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Shopping for Surplus Steel Buildings?

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Why use Surplus Steel Buildings? Today, surplus steel & metal buildings can be found serving a wide range of purposes such as: office buildings, industrial buildings, barns and commodity storage buildings. Modern technology has made is possible to utilize surplus steel in a wide variety of different designs. You will have the option of choosing from a vast selection of designs, coatings and colors.

Surplus Steel Building Benefits - Steel is a greatly appreciated building material all over the world. Many customers love surplus steel buildings simply because steel structures can be quickly erected and ready to use in no time at all - without breaking the bank. Customers using used overstocked metal construction are highly suited for the rapid changes of today's market. Gone are the days of waiting months for a new metal building to arrive.

Read below to research more about Surplus Steel Buildings.


The Metworker: Research and Price Surplus Steel Buildings
Over 100,000,000 Square Feet of buildings have been served by The Metworker. Find your metal building supplier, contractor, erector and/or architect with ease. It's free of charge and free of spam.

Organized into 15 categories. Classifieds comprise a vast, unique variety of metal building related businesses, organized for easy use.

Articles about Surplus Steel Buildings
Includes archive stories, articles, reader submissions, press releases and your comments.

Ask The Experts
Let our experts tackle your questions about Surplus Steel Buildings. Everyone needs a little expert advice once in a while.

Surplus Steel Buildings - More Info:

Why choose a Surplus Steel Building?

  • Surplus Steel Buildings do not warp (unlike wood)
  • Surplus Steel Buildings are not a fire hazard
  • Surplus Steel has lower insurance costs
  • Surplus Steel Buildings are termite proof
  • 100% useable interior space
  • No where for birds to perch
  • All new beams, roof, siding, and hardware
  • High gauge wall and roof sheeting
  • High tensile strength
  • Available with industry leading warranties
  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Articles containing 'USED METAL'
    GKD Metal Fabrics Featured in Major Tokyo Art Exhibition
    Show Honors International Leader In Design, Dominique Perrault, Using Metal Fabric
    METALCON Selects Recipient of 2007 Steel Structure
    September 7, 2007, Newton, MA U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Evan Morgan, age 23, has been selected as the recipient of the 2007 METALCON International steel-framed home.
    Ask the Expert Questions containing 'USED METAL'
    Q: I purchased a used metal building with the nametag: KIRBY affixed to the center of the top trim. Was wondering how to contact the supplier or manufacturer. May be interested in repair or exact replacement parts.
    A: Good luck, and thanks for visiting
    Q: I am paying $16,500 to get a used metal building erected( slant roof 30-60 ft).This building is actually 30-100ft which I've already paid $3500 used.So I'll have 40ft left.The 16500 will include 2 12-12 rollup doors 1 10-10 rollup door 1 3-7 walk-in door ceiling insulated,concete with ruff-in plumbing,electrical work for auto shop,and prep site. I'm I getting a good deal are not? I really want a new 40-50 gable roof building.
    A: The good news about building with a used metal building is that you save a decent amount of money on the building and that you are doing your part in "saving the planet" by recycling an entire structure. The bad news about building with used materials is that it usually costs more to have the building erected. The "total cost" of the you have mentioned seems like a good deal - if the used building is already disassembled, labeled and on site. PS: Watch out with the used roofing. If the roof system is in great shape and the erector knows what he is doing a used roof can be reassemble, but do realize that the roof will be your most important part of this project.
    Classified Ads containing 'USED METAL'
    75x30x30 Used Metal Building, insulated, heated.
    Insulated Metal Building 75x30x30. Comes with heating unit also. One corner trim piece and roll up door needs to be replaced. Building will be taken down, organized, and blue prints made for $18,000! Serious inquiries only! Please Call or Text to set up a time to come see it. Thanks
    Used Metal Buildings

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