproofing compound or material.
    The structural surface to which roofing or waterproofing system (including insulation) is applied.
    That portion of the roofing exposed to the weather after installation.
    A flexible sheet manufactured by the interlocking of fibers through a combination of mechanical work, moisture and heat, without spinning, weaving or knitting. Roofing felts are manufactured from vegetable fibers (organic felts), asbestos fibers (asbestos felts) or glass fibers (glass fiber felts).
    Ceramic coated colored crushed rock that is applied to the exposed surface of roofing products.
    Roofing system
    Assembly or interacting components designed to weatherproof, and sometimes to insulate, the roof surface of a building.
    The surface upon which the roofing or waterproofing membrane is placed (structural deck or insulation).
    Asphalt saturated felt beneath roofing to provide additional protection for the deck.
    Articles containing 'ROOFING'
    18th Annual METALCON International Draws Qualified Buyers
    Newton, MA, Oct. 8, 2008 -- METALCON International, held October 1 through 3, drew nearly 7,000 high-level metal construction professionals from more than 50 different countries to the Baltimore Convention Center.
    2 Billion $$$ A Year?
    2 Billion $$$ a year? Is this enough to deserve your undivided attention?
    20 (or so) Questions with the RCI
    The Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) is the largest and most web-savvy of all the non-profit organizations we have reviewed here at to date. Judging by their size, many of you are probably already familiar with them. We weren't, so we asked their CEO to field our questions. We learned a lot - and maybe you can too…
    20 Questions with the MCA
    In March of this year, Mark Engle of Association Management Center (AMC) in Chicago, Illinois assumed the leadership role of the Metal Construction Association (MCA). Amid the chaos of sorting through boxes and educating himself about the MCA and the metal building industry in general, Mark agreed to answer our questions.
    2006-2007 Ducker Roofing Report
    As you are aware MCA enlisted Ducker Worldwide to conduct a current market study to show how the market for metal roofing in residential and nonresidential applications has shifted since the initial study was done in 2002.
    A Primer on Building Codes for Metal Roofing
    Metal roofing solutions have been regulated by a variety of building codes. It's easy to get overwhelmed. Historically, geography-based roofing codes have been developed in response to specific local, regional, or national concerns. The net result has been a complex mix of regulations that make it difficult for even the most conscientious building designer.
    Alberto Gonzales to Deliver Keynote at METALCON 2010
    Alberto Gonzales, Former U.S. Attorney General, to Deliver Keynote at METALCON International 2010.
    Calendar Announcement: METALCON International 2010
    Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc. Achieves NSF Certification for Waterproofing Membrane
    Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Incorporated (CCW), a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products, recently achieved NSF/ANSI 61 Certification for its CCW MiraCLAY® GM product.
    Choosing the Right Roof Curb
    Because roof curbs have become such a common accessory for standing seam roofs, it is essential that they too perform leak-free for 20 years. This requires building designers and roofing contractors to make some important decisions about the roof curbs they use.
    Classic Products, Inc.
    Classic Products, Inc. was founded in 1980 with the acquisition of several established building product lines from a well-known and respected metal company. Over the years, we have grown consistently, developing and adding new products to our repertoire.
    Cool Metal Roofing
    It's A Wise Choice Amidst Strong Winds of Change
    Drexel Metals Announces New Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager
    Drexel Metals Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Jules Dekovics as Mid-Atlantic regional manager.
    Drexel Metals is Cool!
    Drexel Metals Inc. is proud to be promoting its 34 Energy Star-labeled cool metal roofing products.
    Fasteners for Metal in Construction
    Manufacturers focus on corrosion, resistance, color matching and technical assistance.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: A Tested Edge
    Choosing performance tested roof edge systems
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Combating Corrosion
    Identifying Metal-Roofing Fasteners For Use In ACQ-Treated Lumber
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: No Maintain, No Gain
    Proper maintenance is vital to the long-term performance of metal-clad buildings.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Re-Covering With Metal
    Codes and industry recommendations provide guidance to roofing professionals.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Reflectivity and Emissivity
    It's Important to Understand How Metal Roofs Impact Energy Efficiency
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Reroofing Decisions
    Options homeowners need to consider.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Roof In The Wind
    Metal Roof Systems Can Weather The Storm
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Second Line of Defense
    Synthetic Roof Underlayments Stand Out As Secondary Water Barriers
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Take It From The Top
    Considerations for Metal Roof Systems.
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Watch The Washer
    How to Identify a Quality Washer and Why It Matters
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Winds of Change
    Methods for Verifying Wind Resistance Continue to Evolve
    FIELD TECHNIQUE: Trending Toward Efficiency
    The On-Site Rollforming Evolution
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Behind The Scenes
    Details about developing NFBA's post-frame construction tolerances document.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Learning New Rules
    California Builders Address New State Energy Code
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Painted Metal Roofing: The Importance of Proper Touch-Up
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Retrofit Roof Solutions
    Fixing Problem R-Panel Metal Roof Systems
    Field Techniques - Snow Retention Systems
    In areas prone to heavy snowfall, building and roof designs should consider how to handle this natural phenomenon. Several factors pour into this process.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - The Power of Copper
    Copper has apparent antimicrobial properties in HVAC systems.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - What To Ask - For Roofs That Last
    Helping building owners make educated roofing selections.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES - Why Didn't I Think Of That?
    Retrofit framing structures over new flat roofs.
    FIELD TECHNIQUES: 40 Billion Reasons
    Marrying Metal Roof Systems with Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells
    FIELD TECHNIQUES: A Complex Phenomenon
    Dynamic wind-uplift performance of composite metal roof assemblies.
    MCA's Metal-Forming Equipment Council Makes Manufacturing Better
    Are your customers' buildings prepared?
    FIELD TECHNIQUES: The Solar Equation
    Available Solar Technology + ROI = Results
    FIELD TIP - 5 Steps for Ensuring a Weathertight Roof
    The metal roofing industry is making great strides in developing installation methods that provide for weathertight, durable, low maintenance systems that will endure for decades.
    FIELD TIP - New Coating For Cool Metal Roofs
    Solutions to these challenges have been worked on for years by government and by members of our industry.
    FIELD TIP - Providing Suitable Attic Ventilation
    Proper ventilation ensures a cooler attic in warm climates and a dryer attic in cold, wet climates.
    FIELD TIP - The Temperature of Color - The Rest Of The Story
    Reflectance plays a key role in determining an object’s heat build up under the sun in both the visible region of the solar spectrum and in the invisible infrared.
    FIELD TIP - Things Are HEATING UP with COOL Roofs
    A presentation from the NCCA (National Coil Coating Association) Conference in Chicago, October 2001
    Have you tried the 'new roofing market'?
    Some 18 months ago we were called upon for a quote on Roof Huggers for a retro-fit application designed and spec'd. by Law Engineering Co. of Tampa, Florida on an 80,000 square foot structure.
    Hiring a Qualified Erector
    A competent erector is key to the successful completion of any metal building or roof construction project. The thousands of buildings that perform satisfactorily attest to that fact.
    Hurricane Hunters
    RICOWI reports about prefab roof performance during Charley and Ivan
    Introducing Decra Shingle Plus in Five New Colors
    Corona, Calif. — Tasman Roofing Products, the manufacturer of DECRA® Roofing Systems introduces the DECRA Shingle Plus profile in five colors.
    Is Design-Build Good for Metal Contractors?
    The last two decades have seen a dramatic shift in how the construction industry approaches project delivery. Design-bid-build was once the norm, now owners in both public and private sectors are evaluating alternative project delivery systems like design-build.
    It Takes A Village
    Metal Wall and Roof Panels Transform A Crisis Center Into a Community of Hope
    Kingspan Insulated Panels Return to METALCON 2009 With New Product And Exhibit
    Exhibit to Focus on Sustainability, Net-Zero Energy and Installation/Speed of Build, as well as Solutions from Morin
    MCA NEWS RELEASE - Re-Roofing the Rectory
    MCA volunteers tackle reroof and repair work at St. Maurice Church in New Orleans.
    MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects 2012
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) recognized its 2012 Chairman's Award recipients today at METALCON International, the only annual conference and exhibition dedicated to metal construction products, technologies and solutions. The Chairman's Awards are an annual designation given to outstanding building projects involving MCA member companies.
    MCA to Sponsor Commercial & Residential Roof & Tool Demos @ METALCON
    MCA to Sponsor Commercial & Residential Roof & Tool Demonstrations at METALCON International
    MEDIA ALERT: METALCON International
    METALCON International, the annual Conference and Exhibition for the Construction Industry
    Metal Re-Roof Over Existing Metal Roofs "RETRO-FITTING"
    The past requirement for replacing an old, worn out roof by tearing off the old material and "starting over" is no longer a necessity in a vast majority of metal re-roof jobs.
    Metal Roofing from A (Aluminum) to Z (Zinc) - Part V
    Profiles and Profiling Equipment
    Metal Wrap
    A Remodeled Home is Encased in Metal
    Metalcon 2002 - A Conventioneer's Eye View
    Ah, Chicago. The city with big shoulders (or is that broad shoulders?). What could be better than Metalcon by day and Chicago by night…
    METALCON Highlights, Registration
    New Patent Issued for "Air Cooled" Residential Metal Roof Application
    John Cooper of California, devised an answer to the power starved State of California that reduces homeowners heating and cooling costs.
    Perforated aluminum from Kalzip adds dramatic element to award-winning green building
    The Ben White Branch of the University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) in Austin, TX uses curved panels from Kalzip to create a unique but highly functional element of this dynamic green building.
    Polyglass Announces New ADESO Bilingual Installation Guide
    Polyglass®, the recognized leader of ADESO Dual Compound self adhesive membranes, is proud to introduce their latest bilingual (English-Spanish) installation brochure, the ADESO Dual Compound Self Adhesive Membrane Installation Guide.
    Polyglass introduces revolutionary metal roofing underlayment.
    Hazelton, PA - Polyglass, a worldwide leader in modified bitumen roofing products, is proud to introduce a new generation of metal roofing underlayment and waterproofing, Polystick MU.
    PRESS RELEASE - DECRA Introduces New Commercial Roofing Brochure
    DECRA® Roofing Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal roofing products, introduces its new commercial roofing brochure.
    PRESS RELEASE - Hardcast Introduces FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX Duct-Sealing Rolled Sealant
    Hardcast, a division of Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, introduces the addition of FOIL-GRIP 1403-181BFX to its line of rolled elastomeric duct sealants.
    PRESS RELEASE - METALCON International 2007
    METALCON International 2007 Event was Largest, Most Well-attended Ever
    PRESS RELEASE - UNITED COATINGS Offers Customer Loyalty Program for Approved Applicators
    UNITED COATINGS Offers Customer Loyalty Program for Approved Applicators
    PRESS RELEASE: A Dramatic Statement with Dri-Design
    A Dramatic Statement with Dri-Design
    PRESS RELEASE: A Wealth of New Business Connections Made at METALCON 2014
    A Wealth of New Business Connections Made at METALCON 2014
    PRESS RELEASE: An Apple-approved App from ATAS
    An Apple-approved App from ATAS
    PRESS RELEASE: An Outward Identity with Dri-Design Panels
    An Outward Identity with Dri-Design Panels
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Announce Two Additions To Its Team
    ATAS is excited to announce two additions to its team - Lori Morrow as a new Territory Manager, and Jeff Nichols as a Customer Service Representative.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Celebrates its Customers and Announces Projects of the Year
    ATAS International, Inc. recently held an event to celebrate its successes and honor its customers—Customer Appreciation Day, which took place on May 3-4.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Gets a Visit from Senator Casey
    Sen. Robert Casey Jr. visited ATAS International, Inc., on Oct. 27.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Historic Project Wins Two AIA Awards
    ATAS International, Inc. was honored that one of its historic renovation projects received two awards from the American Institute of Architects Greater Columbia Section.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS is a CSI Corporate Partner
    ATAS International, Inc. is pleased to announce it has become a member of the Construction Specification Institute Corporate Partner Program.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Joins as Member of The Climate Registry
    ATAS joins government and industry leaders as member of The Climate Registry. ATAS to measure and manage carbon emissions.
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Launches New Website
    ATAS International, Inc. excitedly has launched a new website at
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS President Dick Bus Lunches with President Obama
    ATAS President Dick Bus Lunches with President Obama
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Roof Featured on "This Old House"
    ATAS Roof Featured on "This Old House"
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Salespeople of the Year Named
    ATAS International, Inc. is pleased to announce Ernie Kortvely and Lynn Benninghoff are the recipients of its annual Malan S. Parker Award to recognize the top sales team.
    PRESS RELEASE: Athena Increases Service Life of Metal Roofing
    Athena Increases Service Life of Metal Roofing
    PRESS RELEASE: Celebrating 50 Years of Building Envelope Technology
    Celebrating 50 Years of Building Envelope Technology
    PRESS RELEASE: Clemson Pride Shines with Metal Panels
    Clemson Pride Shines with Metal Panels
    PRESS RELEASE: Colorado Coalition Plans Welcoming Events for METALCON Visitors
    Colorado Coalition Plans Welcoming Events for METALCON International Visitors
    PRESS RELEASE: Combilift - The Right Platform for the Metal Industry
    Combilift the global leader in multi-directional forklift trucks exhibits its C10000XL model and the new COMBI-CB at Metalcon 2009.
    PRESS RELEASE: Curved Screen Enhances The View
    The artistic shade screen on the new Science and Humanities Building at the Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, CA, offers a pleasing break from the ordinary for students looking through it and for passers-by looking at it.
    PRESS RELEASE: Dawn Solar Systems is Bringing Its Products to the Solar Bay at METALCON
    PRESS RELEASE: Distribution Agreement
    Distribution Agreement Teams Dawn Solar's Thermal Systems with Englert's Standing Seam and PV
    PRESS RELEASE: Extreme Makeover Project Features Roofing Generosity
    Skyline Construction Services, N.B. Handy and Fabral Join Forces to Donate a Metal Roof
    PRESS RELEASE: Five New Companies Join the MCA
    Five New Companies Join The Metal Construction Association
    PRESS RELEASE: Green Courses Approved by GBCI
    Green Courses Approved by GBCI
    PRESS RELEASE: High Tech Roofing Brings Energy Efficiency to DoD
    High Tech Roofing Brings Energy Efficiency to Department of Defense. Retrofit metal roofing helps heat and cool buildings, produces electricity for the grid, and harvests rainwater.
    PRESS RELEASE: Innovative new Kalzip FC facade system
    Innovative new Kalzip FC façade system features bi-directional installation and single panel replacement
    PRESS RELEASE: InSpire from ATAS Plays Key Role in LEED Certification
    The Better Living Mill Shop in Troy, Va., recently was LEED Certified for new construction by the U.S. Green Building Council under its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.
    PRESS RELEASE: International Event Partners on Job Training
    International Event Partners with State and Atlanta-area Initiatives on Job Training/Opportunities and Health Support
    PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Kalzip Inc.
    Effective February 2, 2009, the Kalzip business unit of Corus Building Systems will become Kalzip Inc. and no longer operate under the Corus Building Systems Inc. name.
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip adds warmth and style to bank renovation
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip Forms Unique Curved Metal Roof
    Kalzip forms unique curved metal roof on new University of Quebec á Chicoutimi arena
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip helps turn massive parking structure into attractive building element
    2000 McKinney is a 21-story office complex in the Uptown District of Dallas, a busy, developing area of commercial, residential, and retail establishments.
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip Inc. Provides Enhanced North American Manufacturing
    Kalzip Inc, has had a presence in the North American market for several years. In May 2006 it opened its Michigan City facility to provide faster delivery of its unique custom products to the North American market while continuing to offer the same high quality design and engineering capability it is known for worldwide.
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip Meets ASI Limited's Design and Business Needs
    When ASI Limited President Ken Smith learned about Kalzip’s perforated aluminium facade, he realized it was something that would work well on the new headquarters building his company was planning.
    PRESS RELEASE: Kingzip Insulated Standing Seam Roof Panels
    Panel Incorporates Unique Thermally Broken Hidden Clip Design and Delivers High-Performance Features to Help Reduce Site Time and Increase Aesthetic Appeal
    PRESS RELEASE: Make an Old Building New Again
    MAKE AN OLD BUILDING NEW AGAIN: New Retrofit “Microsite” Now Available From Metal Construction Association
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA & Metal Roofing Alliance to Exhibit @ International Roofing Expo
    Metal Construction Association and Metal Roofing Alliance to Exhibit in Booths 2341 and 2343 at the International Roofing Expo, February 26-28 in Las Vegas
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games
    MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Announces Triumph Awards Winners
    MCA ANNOUNCES TRIUMPH AWARDS WINNERS The Best of The Metal Construction Industry
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Elects 2012 Board of Directors
    Metal Construction Association Elects 2012 Board of Directors and Officers at Annual Meeting
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Elects 2016 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    Metal Construction Association Elects 2016 Officers and Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects Officers & Board of Directors @ 2014 Annual Meeting
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Embarks on Three New Research Projects
    MCA Embarks on Three New Research Projects
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Honors Eight Outstanding Building Projects
    MCA Honors Eight Outstanding Building Projects
    2016 Chairman’s Award Winners Announced
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Honors Three Outstanding Achievers
    MCA Honors Three Outstanding Achievers in the Metal Construction Industry
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Introduces Two New Environmental Product Declarations
    Metal Construction Association Introduces Two New Environmental Product Declarations
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Launches Interactive Heritage Webpage
    MCA Launches Interactive Heritage Webpage
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Leads Study
    MCA Leads Study with the U.S. Dept. of Defense on Integrated Energy Efficient Roof Technology
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Offers New Environmental Product Declaration
    MCA Offers New Environmental Product Declaration for Insulated Metal Panels
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Offers New, Practical Technical Resources on its State-of-the-Art Website
    Metal Construction Association Offers New, Practical Technical Resources on its State-of-the-Art Website
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Provides Roofing Installation Manual & Online Exam
    MCA Provides Roofing Installation Manual & Online Exam
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
    Metal Construction Association (MCA) Recognized its 2014 Chairman's Award Recipients
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects
    MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects with its 2011 Chairman's Awards at METALCON
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Recognizes Outstanding Building Projects with its 2010 Presidents Awards
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) recognized its 2010 President's Award winners at its Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA in late January.
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Sponsor Regional Retrofit Seminar
    MCA to Sponsor Regional Retrofit Seminar -- December 1st in Milwaukee
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Welcomes ABC Supply, Alpolic & Metanna as Member Companies
    The Metal Construction Association welcomes three additional companies to its membership.
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Welcomes Five New Member Companies
    Metal Construction Association Welcomes Five New Member Companies
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Welcomes Four New Member Companies
    The Metal Construction Association Welcomes Four New Member Companies
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Welcomes Rick Perry as Technical & Research Manager
    Metal Construction Association Welcomes Rick Perry as Technical and Research Manager
    PRESS RELEASE: Metal Panels Focal Point of Design
    Metal Panels are a Focal Point of Design for William R. Anton Elementary School, Los Angeles
    PRESS RELEASE: Metal Roof Service Life 60+ Years
    Metal Roof Service Life 60+ Years
    PRESS RELEASE: Metal Roofing Seaming Guide Available From MCA
    Metal Roofing Seaming Guide Available From MCA
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON 2009 Post-Show Release
    Qualified Buyers, Optimistic Exhibitors, and New Features Create a Successful 2009 METALCON International
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON Education Program Highlights Busy Areas for Metal
    METALCON Education Program Highlights Busy Areas for Metal
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON International Offers Green Programs, Exhibits
    METALCON International Offers Green Programs, Exhibits
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON Marks its 25th Anniversary with a Huge Success
    METALCON Marks its 25th Anniversary with a Huge Success
    METALCON Preview
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON’s 2015 Education Program
    METALCON’s 2015 Education Program Combines the Best of 25 Years with the Newest Trends for Business Success
    PRESS RELEASE: Multiple ATAS Projects Are MCA Award Winners
    Multiple ATAS Projects Are MCA Award Winners
    PRESS RELEASE: New Features and Highlights at the 2014 METALCON
    New Features and Highlights at the 2014 METALCON
    PRESS RELEASE: New Study Verifies Coated Steel Roofs
    New Study Verifies Coated Steel Roofs Can Last As Long As The Buildings They Cover: Typically 60 Years or More
    PRESS RELEASE: Projects of the Year Awarded by ATAS at Annual Customer Event
    Projects of the Year Awarded by ATAS at Annual Customer Event
    PRESS RELEASE: Quarterly Sales of TUBOS Hit a New Record
    Quarterly Sales of TUBOS Hit a New Record
    PRESS RELEASE: Red's Passing
    It is with great sadness we announce the passing of D.V. “Red” McConnohie, the inventor of the Roof Hugger and a leader in the Steel Building Industry.
    PRESS RELEASE: RESULTS ARE IN: 2016 MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games
    RESULTS ARE IN: 2016 MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games
    PRESS RELEASE: Roua Elliott Honored as Roofing Industry MVP
    Roua Elliott Honored as Roofing Industry MVP by the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress
    PRESS RELEASE: Scott Kriner Appointed Technical Committee Chair
    Scott Kriner Appointed Technical Committee Chair for Cool Roof Rating Council
    PRESS RELEASE: Shake XD from DECRA Roofing Systems
    DECRA® Roofing Systems, Releases DECRA Shake XD™ with "Cut & Tuck™" Technology
    PRESS RELEASE: SnoBlox-Snojax Releases SnowBreaker
    SnoBlox-Snojax has introduced SnowBreaker, a polycarbonate snow guard that minimizes the dangers of rooftop sliding snow and ice by slicing the wintery mix into smaller pieces so it can safely come off a roof.
    PRESS RELEASE: SNOWGRIP - Snow retention coating for metal roofs.
    SNOWGRIP! Do you believe in love at first sight?
    PRESS RELEASE: Solar Systems and Metal Roofs Generate a Bright Future
    The market is ripe for using renewable energy sources such as solar.
    PRESS RELEASE: Szatkowski Changes Territories
    Szatkowski Changes Territories
    PRESS RELEASE: The 22nd METALCON Hits the Mark for Exhibitors
    The 22nd METALCON International Hits the Mark for Exhibitors
    PRESS RELEASE: Transitioning an Expanded Space with Metal
    Transitioning an Expanded Space with Metal
    PRESS RELEASE: Trend Watch 2016
    Trend Watch 2016: Top 11 Drivers for the Construction Industry
    PRESS RELEASE: TUBOS Is Added to the Duro-Last Product Line
    TUBOS Is Added to the Duro-Last Product Line
    PRESS RELEASE: Versa-Seam and Versa-Lok Horizontal Panels
    ATAS International, Inc., has introduced two new horizontal wall panels—Versa-Seam and Versa-Lok. Both panels are designed to offer architectural appeal in a horizontal configuration.
    PRESS RELEASE: West Coast Customer Service Rep Named
    West Coast Customer Service Rep Named
    PRESS RELEASE: A Powerful Winner
    A Powerful Winner: Nebraska Public Power District Norfolk Operations Center, Norfolk, NE
    PRESS RELEASE: Action-packed 2013 METALCON Generates Fantastic Results
    Action-packed 2013 METALCON Generates Fantastic Results
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Celebrates Customers and Projects at Customer Appreciation Day
    ATAS Celebrates its Customers and Their Projects at Customer Appreciation Day
    PRESS RELEASE: ATAS Management Sweeps MCA Awards
    ATAS International, Inc. is proud to announce ATAS President Dick Bus was granted the Larry A. Swaney Award and ATAS Vice President of Sales Jim Bush was bestowed the Patrick R. Bush Service Award.
    PRESS RELEASE: Contractors Can Get Training From MCA
    Raise the Roof: Contractors Can Get Training on Metal Roofing Installation from MCA
    PRESS RELEASE: Custom-Bilt Metals Moves Vail Shingles into Distribution
    Expansion of Partnerships a Strong First Step to Nationwide Distribution of Award-Winning, Energy Star-rated Metal Shingle Line
    PRESS RELEASE: DECRA Roofing Offers GBCI Certified Continuing Education Class
    DECRA Roofing Offers GBCI Certified Continuing Education Class
    PRESS RELEASE: DECRA Roofing Systems Accomplishes Environmental Milestone
    DECRA Roofing Systems, Accomplishes Environmental Milestone with ISO 14001:2004 Certification
    PRESS RELEASE: DECRA Roofing Systems Selected To Participate in Future House USA Project in Bejing
    DECRA Roofing Systems selected to participate in Future House USA Project in Bejing
    PRESS RELEASE: DECRA® Roofing Sponsors Historical Restoration Project
    DECRA® Roofing Sponsors Historical Restoration Project, Red Antiquities Building
    PRESS RELEASE: Eight Building Projects Honored with MCA's 2015 Chairman's Awards
    Eight Building Projects Honored with MCA's 2015 Chairman's Awards
    PRESS RELEASE: Innovative Kalzip System Highlights Cal Poly Recreation Center
    Innovative Kalzip System Highlights Cal Poly Recreation Center
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip Highlights Steven Spielberg Building
    Kalzip highlights Steven Spielberg Building on Cedars Sinai Health System's Los Angeles campus
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip offers architects more options for designing with metal
    Through sessions offered by Kalzip Inc., design professionals throughout North American have been learning more about the capabilities of metal and ways in which it can help fill design needs and boost business opportunities.
    PRESS RELEASE: Kalzip Systems Can Help Contribute Points to Green Standards
    Architects, building owners and specifiers looking for ways to create more eco-friendly structures are turning to Kalzip roof and cladding systems.
    PRESS RELEASE: Market Forecast
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA & DOE Announce Final Phase of Building Envelope Research
    Third and Final Phase of Building Envelope Research Gets Underway at U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Elects 2013 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    MCA Elects 2013 Officers & Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Enhances Technical Resources Section in Website
    MCA Enhances Technical Resources Section in Website
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Expands Offerings at METALCON
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Honors ATAS International's Dick Bus & Jim Bush
    Metal Construction Association Honors ATAS International's Dick Bus and Jim Bush with Prestigious Service Awards
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Exhibit at AIA Expo in Denver
    Metal Construction Association to Exhibit at Booth 1303 at AIA Expo, June 20-22 in Denver
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Exhibit at the International Roofing Expo
    MCA to Exhibit at the International Roofing Expo Booth 202
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Present Panel Discussion
    Metal Construction Association to Present Panel Discussion Featuring Construction Association Leaders at Summer Meeting, June 23 in Rosemont, IL
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Sponsor Metal Roof & Wall Demonstrations at METALCON International
    The Metal Construction Association (MCA) will present metal roof and wall demonstrations at Booth #328 at METALCON.
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Sponsor Metal Roof, Wall & Tool Demos
    Metal Construction Association to Sponsor Metal Roof, Wall & Tool Demos at METALCON International
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA to Sponsor Roof & Tool Demonstrations at METALCON
    MCA to Sponsor Commercial and Residential Roof & Tool Demonstrations at METALCON
    PRESS RELEASE: MCA Welcomes Andy Williams as Director of Codes and Standards
    MCA Welcomes Andy Williams as Director of Codes and Standards
    PRESS RELEASE: Metal Enhances Learning Environment
    Metal Enhances Learning Environment: Penn Yan Academy, Penn Yan, NY
    PRESS RELEASE: Metal Roof Assemblies Reduce Attic Cooling and Heating Loads
    First Phase of Dynamic Building Envelope Research Shows Metal Roof Assemblies Significantly Reduce Attic Cooling and Heating Loads
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON 2013 Introduces Metal in Action
    METALCON 2013 Introduces Metal in Action
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON Introduces New Conference Format
    METALCON International Introduces New Conference Format of Education, Empowerment, Excellence
    PRESS RELEASE: METALCON's Giving Back Program
    METALCON International's Giving Back Program to Mark 20 Years of Supporting Local Initiatives
    PRESS RELEASE: More Qualified Buyers Attended the 21st Annual METALCON
    More Qualified Buyers Attended the 21st Annual METALCON International – the Whole Building Show
    PRESS RELEASE: New Color Chart Available from ATAS
    New Color Chart Available from ATAS
    PRESS RELEASE: Polyglass USA Introduces New Underlayment
    Polyglass USA Introduces New Underlayment Ideal for Metal Roof Systems
    PRESS RELEASE: Projects of the Year Revealed at Customer Appreciation Day
    ATAS International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall and ceiling panels for commercial and residential applications, recently held its annual Customer Appreciation Day.
    SMARTS continuing education underway with Roofing 101
    PRESS RELEASE: Terra-Petra & BWE Announce National Expansion Plans
    Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering and Building Waterproofing Experts Announce National Expansion Plans
    PRESS RELEASE: The 20th Annual METALCON Sets Standard for the Future
    In an economic environment of doubt about the future, the 2010 METALCON International was a beacon of opportunity for all involved.
    PRESS RELEASE: The Metal Initiative to Exhibit at Booth 1315
    The Metal Initiative to Exhibit at Booth 1315 at the AIA Design Expo, May 17-19, 2012 in Washington, D.C.
    PRESS RELEASE: TUBOS: The Faster, Less-Expensive Method
    TUBOS: The faster, less-expensive method for extending plumbing vent pipes
    PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Metal Industry Shows Growth
    U.S. Metal Industry Shows Growth in Past 5 Years - Despite Economy
    PRESS RELEASE: Updated Catalog Lists Continuing Education Courses from MCA
    Updated Catalog Lists Continuing Education Courses from MCA and its Member Companies
    PRESS RELEASE: With Zinc, School Has Shining Port of Entry
    With Zinc, School Has Shining Port of Entry: Gateway Center, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY
    Protecting Concrete from Water Intrusion
    Water Intrusion Technologies has an advanced solution for removing and keeping water out of subterranean concrete walls and slabs, which is Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP) technology.
    RESIDENTIAL: A Modern Treehouse
    Modernist Home in the Woods Reflects Nature
    Retro - Fitting Over Existing Roofs
    Converting Conventional Flat Roof to Metal Sloped Roofs and Metal Over Existing Ribbed Metal Sloped Roofs
    Stainless Steel Building for Fairfield, CT
    New Compost Building by BEHLEN Industries LP is made from stainless steel.
    Statewide Roofer "FINDS" over a Million!
    In these times of dwindling new construction in a nervous economy, a company needs to find new sources and new ways of keeping it's bottom line profit intact.
    Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary
    Sunlife Systems International, Inc. celebrates their 30-year anniversary as a pioneer in roof restorations for industrial & commercial markets.
    Surfs Up: The Historic Renovation of Surf Mall
    Surfs Up: The Historic Renovation of Surf Mall
    The KleenKutter by CTTI
    Core Tech Tools, Inc. (CTTI) would like to introduce the "KleenKutter" (pat. pending), our new tool.
    To Answer Your Questions
    Sept. 5, 2000 to John Wyatt, BNP.
    Wilks Robinson Case Study.
    Historic Roof Draws Attention from Land and Air. Ms. Montique McMillan would be proud of her 1896 farmhouse. Much of the attention is due to the brilliant teal Metalogic roof.
    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'ROOFING'
    Q: We are thinking of reroofing and going with a Gerard steel roof. What are your thoughts on installing such a roof over a 20 year old Cedar shake roof without ripping the old roof off as this is what is being suggested by the contractor? Would it be preferable to take off the old roof and install plywood first?
    A: Susan, I would suggest you ask to see the installation guidlines for this particular panel from Gerard. In most residential (I'm assuming this is a home we are talking about) applications a "non-structural" or architectural panel is used. This means that the panel cannot be installed over open framing and it must have a deck of some kind under it to support it. The installation technique this contractor is suggesting would probably have steel channels or 2x4's(these framing pieces are called purlins or sleepers) run across the top of the shakes and then the panels would be run over the tops of these purlins. This would be considered open framing since the panel must span from purlin to purlin with no support between and not suitable ...
    Q: Yes, I emailed JohnsManville a long time ago and received no response yet. Will try YOUR resource provided now, however. I've gotten a lot of 'heat' from The Mom about achieving 'dry-in', ASAP. I've torn the roof off of a first-floor existing structure where this two-story addition passes over it, so her concerns are justified, since we're into thurderstorms daily now, with accompanying 35 mph gusts. We live on a peninsula near the bay, but I'm building to the new code like I was living on the beach as far as my roof is concerned. Speaking of which........we're laying 3/4" tongue-in-grrove 3/4" thick plywood as our first layer on the conventionally-framed 2 x 8 rafters, slope about 5 3/4 - in - 12. Ridge beam is laminated - in - pla...
    A: ZANE BRITT: W O W ! Sounds like you are building a soundproof--temperature proof--pentagon--type first class job for "the Mom". It also sounds as though you are about at a dead load limit and a 24 Ga. ribbed meatal roof is ideal for your situation. There are a couple of RESIDENTIAL METAL ROOF contractors who advertise their specialty. I do not personally know them nor their work but you should call them for price, expertise and references SOON! There is a top notch home in Avila that is a great example of metal roof--well done and I'm sure they or their architect could put you in contact with their applicator. If interested, we are here in Tampa---909-4424 and I could show you the home or perhaps you can call Avila Realty who may be abl...
    Q: Hello, Turn of the century Standing seam. I have just recently purchased a 120 year old historical plantation home in bad need of restoration. I need to put a new tin (galvanized) roof on the main structure, the servants quarters, the kitchen house and the garage. I have been doing all the work my self and it is time to replace sections of the roof. I am looking for a place to purchase raised seam panels of the old style that require manual bending with a series of hand tools. I am also looking for training on how to install this type of roof. I have mastered all the skills needed to renovate old houses but I have never had to install rolled seam roofing. Does anyone know where to buy installation guides, journeymen's hand books, ...
    Q: What is the general impression of doing an overlay with foam on a rough metal roof. I don't want to spend the money on a large roof by re-roofing.
    A: RICK, AT U-HAUL--PHOENIX : Good morning: I admit to being a "bit" prejudiced by my niche business of furnishing a miniature "Z" sub-purlin designed for re-roofing OVER the existing metal roof--no "tear-off", no opening building with ensuing liabilities and the lowest cost way to re-roof and forget about it for the next 30 years. a top job of foam is not "cheap" in the longer run. "things" happen to it. Nation wide we get many calls to furnish ROOF HUGGERS TO GO OVER A FOAM COATED ROOF, some not so long in place. Considering the value of your existing investment and it's future value, a permanent re-roof will more than pay. Our customers report complete re-roofs with HUGGERS and new roof of Galvalume SCREW DOWN" "R" TYPE PANELS, AT 2.70 TO...
    Q: Is there an UL rating being developed for spray on fire proofing under pre-engineered metal roof decks? AS of now I am not aware of any UL assembly which would allow spray on fireproofing under pre-engineered metal deck. Please let me know
    Q: I am currently (along w/family & friends) in the process of building a concrete house with a steel roof. Our roof trusses are in place and the C-Purlin is installed. We have contacted several mfg's for the metal roofing material but have a few questions. How far should the sheet metal extend past the bottom C-Purlin? - Should it fit flush or should it extend a couple of inches past?
    Q: My father has bought a new house a couple of months ago and he put a metal building on it. We filled the inside and outside troths with cement, silconed inside and out, we put tar on the cement that is in the troths, we made a ramp at the front and the back of the building for the water to run off. It rained pretty heavy a few days ago, and after all we did there is still puddles of water in the building. Is there anything else we could do, or is there some sort of waterproofing material we could use that will stick to tar?
    A: Shelly, I'm have no idea what you just said! Are you saying your father put a metal building on his house or on the property his new house sits on? Further are you saying you have poured concrete on both sides of the metal wall panels? Why in the world would you do that? If you can send us some more details or better yet some photos of what you are doing, we might be able to give a more complete answer. If this helps.......... in general (assuming there is no roof leak) when you are getting water on the floor of the building it is because the surrounding ground is stacked above the finish floor elevation, or in times of heavy rain, the water level is flooding above the finish floor elevation. If you have a typical monolithic slab ...
    Q: This is a simple question to which I can find very little agreement in an answer. What is the most simple way to easily cut 29ga. metal ribbed siding/roofing? I know that an abrasive wheel grinder works, but this process uses up abrasive wheels (quickly) and leaves dangerous edges. Kett shears heve been suggested but not everyone agrees. Do you think the newer "twin cutter" (carbide counter rotating blades) offered by Sears may work....I need to cut lengths, widths and angles for gable ends. Suggestions would be helpful..Lou Revelle
    A: Lou, I would contact Swenson Steel Products Co., Inc. 209-537-8988 or visit their website Sheering will always give you a cleaner, straighter, more consistant edge than any cutting tool out there. Thanks for your question, Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: Looking for advice on how best to put composition shingle roof on metal building. Also concerned about sound transmission thru exterior walls for use as a church. Would like to view standard construction details for adding brick exteriors, church windows and doors, fire seperation walls and fireproofing in general.
    A: David, I did a new church building some years ago with pre-engineered framing, plywood decking and shingle covering. I worked out very nicely. The metal building mfg. however will have to work out your specific design loadings. The bay spacing may have to be reduced due to purlin deflection due to plywood & shingle weight plus any wind/snow loadings that apply. Additionally the purlin spacing will also have to be reduced. 24"-30" is typical which works out perfectly for plywood sheeting. Remember 3:12 minimum roof pitch. If you are addiing a steeple don't forget to tell the metal building mfg. because those loads can be significant depending on its base size and height. Also don't forget to tell them you do not want "X" bracing i...
    Q: We are re-roofing an existing standing seam metal roof in our local area. The existing metal roof is insulated. Will be using the "Roof Hugger" - Z spacer for support of the new standing seam metal roof. Between the spacer and new metal roof will place "Ayr-Foil" bubble foil faced insulation, (foil face up). A concern has a been noted about possible condensation and some thought has been given to use a "Cor-A-Vent, Purlin Vent" to ventilate above the "Ayr-Foil". What do you think. Thanks.
    A: Mark, I wish I had a quick answer for you but I don’t have any personal experience with bubble foil so I’m not sure how to handle it. My gut feel is that you may be better to place the foil on top of the old roof. Install the Huggers on top of the foil, ventilate the cavity and install the new panels directly to the Huggers. The Huggers may need additional vent holes in the vertical web since the bubble wrap would tend to fill the space around the rib cutouts but this would be no problem. I would check with your insulation contractor and get their opinion. Dale
    Q: Can you tell me the diffrence in cost between metal roofing on a pre-engineered bldg and Resolite roofing. Also is the life expectancy of the Resolite greater and is how much. This will be a roof replacement on an existing building with no insullation.
    A: Robert, I haven't used Resolite in about 10 years so my pricing is quite dated. I recall it, back then, being about double the cost. There were also some panel length limitations, and I recall a special fastener being used for attachment. I would review your project specifics: Panel span (distance from eave to ridge), the number of endlaps that would be needed. The type of structural steel being attached to (joist, structural steel, metal building purlins)and ask about the coefficient of expansion to make sure there are no movement issues. Check your roof slope verses their recommended minimums. The material is beautiful and comes in several different finishes, textures and colors. I used it in a very hostile chemical enviornment a...
    Q: What is the best tool or shear to cut R panel roofing material with? We have tried a saw blade turned backwards (too much noise and metal particles), a nibbler(didn't cut very well) and hand shears (too slow). We are looking for an electric tool to cut with (cordless or corded). thanks for your help.
    A: Mike, None of the power tools are particularly fast to operate, they are hard to control and thus is is difficult to hold a decent line. I personally think the Swenson Shear make the cleanest cut and although you must cut the panels one at a time it does go pretty fast. Vist them at and see what you think. Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: Are there any long lasting benefits to using a roofing product made with galvalume plus over ordinary galvalume Thanks for you advice
    A: Rick, I'm not sure of all the benefits. Those companies that sell the panels can probably tell you all the details. A couple things I am aware of is 1) You can handle the panels without fear of leaving unsightly marks from you hands. 2) The top clear coating act to protect the galvalume for a period of time thus delaying the process of the material sacraficing itself to the adverse elements. So even if the coating only lasted 5 years it could make a 30 year panel last 35 years. Check with the major panel retailers they should have a more complete answer for you. Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: Is there a cost comparisons study for Life Cycle cost for Erie Pa. for asphalt shingles 50 year versus Metal roof 50 Year Warranty. If that is not available what would be any anaylsis of asphalt shingles versus metal roofing
    A: Peter, If you believe for one minute that a shingle roof will be around in 50 years I have a bridge for sale I have just got to show you! I not sure a metal roof will be around that long but we both know if anything will, the metal has the best chance. Metal is simply better able to take the UV rays then any asphalt / fiberglass composite will ever be able to withstand. Realistically I would expect a shingle roof to last 12 - 18yrs depending what part of the country you are in. The farther south you are the less time you have. A properly installed metal roof will be around easily for 20 years and I truly believe 35 years in not unrealistic, again depending on the slope, complexity and atmospheric environment surrounding the roof. ...
    Q: I am considering purchasing a used equestrian metal building, 120' x 250' in Lucas, Texas and relocating it to Abilene, Texas. I have been told that only the frame can be used because the existing screw holes in the siding and roof will never align with the holes in the frame.. therefore I will have to purchase new siding and roofing. Is this true? If I cannot locate the original plans is there a way to get new plans for the permit? How much should I budget for the demolition, shipping, and erection in Abilene? How do I locate someone who is capable of disassembling the building and moving it…? Thanks for your assistance! Del
    A: Del, Move slowly on this adventure. I have seen where it costs more to move and re-erect an existing building than it does to build a new one. Remember you must remove all the sheeting, not so bad on the walls, but the roof is a real problem due to the mastic in the side and end laps of the sheeting. Often the walls can be reused if they are not too faded or banged up but never the roof. You must then disassemble and tag the building structure and sub-structure. Often in equestrian usage there is considerable corrosion in the lower areas of the columns, girts and sheeting unless the building was carefully maintained. To relocate this building you will need to load it on 2 or 3 flatbeds, and haul it about 200 miles. You will ...
    Q: I have a metal building with R-panel roofing material. I had a metal ridge placed on the roof with a bird-guard installed below, to allow for air circulation. The roof panels do not meet at the ridge, leaving ~ a 12 inch gap between them. The ridge cap is ~30 inches wide. My problem is that we have water running into the building at the ridge during rain events. What can I do to prevent/correct this?
    A: Jim, The Roof Panels never do meet at the ridge and with an "R" panel a more typical ridge detail uses a fitted, preformed ridge cap with the same configuration as the "R" panel. 10' long 9"-12" throat ridge vents are then typically installed on top of 10' areas where the ridge caps are omitted. They are sealed to the roof with foam closure strips. Your ridge detail probably uses a flat metal ridge cap with a fiber type closure and in certain wind / rain coditions water will come through. You may want to look at a company called Marco Industries, Inc. that manufactures a combination foam/fiber low profile vent material. This product may help your situtation. There may still however be certain conditions tha...
    A: Kate, Wish there was an easy answer but it depends on the panel. All panel manufactures have standard attachment details for their individual products. Review them and install them per those drawings because your warranty could be effected. That said on the typical 12" o.c. "R" panel rib the attachment is always in the flat part of the panel except at the panels side laps. In eave, rake, corners, hips and valleys the panels are typically installed with 2 fasteners in each flat. One per flat in the roof field. An "S" wave type corrugated panel will typically attach to the deck or structure through the top of the rib because there is no flat area to attach to and the therefor if the fastener seal is in the bottom of the curve it ...
    Q: Is my metal roofing contractor legally required to put flashing on the pipes on my roof. I had a metal roof put on and got a leak. I realized the pipes on the roof have no flashing on them, only caulk, and what looks like plumbers putty. The contractor is giving me a hard time about putting on the flashing.
    A: Shawn, Your contractor is absolutly responsible. To make it worse what is required is called a "Deck-Tight" or a "Pipe-Master" they are less than $20.00 normally. DO NOT USE LEAD BOOT FLASHING CAPS THEY ARE NOT FOR METAL ROOFS, THEY ARE FOR SHINGLE ROOFS. (paste the above address into your browser). You know it is hard to believe a contractor would risk losing a good customer and more importantly and good referal for twenty bucks. Good Luck, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: Which is better for the installation of Metal tile roofing, particularly, metal shakes, C-purlins or square tubing? In case of using C-purlins (2x3 in.), what is the minimum or ideal thickness needed to ensure the roof does not get torn off during thunderstorms? Winds here can reach in excess of 170kph. Thanks for your response!
    A: Itron, The question you ask is more complex than it would appear. There is a relationship between the type of structural member you select, the thickness of that member (gauge), the spacing of those parts (IE: 4' o.c., 2' o.c., etc) and the capacity of the panel itself on the members at various spacings. The attachment of these purlins or tubes to the underlying trusses or frames can also affect the performance. A local engineer would be the best person to guide you in these matters (a small investment compared to the cost of the new roof)or perhaps the metal tile folks may have some guidelines and recommendations for the installation of their product. Good Luck, Dale Nelson Roof Hugger,Inc.
    Q: We are working with a skid equipment box that has a flat steel roof. Water infiltration is noticed at the roofing seems. We have tried using a roof patch to seal the seems which only reduced the problem. The roof does not have any pitch and tends pool water up to 1 inch deep. Our thoughts are to use some sort of an overlayment. Another thought is to use the polyurethane foam to build a pitch for the roof. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    A: John, Below is an interesting video on fixing trailer roofs. I don't have any personal experiece with this type of roof since we do mostly structual steel roofing. Most trailers are very light membrane roofs over some type of deck or a very light gauge aluminum panels. If you can find the original trailer Mfg. it might be worth getting their suggestions. Perhaps this video will help, Copy the address and paste it into you browser. Good Luck, Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: Good day, My companies’ building is of multiple structures, pieced together over the last 80 years. The last roofing rework has been over 20 years ago and is in need of repair/replacement. I was interested in having a steel roof structure built over top of the 4300 sq ft. building. That way in the future the existing structure could be removed and steel structure be completed under existing steel roof structure. My question is …is this possible or are there unforeseen complications? Thank You, Steve
    A: Yes Steve it is done all the time and any qualified steel building company can handle this change and explain the details of how this is done. That's the good news as they say. More importantly however, you do need to check with your local building department (or contractor) first regarding local codes. This change although not creating any new square footage may trip a number of new regulation enforcements that you are currently "grandfathered" from having to comply with. You may be required to change your setbacks, add parking, add fire protection, modify electrical services, add retention ponds, meet handicap access requirements, and the list goes on. These modifications can be imposed on buildings not even modified. So ask a...
    Q: Hi, I am trying to find what I call old style through fastened metal roofing panels. This is because they are on buildings on our familys farm which are 50 or more years old. Basically, one style looks almost identical to the current 5V CRIMP pattern but it has rounded ribs rather than the 5V's sharp ribs. I prefer the rounded ribs for many reasons but I type too slow to elaborate and also don't want to potentially bore you. Long story short, there must be enough other people like me for there to be a market for these. Therefore, I can't help but think there must be 1: some niche marketer(s) of these that I have been unable to find yet in the internet netherworld. 2: someone who could make these for me (my research has discovered...
    A: Steve, Metal Sales has a large varity of panels. Check this out and let us know if it is what you are looking for. Dale Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I recently had a 50x100 building consructed. I never went to the roof to inspect after completion. I went up to clean my gutters and the roofing sheets are hanging so far into gutter that you cannot get your hand in the gutter to remove the leaves. I contacted my erector and he told me since my roof has a low pitch that the metal has to extend way out from the framing. He says that I will have to remove the hangers to pull gutter out far enuogh to remove the debris. Is this correct ?
    A: Steve, The short answer is yes he may be correct but it does depend on the style of gutter used on the new building. If you will paste the address below into your browser it will show you MBCI's standard "high faced" gutter detail. This could easily create the cleaning problem you have described. Other manufacturers use a gutter that does not come to the top of the roof panel as this one does. Those "underhung" gutters are more easily cleaned. What may be appropriate for you at this point would be to install a leaf guard product to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutters. If your building has an "underhung" type gutter then it is possible...
    Q: I am going over existing shingles with metal roofing. Which is better for underlayment AYR foil of 30# felt? Thanks greg
    A: Greg, Always check with the specific panel MFG's for their recommendations first. My experience would say that if you are going to use a "Reflective Foil" as a radiant barrier you must have an air gap. some of the new standing seam panels now hold the panels aprox 3/8"-1/2" above the existing roof deck. This creates an air cavity that can be vented and will assist in makeing the building/home more energy efficient. If you are using a panel that does not standoff then the 30# felt with a "slip sheet" would probably be advisable. If you have not heard of a slip sheet, this is a layer of material that keeps the panels from bonding to the felt and restricting their ability to handle expansion and contraction. Again check with the p...
    Q: We had galvanised corugated sheets for roofing. Some of them started rusting from edges and some of them had white rust on them. Can you suggest any repair procedures so that I can reuse those sheets.
    A: Kishor, The white rust will end as soon as the panels are unstacked and normally will wash off with a nylon brush, soap and water. The edge rust is another issue however. The edges are the raw cut sides and ends of the panels. In the open air the zinc will run down the panel and across the raw edges carried by rain water and minimize this occurance. Stacked however this may not occur. If they are still stacked you should be able to wire brush or steel wool the edges and then apply a "liquid galvanizing" to the panel ends and edges. If they are already instaled the process is a bit more difficult to remove the existing rust and apply the liquid galvanizing. This may take masking, cleaning, re-masking, coating and a bunch of ted...
    Q: I want to use 30 # felt then Polystick MTS under a standing seam roof. The 30# felt will allow for easier re-roofing years down the line. Youcannot get the Polystick mts off the sheathing later when you re-roof but with the 30# felt under the polystick mts the sheathing is reusable at reroof time. IS THIS PLAN WORKABLE.....WILL THE POLYSTICK MTS APPLY WELL ON TOP OF THE 30 # FELT?
    A: I would check with the panel supplier for their recommendations. The only possible problem I see is the panel sticking to the Polystick causing an expansion and contraction problem. They might recommend the use of a slip sheet between them. Dale Nelson Roof Hugger, Inc.
    Q: I am repairing storm damage to roof on pole barn, I need to match 4 foot aluminum with 8 inch bi rib. Do you know of any roofing product that would match that?
    A: There are a couple of companies that provide aluminum panels that come to mind. Have you tried Metal Sales , Petersen Aluminum, Atas Metal,, Drexel Metals ?
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    Finally a roll forming machine that makes a roof that can be offered to homeowners in suburban settings that look like there neighbors roofs. This horizonal residential snap loc with nailing flange installs just like an asphalt roof. No special labor issues with installation of this particular metal roof. $ 17,500 for this rubber drive rollforming machine. No text or e-mails accepted! Call the roofingwiz at 989-948-8344
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    Translucent and opaque corrugated fiberglass building panels avaiable to match most metal building panels. Used for skylights , window openings, roofing , siding and corrosion resistant applications
    General Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Representatives
    BuildMat Plus is an affiliate of the Metroll Group (, the leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of metal roofing and cladding. Through the hard work and commitment of our employees, the Group has grown into a successful company with over 26 metal building components plants. We now seek to grow on our success by expanding into the West Coast market. To help achieve this vision, BuildMat Plus is seeking enthusiastic and experienced: (a) General Manager; (b) Operations Manager; and (c) Sales representatives for the following geographic markets: (a) Southern California; (b) Northern California; and (c) Nevada and Arizona. For consideration, e-mail your resume to and indicate the position you are seeking.
    Have Steel Will Travel
    16 Years Exp. Metal Buildings & Mini-Storages Commercial Metal Roofing Residental Metal Roofing . We will cover almost anything with metal. Not the cheapest But not the most expensive.
    Looking for a rollformer.
    wanted used 10 or 12' automatic folder or a trim rollformer
    Looking for used steel building for Cabinet shop
    I need an used steel structure to be transported and installed by our team. Size if possible 100' x 50'x 12' or more. if possible with steel roofing
    Lots of experience, good references
    I have 20 years experience in putting up metal buildings and 6 years putting metal roofing on homes. I have my own crew and will travel for available work.
    Manufacturer, Single/Multi Story, Can Install
    Manufacturer with locations in CA, TX, MD & TN specializing in single & multi-story self-storage facilities, retro-fit roofing, metal trusses and an extensive line of components. As an added bonus, can install and will travel nationwide.
    Metal bldg. erectors and sales
    We erect all metal bldgs. 25 years experience. Certified standing seam roofing contractor,Osha 10 cards Insulated panels,Re-roofs,Siding,Demo,leaks,all type of repairs, none too small, none too big. Free estimates. Travel all over New England
    metal builders needed
    my company we specialize in erecting metal building,pouring an finishing concrete, metal roofing,insulation,building houses,give us a call 229-377-5967
    Metal Building Components: Corrugated Panels, Purlins & Trim
    Metroll Fontana is a manufacturer and supplier of quality metal building products, including metal roofing, metal siding, corrugated metal panels, purlins (cees & zees), trim (i.e. gutter, downspout, ridge cap, etc.), fasteners, decking and metal fencing.
    Metal Building Erector
    I have 20 years of experience in erection of metal buildings and metal roofing. Please call or email today for free estimates and bidding. Will travel throughout the state. Fast, guaranteed work.
    Metal building, structural steel erector, on-site fabrication. Repair existing buildings, stairs, handrails,platforms,retro-roofing,all metal building repairs.
    Metal Building Erectors
    We are looking for crew members who have experience erecting metal buildings. Must have knowledge of plumbing up primary framing, roofing, walls, trim, doors and windows. Must have drivers license and own vehicle. Send your resume to
    Metal Building Foreman
    Mosley Building Systems is looking for a Experienced Metal Building Foreman for the Gulf coast area, Must have a minimum of 10 years experience in Erecting Metal buildings and roofing. Must have a valid DL and be drug free.
    Metal Building/ Construction Business Development Specialist
    I am a construction business development specialist, interested in a dynamic position with a metal building company, where I can make a difference not just as a sales representative, but as a customer service liaison; I am confident and honest enough to say that I am a quality individual who is highly social and well-networked, and that I have means and resources to continuously meet new people. Not only I have proven experience working in sales for several years, including retail, construction/steel buildings and roofing/home remodeling, and the mortgage industries, but I also have significant customer service/ administrative experience, in different capacities, and I am bilingual English/Spanish and proficient with all Microsoft applications and most filing systems (and Salesforce, Xactimate). I believe that I possess the ability to "wear different hats," with my proven sales and networking experience.
    Metal buildings Rigid Global Buildings is an international metal building manufacturing company located in Houston, Texas. Rigid manufacturers metal buildings, steel buildings, pre-engineered buildings, metal roof panels and metal wall panels. In addition to the extensive metal component line up, Rigid also offers two options in renewable energy roofing through crystalline solar panels and laminate solar panels.
    Metal Buildings
    Patco Construction is a subcontractor company, with 15 years experince in metal buildings and metal roofing.
    Metal buildings , garages and carports
    galvanized steel framing , metal roofing and sides, trim. OUR price INCLUDES the metal building , delivery and full installation. Ex: 18x26x8 Fully enclosed building $2,815 Ex: metal carports 18x21x7 $795. Call for ANY szie 12x21 to 30x300 Dan 888-523 -6489 or cell 770-570-8532
    Metal Buildings - Garages - Carports - Sheds
    Manufacturers of Metal Buildings, Garages, Mini-Storage, Carports, Barns, and Sheds. Serving all of Florida. We distribute metal roofing, tubular steel, red iron components, metal building fasteners and components, roll-up doors, sectional doors, metal building skylights, all over the United States. Visit for more information.
    Metal Buildings for sale
    Encore Steel Buildings, LLC. 7101 West 12th St., Ste. 403 Little Rock, AR 72204 Phone: 501-663-1347 \ 866-614-9153 Fax: 501-614-4664 Hello, If you need a metal building or know someone who is, let us help with it. We will be glad to help with the design, engineering, codes, loads, and any other thing we can to make your metal building selection easy and affordable for you. If it is agricultural, commercial, industrial, air plane hangar, shop, barn, riding arena, mini storage or any other pre engineered metal building please contact us. We are here to help you in any way we can. We can provide all accessories for a standard metal building. Insulation, gutters and downspouts, doors, windows, vents, louvers, fans etc… We have 26 gauge roof and wall panels as a standard, we can also provide 24 gauge standing seam Roof panels if you want it. We also offer all components for a standard building, if you are in need of roofing or siding materials let us price them for you. We may be able to help you finance you new metal roof. We have the most recent state of the art program for engineering, detailing, estimating on the market. We have a friendly sales staff that will be glad to assist you with all your questions. Most standard building quotes in 24 hours or less. Email us at or call us today for a free quote. Call today for your next building. Thank you,
    Metal Panel Manufacturer
    LANSON METALS 900 McDuff Ave. Grandview, Texas 76050 817-768- 6351 Lanson Metals manufacturers metal panels for metal roofs & privacy fencing and is now in Grandview, Texas to serve contractors & installers & distributors of metal roofing & metal roofing trim. Panels are 1st grade in 26 gauge or 29 gauge. All of our panels have a 40 year warranty. Our paint holds up in the Texas sun & will not fade out in a few years like some competitors that even have 30 or 40 year warranties. Paint fade should be a great concern to you so you won't be getting complaints from your customers on fading paint. Why have the hassle from an irate customer on their colored metal fading. Our metal is painted by the largest coating manufacturer in the world & tested in 37 locations in the world next to other manufacturers painted panels. Our manufacturer is far superior on their paint process & not fading! If you are now buying panels from a distributor or manufacturer that has only a 25 year warranty you would be able to offer your customers a panel with a 40 year warranty & better paint coatings at the same or lower price. You could be ahead of any competition that is selling a 25 year warranty panel & many are a 2nd grade! We have many colors to select from. We offer pick up at our location or we deliver by our trucks to your business or to the job site. We cut panels in the lengths you need in a kit form so all you have to do is put it on-already cut to order for the job you are doing. No extra charge! Delivery ON OUR TRUCKS is $35 on orders under $3500 & Free On Orders for $3500 Or MORE. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR FOR PRICES CONTACT ME: Dennis McMonigle – Regional Sales Manager 817-723-4088 – Cell
    Metal Panel Manufacturer
    LANSON METALS 900 McDuff Ave. Grandview, Texas 76050 817-768- 6351 Lanson Metals manufacturers metal panels for metal roofs & privacy fencing and is now in Grandview, Texas to serve contractors & installers & distributors of metal roofing & metal roofing trim. Panels are 1st grade in 26 gauge or 29 gauge. All of our panels have a 40 year warranty. Our paint holds up in the Texas sun & will not fade out in a few years like some competitors that even have 30 or 40 year warranties. Paint fade should be a great concern to you so you won't be getting complaints from your customers on fading paint. Why have the hassle from an irate customer on their colored metal fading. Our metal is painted by the largest coating manufacturer in the world & tested in 37 locations in the world next to other manufacturers painted panels. Our manufacturer is far superior on their paint process & not fading! If you are now buying panels from a distributor or manufacturer that has only a 25 year warranty you would be able to offer your customers a panel with a 40 year warranty & better paint coatings at the same or lower price. You could be ahead of any competition that is selling a 25 year warranty panel & many are a 2nd grade! We have many colors to select from. We offer pick up at our location or we deliver by our trucks to your business or to the job site. We cut panels in the lengths you need in a kit form so all you have to do is put it on-already cut to order for the job you are doing. No extra charge! Delivery ON OUR TRUCKS is $35 on orders under $3500 & Free On Orders for $3500 Or MORE within 100 mile radius of Grandview, Tx FOR MORE INFORMATION OR FOR PRICES CONTACT ME: Dennis McMonigle – Regional Sales Manager 817-723-4088 – Cell
    Metal Roofing
    Cutting Metal panels? Angles are a snap! Speeds up the whole installation...!
    Metal Roofing & Siding
    We offer high quality 29 gauge, 26 gauge and 24 gauge (for standing seam panels) #1 steel that has a 45 year Paint System Warranty. Please Call Us TODAY for your FREE Quote. Toll Free 888-508-9888 or fill out our online form at
    Metal Roofing and siding
    Let us give you a quote on you metal roofing, siding, or specialty tirm. Commercial and Residential
    Metal Roofing Distributor/Contractor
    Metal Building & Roofing Distributor/Contractor
    Metal Roofing Installers
    Metal Roofing installers Stone Coated Metro,Decra, Tile Shake and shingle profiles. Snap lock Standing seam 12 and 16 in. widths
    Metal Roofing Specialist
    North American Roofing, LLC is a licensed roofing contractor specializing in all types of metal roofing including architectural and standing seam roofs. NAR has a full line of Nu-Roof, Roof Over and RetroFit Roofs for any need. NAR can also frame and existing roof to change the slope and appearence of your existing low sloped roof.
    Metal Roofing Supervisor/Installers
    We are presently looking for experienced metal roof installers and supervisors for projects in Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Dallas. Supervisors must be bilingual.
    Need a Forman ?
    Commercial Buildings Iron Worker, Crane Operator, Back Hoe , Fork Lift, Heavy Equipment of all types . Can run a crew of 5 to 130 . Skills as of the following Trim , siding , down spouts , gutters Skylights, bar joyce,Decking. Buildings have done 34 prisons in Texas,Stalf Bomber Hanger for Whiteman AFB ,Diamond Carpet Mill AL GA , Budwiser Plant Nasville TNN, USA Steel Plant TNN. Rebuilt for St. Tomas for Harricane Repair 18 months , Mars Statuim in Maryland ,North Carloina Middle schools, Chevey Dealership, watertrement Plant .All types of metal roofing ,all types of standing seem roofs,hips and valleys ,insul.and complete metal roofing systems ,roof curb sections,flashing and detailing ,vent pipe detailing . Will travel Has the following truck ,3 men , tools Work Experience Dates Employed Job Title Company 1/1999 - 11/2004 Construction Worker HCC constction Richmand VA/N/A Job site forman , crew leadder, installer,heavey machain opperator ,welder, Languages Proficiency Level Spanish Basic - Familiar Current Career Level: Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff) Years of relevant work experience: More than 15 Years Military Service: Active Security Clearance: Work Status: US - I am authorized to work in this country for any employer. Desired Type: Employee Desired Status: Full-time Desired Salary: 27.50 USD Per Hour Job Titles: Construction Worker, Super Company Size: No Preference Categories: Construction, Mining and Trades Industries: Construction Locations: US, US-Florida, US-Florida-Daytona, US-Florida-Ft. Lauderdale, US-Florida-Ft. Myers/Naples, US-Florida-Gainesville/Jacksonville/Ocala, US-Florida-Melbourne, US-Florida-Miami, US-Florida-Orlando, US-Florida-Pensacola/Panama City, US-Florida-St. Petersburg, US-Florida-Tampa, US-Georgia, US-Kentucky, US-Maryland, US-North Carolina, US-South Carolina, US-Virginia, US-Florida-Sarasota/Bradenton Willing to relocate: Yes Willing to travel: Up to 100% Desired Work Shifts: First Shift (day), Second Shift (afternoon), Third Shift (night) Weekend Preference: Yes I can start Immediately
    Need Metal Roofing
    Looking to purchase discounted/used metal roofing for the home we are building.
    On time, under budget, every time.
    High Point Building Systems Can you remember a time when a deal was sealed with a handshake? When plans were set in stone before a contract was ever signed? A time when growing a company was more about delivering excellent product at incredible speeds with fewer men and less about ways to charge more? At High Point Building Systems, we strive to bring back the old fashioned pride that made America great. We don’t just put a building up; we create a work of art. We don’t just install siding; we perfect it. We do more with less, and this gives us an advantage. From your anchor bolts to ridge cap, and your framing to weatherproofing and trim, we provide quality erection and installation at a reasonable price. And if we shake on it, we’ll be there from layout to punch-out. We are metal building erectors and installers of single skin, insulated and architectural metal panels, and we love our job. If you are interested in seeing what our company can do for you, contact our representative at Expect quality. Expect on time, under budget, every time. At High Point Building Systems, old fashioned happens, one handshake at a time. High Point Building Systems, inc. John Kabina, Owner
    Our Motto is "Safety and Quality Come First"
    Family owned and operated. We are experienced erectors of prefabricated metal buildings, metal siding and metal roofing. We will travel to New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Let Pete’s All Service erect your building with Safety and Quality.
    Still using felt paper? With the rising price of felt, there is no better time to consider switching to PALISADE Synthetic Roofing (Roof) Underlayment. STRONGHOLD Wet Surface Skid Resistant Technology KOOL BLUE Reflective Technology (8x cooler than felt) 6 months UV exposure 7x Lighther than felt 50x Stronger than felt Build Green
    Invitation to Bid Rural King Supply 5985 Hwy 31 West Radcliff, KY 40160 We are asking for bids Friday, March 4th, 2016 preferably by 1 PM Central Ground - up Commercial construction "103,757 Sq. Ft Rural King: Vestibule = 960 Sq. Ft. Sales Floor = 73,033 Sq. Ft. Office = 3,276 Sq. Ft. Storeroom/ Shop = 7,691 Sq. Ft. Shipping = 1,890 Sq. Ft. Retail Space: Unfinished = 16,907 Sq. Ft." There are several options to DOWNLOAD PDF PLANS: a) Marco Plan Room: job key rk4329 b) One-Drive Link: c) Drop-Box Link: Please click the link at the top of this message to respond or feel free to email me. WORK INCLUDES: ______ Excavation/ Site-Work / Site Utilities ______ Paint/Wallcovering ______ Landscaping ______ Plumbing ______ Paving (Asphalt/Concrete) ______ Sprinkler ______ Concrete ______ HVAC ______ Masonry ______ Electrical ______ Steel (Bollards, Plates, Anchor Bolts) ______ Metal Building Erector (PEMBE) ______ Drywall/Acoustical/Carpentry ______ Fence (Chain Link) ______ Roofing ______ Lighting ______ Door/Frames/Hardware ______ Automatic Entrance Door ______ Toilet Accessories ______ Overhead Doors ______ Flooring (VCT/Base) ______ Glass/Glazing (Alum-Sliding Door/Windows) -- Best, Cody Bollman Estimating Associate Marco Contractors, Inc. 100 Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA 15086 phone 724-553-3825 fax 412-291-2997 email
    Pre-Engineered Buildings, Roofing and Siding
    We are a highly qualified pre-engineered building erector. We also install steel and metal siding and roofing, and composite panels. We have the florida roofing license and are able to provide alternative solutions for cost controls
    Pre-Engineered Steel Building 40 x 60
    New steel building, manufactured by General Steel, open span, designed for 3 overhead doors, two utilities, 12ft eaves, two tone color. Never erected, stored indoors, with blue prints, ready for pick-up or delivery.
    Pre-Engineered Steel Erector
    Swaggart Brothers, Inc. – A progressive team oriented business located in Hermiston, Oregon is currently accepting applications for Pre-Engineered Steel Erector: 2 years minimum experience solely erecting Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (Not structural steel). Blue print reading a plus. Applicant must be able to travel for months at a time. Full per diem and travel pay, depending on location. Must be familiar with most Steel Building manufacturers, SISCORP, USSI, Steel Nation Inc., American Building Company and be knowledgeable with all types of sheeting and roofing. Own your own small tools, spuds, end wrenches, bull pins, bags, hammer, measuring tape. Good safety record, OSHA 10 certification preferred. Must be a team player to join our current successful team. Competitive wage, Health Insurance benefits, 401K. Only serious applicants that meet this criteria will be accepted. Wage will be DOE and qualifications. Resumes may be sent to: or apply online at:
    Quality Steel Erection Done the Right Way
    Family owned and union operated. If you want your building done the right way the FIRST time for an honest price, look no further! We have 12 years of ironwork experience specializing in building erection, light fabrication, metal roofing and siding, door installation, stairs and handrails. Working in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, West Virginia, South Carolina and New Jersey. Call today for your free quote or fax your specifications to (240) 986-7011.
    Roofing & Gutters
    A Plus roofing and gutters can handle all your roofing needs with over 30yrs in the trade. please call for a free quote today ph w 619-527-2227 c 619-726-8108 BBB member lic #810245
    Roofing and Sheet Metal Fabricator
    Need a Roof? Free estimates, Fully Insured Specializing in Standing Seam Metal Roofing. Quality work and affordable prices.
    Roofing estimator
    Looking for an estimator for our expanding metal roofing business located in Carrollton, KY. Please call and ask for Cy Zembrodt for all the details.
    Roofing Specialists
    NAR provides a full service metal roofing, metal buildings, storage facilities, new construction, re-roof, or repairs. Both commercial and residential. We are located throughout the United States with headquarters in Winter Garden Florida. For information contact Jerry
    Seeking employment
    Looking for employment , over 17 years in the industry from leading hand/foreman up to supervisory and mangagement roles. Experienced in all aspects of steel erection/roofing/cladding etc. Send me an email and I will be more then happy to send back a current resume with excellent references.
    Sheeting, Roof & Trim Crew Needed ASAP
    Need Crew to perform Sheeting, Roofing & Trim on PEMB projects throughout Central Florida. Must have Tools, Transportation, Safety Eqpt & Workmans Comp. Start ASAP Projects are 9,000 - 48,000 sq ft on schedule.
    Specialize in Commerical & Industrial
    A professional steel erector in and around Louisiana of pre-engineered metal buildings, metal roofing and wall panels. A Registered/Licensed General Contractor who is fully insured and seeking to schedule future projects. We can provide your company with economical cost and on schedule completion of our projects. Past buildings erected are 60ft tall and total 147,000 sq ft.
    Standing Seam Contractor
    Standing seam installer. Full service roofing and Sheet metal contractor.
    Standing seam roofing specialist
    We specialize in the installation of standing seam metal roofs. We have experience installing many different manufacture's products and have many references. Call us for all of your metal roofing or metal building needs.
    Steel Bldg's. Metal Roofing & Components
    Pre-engineered Steel Buildings, Metal Roofing (Residential & Commercial) and Components. Low competitive prices, Nationwide Sales, 30 years experience. Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Mini Storage Courtesy to Contractors Call; 800-234-1955, 575-354-4100, 575-354-4003(fax) or
    Steel building suppler
    Steellite Metal buildings are made from lite gage steel we supply these buildings with windows,doors all metal siding metal roof trusses and roofing material and we also have insulation from 6" to 12" thick we can offer a clear spn truss of up to 120' with no center posts if you wouldlike to know more about us feel free to check out our web site at and if you call our office at 1-866-369-0421 tell them you got this information from sean
    Supplier Metal Roofing Tiles, Sheets, Cladding and Decking
    Our company is one of the leading manufacturer of Metal roofing, cladding and deck profile manufacturing in Northern India. We have extensive experience in supplying our products for large sale industrial projects in India and Abroad. We are also one of main supplier of Highway Guard Rails and Color Steel Tile Profiles in the region. We are interested to explore possibility of collaborating and supplying products in US. The PPGI and PPGL steel in easily and economically available in India, therefore we are able to supply these Metal Building product to you at very competitive prices. If you find our offer interesting, you may get in touch with: Apoorva Shrivastava (
    Tennessee Metal Building Contractor
    Steel Building sales and contractors of building. Metal roofing on home.
    Used steel building
    60'x65' steel structure with steel roofing and siding for three sides. Two 3'0 door openings on one side. Excellent shape, galvanized tin, very little rust. Lots of pictures. Former fire station.
    We Sell Metal Roofing
    We sell all types of metal roofing & accessories. On Site rollforming. Plants located in Piney Flats, TN Hickory, NC, & Pensacola, FL.

    Most Popular Metal Roofs & Roofing Cities:
    Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Columbus Ohio, Dallas, Denver Colorado, Detroit Michigan, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis Indiana, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Memphis Tennessee, Miami, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Teneesee, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, San Antonio, San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Seattle Washington, Tampa, Washington D.C.

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